How to open maytag centennial washer

how to open maytag centennial washer
Getting the error codes is the first step. A properly functioning lock sounds something like this…. Maytag Washing Machines under cabinet hinges cross washing machine actuator used washing machine front load washer retained front panel washer model front loading washer hinged

Locate the two screws securing the bottom of the front panel to the sides of the washer. Remove the screws with a nut driver. Swing the bottom of the front panel toward you and pull down to disengage the top of the front panel from the top panel. Place masking tape across the laundry lid on the top panel.

Remove the two screws securing the top panel to the sides of the washer with the nut driver. Lift the front of the top panel up and back, raising the top panel like a hood of a car. The top panel has two hinges on the rear edge that allow it to rest in a service position. You now have full access to the remaining parts of the washer including the tub, water inlet valves and drive assembly.

Maytag Centennial Washer Repair

Take apart your Maytag. Step 1 Disconnect the Maytag washing machine power cord from the wall.

How to Take Apart a Maytag Washer

Step 2 Loosen the water hose connections from the back of the washer with a pair of channel lock pliers. Step 3 Locate the three screws on the top rear edge of the control panel that secure the control panel to the rear of the washer.

I have a maytag centennial and I have done the diagnostic and I am having a hard time understanding the code. The lights that came on were Sense and the spin at the same time then the done Flashed, not sure what this means Help please. I would try clearing it and see if it returns. What does it mean when the sensing light comes on and flashes?

Ive unplugged and hold the start button to try clearing the flashing and then there will be a buzzing sound under the control panel. I have to unplug to get it to stop. I can not enter diagnostic mode because of this.

Maytag Centennial Washer, Top Removal

Hellow my name is Tom. I purchased a maytag centennial on It made noise on spin cycle and recently have water leaking at the bottom. I checked and got error code F7E5, then I replaced the Actuator. The washer was working with no error code, but still had water leaking at the bottom. Two day later the washer stopped working and had the error code F7E5 again. I think the problem from water leaking.

How can I fix the water leaking?

how to open maytag centennial washer

Thank you very much. The Centennial washer shifter does have a small circuit board and a switch in it to detect tub movement and shifter position, so water could definitely cause a problem.

If it looks like the leak is coming down through the gear box, you may have a bad main tub seal.

how to open maytag centennial washer

I got the ball off and when i go down to squeeze the tabs to release the rod assembly there are no tabs which i also verify by comparing the new rod kit and it seems that I will need to remove them from underneath the washer.

I got it out of where it is held, but the only way it seems it can come completely out is through the bottom…. Just did a shock kit on one of these washers this morning… You are correct… on the Maytag Centennial washer you do need to remove and replace the tub suspension rods through the bottom of the washer: The rest of the repair should be about the same.

The tub seems to have broken off or come lose, and is lower and unstable. Everything works, but if I run it, it would probably fall over. How do I open it up and see if I can reattach the tub? It drains but does not spin.

how to open maytag centennial washer

The clothes are soaked when the cycle is done. I tried to pull diagnostic codes but I am having a hard time understanding what they mean.

how to open maytag centennial washer

The first code after entering the diag mode is that all lights flash. To me that is an F15???? The next set is the Sensing light, the rinse light, the spin light, and the done light.

After that I just get a done light. I called an appliance place and they said they put an actuator on it and it will be fine. The very next load…. Had to wring the clothes out by hand. Any advice would be appreciated!! Sorry for the delay on this! The belt may be slipping, or it may have been a bad tub sensor, that unfortunately does happen sometimes.

How to clean the interior of your washer to remove odors

The other possibility that comes to mind is it may be washer in draining out the water. The problem that i am having is after the washer finishes its cycle. When the done light comes on I open the lid and lid lock starts to flash. With the lid lock flashing the washing will not operate or do anything. I will hold the start button and it centennial not reset. I reset the washer by unplugging the power cord and plugging back up again. Then the washer will run a complete cycle and the problem happens all over again. The error code that that how is giving when this lid lock light comes on is the motor control fault Error F1E2.

I have reset this error and run the automatic diagnostic test and everything test out open with no errors. I have tested everything in manual the washer will spin and agitate just fine.

I only get this error after the cycle is finished. Everything that i have read on the internet said the shift actuator is the biggest problem with this washer so i replaced it already. This was not the problem.

how to open maytag centennial washer

Do you have any ideas what could washer this? Thanks for the question! The lid lock light flashing is one of the few error on the centennial washer that will display without going through diagnostics… but I washer think you would see an F5E1, F5E2, or F5E3 error in the log. Yes, I clear the alarm by unplugging the power then run another load of clothes and the same error comes up after the clothes are finished F1E2 Motor Control Fault with the lid lock flashing.

It might be the lock lid strike its got some rust on it. Ill order the lock mechanism and strike and see if this fixes it. Thanks for your help. A rusty strike can definitely cause a problem… Lets hope!

I would love to hear the out come! Very easy to follow instructions. I have run the diagnostics and got no error codes. When I start a cycle, it stays in sensing, and then fills and drains repeatedly but never runs the cycle. That is a strange problem! If you try to centennial run the main wash motor does it do anything?

Do you hear any humming or clicks after the tub is full and the water shuts off, or does it immediately go down the drain? I definitely lean toward the siphon idea! Here is a link to the control: Maytag Centennial washer control W Ran the diagnostics once with no codes and how time I got the F7E1 code mentioned above. Thank you for providing such a complete description of your washer problem and model number! It may be easier to just swap it out while your working on it. Thanks for your question! I have codes F7 E6 and F7 E5. When I run trough the diagnostics modes the centennial sound like its trying to run but only runs for 1 second then stops.

Could this be a capacitor problem or something more simple? If you short the red white and blue together the washer thinks the lid is closed and locked. The yellow is only there to activate the electromagnetic switch. Disconnecting the switch assembly will not work. The electromagnet locks the lid and it also unlocks the lid. It is not a matter of cutting the power to the magnet.

Installing 2 switches that connect the red white and blue is the best option if you want to remove the lock.

The first switch should connect the white and blue. Please post a open if this works for you. Mar 07, Maytag Centennial 3. Oct 02, Maytag Centennial 3. Mar 12, Maytag Centennial 3. Jan 07, Maytag Centennial 3. Dec 07, Maytag Centennial 3. See all Maytag Centennial 3. SuperSize Plus Top Questions. Have a manual for Maytag Centennial 3.

how to open maytag centennial washer

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how to open maytag centennial washer

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