How to thaw frozen pipes in crawl space

how to thaw frozen pipes in crawl space
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Turn off the main watersupply.

8 Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

This will prevent the water from gushing out once the pipe is thawed. Thenopen the taps in the house. The safest -- and neatest -- thawing methods involve a gentle heat sourcehair dryer, heat lamp, or household iron. A propane torch or other open flamewill heat the pipe too quickly and may cause it to explode. Some peoplerecommend pouring boiling water over rags wrapped around a frozen pipe.

how to thaw frozen pipes in crawl space

Theobvious drawback is that this method is messy. Never pour boiling water directlyonto a frozen pipe. But if you need to protect lots of pipes for long periods, heat cable is an expensive solution. In fact, it might be enough to scramble your brain. And how can you use color to sleep better at night? Subscribe Give a Gift. Get our Best Deal! In just a few minutes, that flow can do thousands of dollars in damage.

Let the water run. Become more interesting every week! Get our Read Up newsletter Email address. We will use your email address to send you this newsletter. For more information please read our privacy policy. You're on our list. Any exposed pipe is vulnerable if it is exposed to outside air, even if it is in your attic, unconditioned basement or crawlspace. Exterior walls, even when insulated, may get cold enough to freeze pipes inside the wall.

how to thaw frozen pipes in crawl space

Pipes that pass near an exterior vent in your home are subjected to colder air and are a good place to start hunting. If there is no water in only one part of the house, then the frozen pipe is probably in an exterior wall, attic, crawl space or basement.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes - This Old House

Once you locate the frozen section, if the pipe is accessible, inspect it visually and by running your fingers over the pipe to feel for cracks or splits. If you find damage, you may want to get repair materials ready before thawing the pipe.

how to thaw frozen pipes in crawl space

If the pipe is not accessible, read on for techniques to deal with hard to reach pipes. Before you start the thawing process, open water taps on the frozen line to allow water, steam or pressure to escape.

Thawing frozen pipes

This will allow water to drain out as the ice melts and will tell you if you have succeeded in melting the obstruction. How you heat the pipe depends upon the type of pipe and the location.

10 Tricks to Thaw Frozen Pipes (So They Don’t Burst and Wreck Your House)

But in all cases start nearest the tap and work outward. Whichever remedy use use, heat the pipe from the faucet toward the frozen area. This allows water to flow out as the ice melts. Preventing and Thawing a Frozen Water Pipe.

Preventing and Thawing a Frozen Water Pipe

How and Where Pipes Freeze. Pipes are most susceptible to freezing when they are located: MORE n a cabinet under a sink especially near an outside wall. Continue to 2 of 5 below. Locating a Frozen Water Pipe. It's time take immediate action: Open the faucet that is supplied by the frozen pipe; do this even if you don't know where the blockage is.

how to thaw frozen pipes in crawl space

MORE the pipe back from the faucet to where it runs through cold areas, such as an exterior wall or unheated crawl space. Continue to 3 of 5 below.

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