How many vcpu per core xenserver

how many vcpu per core xenserver
Login Forgot your password? However, if one wants to manually control from which node s the vcpus and the memory of a VM should come from, the following mechanisms are available:. The tie-up between Scale Computing and Google is seen as a relationship that will arm partners with more hybrid cloud ammunition.

how many vcpu per core xenserver

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The topology setting is not in my XenCenter GUI, so I'm assuming Citrix doesn't make that available without a commercial license, just like applying updates.

how many vcpu per core xenserver

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how many vcpu per core xenserver

Started by Tim Sloane05 June - Don't know if this applies to the OpenSource version Go to the full post. Tim Sloane Members 1. Back to top ipb.

Confused? vCPUs, Virtual CPUs, Physical CPUs, Cores

Alan Lantz Members 2. Alan Lantz Members 3. Rachel Berry Citrix Employees 4. Ansys have other limits Alan Lantz Members 5. Tim Sloane Members 6. In other words, software is being used to make a complex decision not a rule of thumb. VMTurbo applies the same sort of logic to the datacenter. Instead of just looking at vCPU to Core ratios to determine host density it looks at a large set of metrics that effect workload performance.

how many vcpu per core xenserver

This includes CPU provisioning ratios, as well as CPU utilization at both the VM and host level, and ReadyQ, and a host of other metrics around factors other than just CPU to make sure that the data center is operating in an optimal state.

Key utilization metrics for VM.

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Key utilization metrics for host. By understanding the demand for resources from the virtual infrastructure, as well as the supply of resources on the physical infrastructure VMTurbo is able to make intelligent decisions around the best way to distribute workloads in order to drive up overall host densities.

how many vcpu per core xenserver

And, if there is no longer supply available to meet resource demand VMTurbo makes the decision to allocate more resources. I am interested in learning more about provisioning beyond just one vCPU per one physical core.

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The vendor I am talking to definitely thinks that a single core can be provisioned into multiple vCPUs. What I commonly see in my research thus far is, "Well, it depends on your application.

how many vcpu per core xenserver

Of course not all of the VMs need to be configured with multiple vCPUs per core, but in the general case. You rarely run out of CPU resources in virtualization solutions. RAM and storage are always the limiting factors In fact, more often than not you will actually end up with lower performance as opposed to running on a single vCPU that has one core assigned to it, in part because of the scheduling overhead required to run multiple vCPUs.

Of course that's taking office work desktops into account. If your VMs are really busy with compiling code all the time you may not be able to fit 5 vCPUs per physical core.

Best Practices for vCPU to CPU Ratio Management

The reason why so many people say that "it depends" is because it really does. In your case, if you are compiling large programs, it's entirely possible that your VMs will actually need a lot of CPU time.

Tuning Xen for Performance

The underlying problem is basically the same as with process-scheduling on a physical system. As long as the system load is below the number of cores or even logical processors, in case of HyperThreading all is well and the processors can handle the load. So as long as the concurrent load on all used vCPUs does not exceed the load that can be handled by your physical cores all is well.

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