What year were canadian pennies made of copper

what year were canadian pennies made of copper
Gareth September 4, at Use the Canadian copper cent calculator to learn the copper bullion value of your Canadian pennies, or in determining what to pay for a lot of Canadian copper pennies. They are even larger than the 3.

The copper metal value exceeds their Canadian face value by over 2.

what year were canadian pennies made of copper

There are stages to getting to the melt value copper portion of this investment. Currently, Canada is on the phase-out stage. This is because Canada wants Canadians to deposit their pennies at financial institutions which end up back at the Royal Canadian Mint. Canada Eliminates the Penny. Sincethe 1-cent coin can be produced using either the copper-plated steel or copper-plated zinc compositions.

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what year were canadian pennies made of copper

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what year were canadian pennies made of copper

How the Quebec town of Thetford Mines became a basketball hotbed. CBC User You currently have: Subscriptions Go to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your: Related Stories Penny for your thoughts: Your stories about Canada's one-cent piece 5 odd questions about the death of the penny Quiz: How well do you know the penny?

Will nickel follow penny out of Canadian coin circulation? Penny stops Monday, businesses round to nearest nickel. After the penny Price rounding officially begins Feb.

You can always roll up more and bring them to the bank. Prices round up, and down. Rounding only takes place after taxes have been added. You will be charged to the exact cent. Report Typo or Error Send Feedback. Bernie Sanders commends Canada's health care Jason Kenney gets to work as new leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party video Value Village and other resellers feeling sting of East Africa's crackdown on cheap second-hand clothing video U.

Old Copper Pennies: Which Ones To Save & What They’re Worth

Latest Canada News Headlines. Joshua, I have a lot of pocket change that I need to cash in.

Canadian Copper Penny Melt Value Calculator

Can you tell me what change I should absolutely hold on to and what change I can go ahead and spend? Absolutely, I think you should hang onto all pre pennies. If you can determine the weight of your pennies, keep the heavier 3.

what year were canadian pennies made of copper

It is good to know someone else shares this kind of unique hobby. I do it strictly by hand, so I am limited to sacrificing some of my limited and valuable free time. It is kind of odd, but I enjoy it. I suppose this is due to pennies being lost in time and perhaps more people are hoarding than I realize. I am certain that this had to have come from a huge batch that had already been sorted, but somehow that batch stayed pretty much together when they were machine wrapped at whatever facility does that.

Thank you so much for sharing your keen insights with us here.

Copper Pennies

I have also seen fewer worthy finds in rolls, and this also extends to half dollars, which seem to be yielding less and less silver these days, at least in my experience. Hi Joshua, I have a D penny that is in pretty good condition. What might this coin be worth? I am sorry for the delayed reply. If you are still interested in learning about your D Lincoln penny, please feel free to upload a photo here and I would be glad to help.

And thanks for all. Each is worth two cents for their metal value, assuming none of your coins have any valuable die varieties or errors possible, but unlikely — I can check if you post photos of your coins here!

what year were canadian pennies made of copper

I also have this quarter https: Hello I found this quarter is it worth anything https: The ring is a circular groove caused by post-mint damage. As Gulinky points out, it is worth face value. That IS a good question! I have not been able to find any conclusive information on exact mintage figures, but what I can tell you is the following:.

Would you please upload a photo of the entire coin, too?

how to sort copper bullion from Canadian pennies in 3 easy steps

I do see some minor signs of doubling in the date, but it looks like machine doubling. Thank you so much for sending along those extra images. I believe this is either a minor variety or machine doubling.

what year were canadian pennies made of copper

I would suggest showing your coin to die variety expert John Wexler, whose website is found here: I thought this might interest you in the event someone post a picture of a strange penny they found. Here is the link. Keep your eyes peeled! I also have a D penny that weighs 2. I did not post the D and pic but I will let a coin dealer look at them. Hello my namen is Fred and I am new. By looking into old pennies I stumbel on a s 3. Can anybody tell me more about this error?

what year were canadian pennies made of copper

Here are some pictures of the penny coin. This piece is still worth two cents for its intrinsic copper value! Thanks for your reply! I am new in the penny world, and happy to receive your info so soon.

what year were canadian pennies made of copper

Hope to discover some other coins. Thanks again for your expertise! Hi Joshua, I just like to show you this wheat penny, with very nice luster!

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