How to get high resolution pictures from facebook

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook
I got sick of Instagram doing something similar to my photos so I eventually tinkered around and came up with pixels on the long edge, good to see I got pretty close to this on my own! So they who really want to see the image, will click the link. I have read in other places that setting your "Quality" option at 60 renders good results, but from what I have found, setting at works fine.

How To Upload High Quality Photos to Facebook And Fix A Common Mistake

To get a sense of how bad the image compression can be, I uploaded the screenshot, downloaded the resulting file, and then re-uploaded the already compressed version. After five times through the upload process, this is what we got:.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

Click here to view this kinja-labs. You can also see how this compression affects text as well. In the image below, you can see that any area around text starts becoming blocky, noisy, and faded:. Of course, the problem compounds when an already crummy image is taken out of Facebook, modified slightly, and re-uploaded to go through the whole process again.

This happens on the internet all the time.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

Person A says something funny on Twitter. Person B takes a screenshot and uploads it to Facebook. Person C then downloads that image, shares it to Tumblr and adds a comment.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

Person D takes a new screenshot of the image including the comment and sends it through Facebook Messenger to Person E, who then saves the picture, uploads it to their own Facebook timeline. Now right click anywhere on the image and then click on Open Image in New Tab:. This will copy the download link into your clipboard.

Open a new tab and paste the download link in the URL bar and remove? If you try to do this on Facebook, then Facebook will resize the photo and you will have to remove its resize value from the URL.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

The resize value is different for different Facebook photos. You can see above trick in action in following video:.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

But I'll try and see what that looks like now. Its also much better to use PNG files instead of Jpeg: That video of Erich Caparas: That's just plain wrong, when assigning srgb to an argb file you just get the same color shift which you would get from posting argb files on the web. I now prefer not to have images uploaded to Facebook I prefer having tragic on my site instead of having tragic on Facebook, so I upload the images to my site, on the blog page and I share the link to it on Facebook, users will see one image on the post and they will be redirected to my site.

Agreed, but that just opens an almost just as nasty can of worms: How to crop an image on your website so Facebook doesn't perform additional cropping and presents a thumbnail with parts of your original image missing. Considering that the crop may be different on mobile and desktop devices, that quickly turns just as ugly as resizing and compressing an image for posting directly on Facebook I crop the images with px on the larger side and it works fine for me.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

If I font like how Facebook presents the thumbnail I will make one image just for the Facebook sharing. You can check it out on my Facebook page www. That all depends on what your analytics say.

In general, my research shows links get far less engagement than photos posted with a link pasted into the post. Not all people are this way obviously since there are outliers, but it's important to also measure how different forms of content drive engagement and click throughs to your ultimate goal for your website.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

But I measure this as how many really cares about the image. So they who really want to see the image, will click the link.

That's one way to measure "real" engagement. I guess my research just tends to find that the display of an image with a link inserted is more preferable than a link in general. Therefore, it's important to maximize any potential advantages for a photograph: The big thing is that we're all paying attention to the metrics, so good job: Not only do they limit your content views especially page posts but it's even less if it's not something you directly posted to FB.

I have liked almost pages since I joined facebook. How on earth can I see every update from all those pages every time I log on? So of course not every post is getting a view from every follower.

how to get high resolution pictures from facebook

Just upload a black to white gradient test image and you will see You should not have to do all this to get a decent image posted.

Most people don't have the ability or technical skill to do this. These companies need us more than we need them. When do we stop creating work-arounds for things that don't work the way they should out of the box. You guys posted an article only a few weeks back that was your "social media cheat sheet" that had all the info you need to resize for all social media aspects.

The info in that contradicts the info in this. For example, facebook according to that facebook requires px long edge yet this article says So which of these supposedly has the correct information? No problem with image quality loss.

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