How to organise an easter egg hunt at home

how to organise an easter egg hunt at home
Once you have an idea of the ages of the children who will come to the egg hunt, break the area into three areas. You might sketch out the basic boundary and use simple shapes to represent things like trees and shrubs.

The basis of an Easter Egg hunt is something to hunt for!

how to organise an easter egg hunt at home

The most popular option is to hide plastic eggs filled with treats for the kids to find. Our huge range of coloured and themed fillable plastic eggs has something for everyone. Try our pre-filled plastic eggsavailable in various themes.

Your egg seekers will need something to put their collection of colourful eggs into. The younger group may need to locate the jeweled eggs, while the older kids should be hunting for special golden eggs. This way, you can give the child that finds the least number of eggs a bonus prize. If you are planning an especially big Easter egg hunt, it may be too much for one person to handle.

How to Plan a Community Easter Egg Hunt

You might want to look for volunteers among your friends, neighbors, family, or church group. With a little bit of help, you'll be able to coordinate and execute your egg hunt better.

Some people may be worried that they'll be asked to do too much. To get around this, you may want to be specific in your request for help, saying something like, "Would you help with our Easter egg hunt?

how to organise an easter egg hunt at home

I'll only need you for an hour on Sunday. Give clear instructions to volunteers. Some volunteers may treat your egg hunt as more of a social event than a responsibility. By being clear with your requests, you'll send the message that if everyone doesn't do their part, the egg hunt won't be possible.

They're a little rambunctious. Check in with your volunteers frequently. This will help you have a more complete understanding of what still needs to be done. Some tasks may take longer than you expect, and by checking in with your volunteers, you'll know whether or not someone needs more help than you had initially planned. You don't have to spend a lot of money giving your volunteers individual gifts, although if you did it would likely be appreciated. However, a simple "thank you" at the end of the hunt should be enough to let your volunteers know you were grateful for their help.

how to organise an easter egg hunt at home

To make volunteers feel a little extra special, you may want to send each an individual card in the mail. If your volunteers feel appreciated, it's likely they'll be willing to help you again.

Could I add clues to the eggs to make the game more interesting? Yes, as long as you make sure the clues don't confuse the participants. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 7. You need at least one other person--that is, someone to look for the eggs. It won't be much fun if you just have yourself, because you will know where you hid all the eggs!

How To Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Not Helpful 13 Helpful 6. Try egg tic tac toe, using one color of eggs as X and another as O. You can also paint something soft to use as an egg "snowball. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 2.

How to Arrange an Easter Egg Hunt

Any supermarket and most stores that sell food. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. What eggs should I use? Where can I buy them? Use plastic Easter eggs that can be found at your local supermarket.

how to organise an easter egg hunt at home

What is the best spot to hide the Easter eggs? This makes the hunt even more exciting. The kids will love the competition between who will find the golden Easter egg first! Change the words to bunny as you tap each child and hop when one child is selected. Instead of running around the circle, players hop with their feet together. Egg Bowling Use colored hard-boiled eggs and one white hard-boiled egg. Roll the white one into the center of a room and take turns to see who can roll their colored egg closest to the white egg.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Better Homes and Gardens. Back Better Homes and Gardens. BHG Products at Walmart. How soon do you start advertising? For a neighborhood hunt, you can create flyers which are given to each home in your neighborhood. Include on the flyer a form for the parents to fill out and get back to you the week before the hunt.

How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

Once you have an idea of the ages of the children who will come to the egg hunt, break the area into three areas. Having a separate area for each age group will keep toddlers from being run over by older children. One idea is to color code the eggs. Buying and hiding chocolate or plastic eggs with different color wrappings, or real eggs with different color dyes, and assigning each color to an age group, means there are equal numbers of eggs to be found for all the age groups.

how to organise an easter egg hunt at home

This helps to make it a little easier on the youngest! You can turn the Easter egg hunt into a search for treasure by drawing a map or putting together a series of clues.

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