How to make beachy waves with a curling wand

how to make beachy waves with a curling wand
When the weather gets warm, your nail art can get sunnier too. For this look, she starts out with a heat protectant, which keeps hair healthy and shiny looking, then applies an even coating of flexible hold hairspray.

I just bought the Nume Lustrum set and asked a friend in the States to recieve it and then send it to me in Sweden.

Wield That Wand: 4 Ways to Use a Curling Wand

Why Nume is nowhere to be found here is a mystery. Anyway Thank you Abby!

how to make beachy waves with a curling wand

Abby dearest, I have been watching your tutorials for about a year now and you have changed my hair life. I have had many great comments at work about my hair and I always have a different look to sport, so thank you, thank you!!!

how to make beachy waves with a curling wand

What I have been dieing for is the texturizing tool that looks similar to a straightener, but only adds texture to better hold your hair styles. Any chance there is a code that can help me get this tool cheaper or suggestions on a brand that is affordable?

I have very long hair and it becomes very difficult to manage if it gets dry. Once per week, I use the Shielo intensive Hair Mask and it has not only repaired my damage hair which use to always tangle but has also give them a smooth silky shine.

It appears as if there has been a coating of cream on your hair which is protective layer. Thank you again and God bless you!! I have no idea where this is about to be sent to, but I had to thank you. And congrats on your babies!! You are so sweet!!! I hope you have fun diving into the beauty world, it sure is crazy and overwhelming but so fun and creative!!! Fashion All Fashion Fitness.

How to get Beach Waves with a Curling Wand

Follow the jump for more pictures, heat styling products I use and to see the video! I absolutely love this look!!

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I try a new Twist Me Pretty Look almost very day! If you can't get enough of your flat iron already, here's yet another reason to love it: Just two long twists, carefully flat ironed, give you a style that is ready in no time. You've probably been told that if you want small, tight curlsyou should use a thinner curling iron, and if you want large waves, you should use a large barrel curler, right?

Well, YouTube beauty guru Luxy Hair is about to blow your mind.

how to make beachy waves with a curling wand

As she demonstrates, if you use a small barrel curling iron and break up your hair into large sections, you can quickly and efficiently curl all of your hair into large waves. Though it sounds counterintuitive, getting beach waves in shorter hair can be trickier than if you have longer locks.

There aren't as many simple hacks as there are for longer hair. Still, this very easy beach waves tutorial is easy to follow and takes under 10 minutes, making it a perfect option for any day of the week.

how to make beachy waves with a curling wand

As with the first tutorial on this list, this trick incorporates a flat iron into the mix — a choice that, as YouTube beauty vlogger CarolaneCP says, makes the waves extra shiny. If you have thick, long hairthis tutorial might take longer than the others, but your waves will be totally worth it.

how to make beachy waves with a curling wand

Just make sure your flat iron is facing down to the floor rather than horizontally the way you normally would to ensure you get soft waves that look totally natural.

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