When will my chihuahua ears stand up

when will my chihuahua ears stand up
So they do it when they are ready, and not before. By Cricket [ Posts, Comments]. When my dachshund was this age his ears were doing this.

Occasionally, some newborn Chihuahuas have erect ears before they are able to walk. It is unusual, though not impossible, for a Chihuahua's ears to remain floppy throughout its life. The ears of this breed also vary in size, from small to large. In addition, some Chihuahua puppies have ears that curl back at the tops, but these curled ears tend to straighten out as the animals age.

when will my chihuahua ears stand up

PartialSearchBar-box-input", this ; if! When will my Chihuahua's ears stand up? My chihuahua ears didnt stand up untill he was like 5 months.

Just give it some time. Now if I can get my stand dog to lift his leg when he pees, haha: I have a 3 month old Bull Terrier. How old do you think they should be when their ears stand up on their own? Does massaging them help or do I have to tape them? ThriftyFun is one of the longest running frugal living communities on the Internet. These are archives of older discussions. He is 9 weeks old, but his chihuahuas are when so floppy.

No part of his ears are standing up. Does anyone have any idea if his ears will stand up some day soon? Abbie from Webster, TX Feedback: Some breeds that have ears that stand on their own, will likely stand on their will. I used to have a German Shepherd cross who's ears would perk up sometimes.

From the picture you sent it, looks like your pup ear also have a little hound in him. If so, the ears might not stand up. So just rub his ears, love him a lot he is cute and hope for the best.

when will my chihuahua ears stand up

Add to Guide Ask a Question. Showing 9 Articles Total. All Articles Questions Archives. Questions Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. By Cricket [ Posts, Comments].

when will my chihuahua ears stand up

May 7, 0 found this helpful. Reply Was this helpful? By Claudia [2 Comments]. July 20, 0 found this helpful. By Candy Killion [10 Posts, Comments]. Among mixed-breed Chihuahuas, it's not uncommon for adults to have floppy ears. If a Chi has a Dachshund parent, for example, he's likely to have floppy ears.

when will my chihuahua ears stand up

Because ears that don't stand erect are not in line with the American Kennel Club's Chihuahua breed standard, Chis with floppy ears are not permitted to participate in conformation dog shows. It is completely unnecessary for breeders to encourage standing ears in Chihuahuas who are at least 8 months of age, according to author Coile.

Puppy's Ears Don't Stand Up

If a Chihuahua's ears aren't standing by then, they'll likely remain floppy for his entire life. Chis with floppy ears are just like any other Chis, so you don't have to will if yours is stand of that category.

A vet in Brazil uses injections of Restylane into the pinna of the ear to help it stand up also. Most Yorkie show breeders will use a brown paper grocery bag and cut out an ear ear shape of the puppy's ear, and then eyelash glue it into the inside of the ear, changing it out every few days to help ears stand up. I have used the paper bag method with great success on my pups.

Thank you for sharing this hub. Justt this morning I noticed the when ear of my 3 months old GSD did not stand up and it got me so worried. Now I know it is the least of my concern. I think they are cute too, but can understand the frustration of those who got a show pup of a breed whose standard is to have erect ears.

Yet, I love dogs for what they are! Thanks for the votes up! This is not that common, but occasionally you stumble on the pup with one ear up and one ear chihuahua or a breed with erect ears who happens to have them floppy.


I never even knew that people worried about this type of thing or that it was a desired trait. It's definitely cute though so I can see how people want it! Toffee has it where one ear will stand up and the other is not.

I had no idea there was such concern about puppy ears not standing up. I have been lucky enough to have had no problems with my various dogs' ears.

Very interesting though, it's always great to learn something new. Up, interesting and useful. Ladydeonne, some can get quite creative to help those dog ears stand up! I found this hub to be very informative and useful.

When will my Chihuahua's ears stand up?

I have over the years heard many a story of people trying all sorts of things to make their dogs ears stand up. These people had no idea as to whether these dogs were pure breeds or their genetic history. I love dogs and read everything I can to learn more about them.

Voted up, useful and sharing. A very insightful article filled with interesting information. Thank you for sharing.

Why Does My Chihuahua Have Floppy Ears?

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. Updated on February 19, Adrienne Janet Farricelli more. A Boston Terrier's ears should stand up naturally without being cropped. Glue for helping dog ears stand. Causes of Pup's Ears not Growing Erect So we know that pups are born with floppy ears and that as they grow, they start to become erect, but when does this happen?

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