Last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia
When I look at the deduction page there are maximum amounts for certain line items. Thanks for the valuable information.

Hello, Let me explain my situation very clearly to you. Now, my question is: Thank you very much for your reply.

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

I have filed my e-Filing on 2nd March, and until now, no cent is arrived to my bank account. I have tried to contact via email and phone, with no response. What a disappointing service as a governmental body.

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

Usually, at most, how long will it be refunded? Did you use the online feedback form that I shared in this post? If yes, LHDN should reply you within 7 working days. After you submitted all the documents requested by them, you should get your refund in 1 to 2 months. I have done all I can do, from sending Maklumbalas, send an email, call to the Toll-Free, call to the branch office, and etc.

However, it does not seem to work, although there was once Toll-free finally picked-up my call, but until now there is no progress. If we submitted our Tax Filing via eFiling, we should have received much much earlier than we expected.

If eFiling is not useful for faster rebate, then launching this for what? This organisation is irresponsible and unreliable. They are asking for paying tax like ah long, but refund us the rebate like tortoise.

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

Sad to hear that from you. I know how frustrating that feels. There is no such thing as fair or not fair. After all, this is Malaysia.

My joining date is 7th august, and i have a salary of per month.

Hi Elin, Thanks for the info. I started working October to date and should be resident by now for Am i considered resident for as well continuous stay from last year. I have a similar problem. I file my taxes by mid Aprilgot my clearance letter a week later and received a refund suspension letter the next week.

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

I used the feedback form and received a feedback that requested me to submit additional documents which I did promptly but to this date, I am yet to receive a dime of my refund. Several attempts to call the Cheras office where I have submitted the documents have proved to be abortive.

All calls to extensions of the officers supposedly to assist in this regard day gone unanswered. It's really sad that internationals would have to go through this ordeal to get their monies refunded to them.

One troubling thing about Malaysians, they don't care so far as it is not affecting them. With the tax of complaints from internationals on this issue, one would expect an effort from the government doing something to correct this anomaly or the media carrying this but you're not going to see any. You can try using the online feedback form to contact LHDN to ask about your refund status. However, one must not confuse tax avoidance with tax evasion. Though both are illegal, tax avoidance means failure to file for income tax without a reasonable excuse.

Tax evasion, on the other hand, usually entails taxpayers deliberately misrepresenting or concealing day tax state of their affairs to the tax authorities to reduce their tax bill and includes, in particular, dishonest tax reporting such as under-declaring income, profits or gains or overstating deductions. See complete list of offences, fines and penalties here. You can still and should file for tax.

However, you may have to pay penalties and interest. The law generally does not allow a waiver of interest charges. However, the IRB may consider a reduction of these penalties if you can show a reasonable cause for being late. The consequences of evading or avoiding tax can be dire.

Scroll down from your application number, and click on Muat Naik Disini to upload a copy of your identity card. You have 14 days to upload it, and your identity card must fulfil the following requirements: Just scan the front of your identity card showing your name and I.

This last happens within a week. What if we renew our passport and the passport number last be change from the previous one? What is the process? As for us foreigners, our passport is renewal every 5 years and the passport number from the old passport is not retainable, so meaning, we will not carry anymore the old passport number, the new issued passport will be bearing a new passport number upon renewal. Remember that we log-in using our passport number, so my questions, once we renew, we will carrying a new passport number, so our log-in username should be change to the new passport number?

On one hand your work permit or expatriate pass will expire before your passport expiry, on the other hand, you will still have to update the relevant offices on the changes including the banks.

So far I stick to e-Filing at their computer in their office, so someone will me more than happy to assist you. Otherwise, when you leave the country you may have to make additional documentation on the series of changes with your passport. Just want to ask. How do i get the figure from? Hivery helpful file However for now, I'm at step 2 I couldn't get " Permohonan No. I have tried to type in manually the URL as shown at the screenshot, but it files invalid link.

How can we get the PIN number? Hi, It seems that income tax has made some changes. I am not sure whether this works but you can applying here: Appeciate if you can update me if it works, so that I can update my blog.

What If You Fail To File Your Income Tax in Malaysia?

If I'm working in overseas, do I need to submit the fill tax? I cannot find any "Permohonan No. PIN " in the page Hi, If your income is derived oveeseas, then you do not need to submit your tax in Malaysia because you will be taxed overseas. I also cannot find the Permohonan No. Hi, i have a different tax. I filed my tax return using e filing but i didn't key in taxable amount, which is supposed to be the amount we earn in a year I sent the necessary documents to amend this to the lhdn branch closest to me but it has to be sent to kl as my employer's address is in kl.

Do you know how to follow up on this or how long it woll take to process? I've been to the nearest branch to ask but i get different responses from the ppl at the counter, some say after 15 may then they will start to process, others day me it will be sooner Hi there, what if I didnt click save and print my BE form. Can I still go file to that page and save a copy for my BE form? Hi, thanks for posting this. I have a problem, what if I didt get the pin number? Hi, i am working overseas but i received letter asking me to file for my income tax as they found property under my name.

In this case should I file under the e-BE without source of income or e-B with source of income? What shall I do in this case? The form is submitted so they dont allow me to make any changes.

Hi, i cant find the link at ezHasil to get th PIN number. Hi, you can no longer get the PIN number online. I tried to log on to e-filing but it says my digital certificate expires. I've been using e-filing for more than 5 years. Now, the system is asking me to renew the digital certificate. Must I agree to the terms and condition to proceed? Anyone can share the guideline to fill up tax for sole proprietor? I've registered a company, but didn't have proper account bookeeping.

Hi I did my e-filling online on 21st of April and have a refund, Can somebody advise how much time does it generally take for the refund.

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

Any one know about Form E? Form E must submit for sole prop if without any employee? Hi I'm trying to do tax for me and my wife. I have a few relatively simple questions: Which form do I fill in for each of us? When I look at the deduction page there are maximum amounts for certain line items. Do these deductions require supporting documentation in the case of an audit?

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

My wife has a fixed income tax rate due to a TalentCorp program. Do we need to show this somewhere on the forms or does it get calculated automatically by HASIL when we hit "submit"?

Can i know which form shall i use to declare my tax? However, now I am a bit confused whether i used the right category or not. I can't find my last year e-filing receipt as well, because i wanted to confirm which category i did last year. So 2 points to help: Hi, thanks for sharing.

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

By the way, can someone tell me which category should a taxi driver belongs to? Hi I ready do e-filling over 30 days, i never get my refund, many i know where i can check my refund already issue to me or no? Hi, I have issues for my refund too as I am a non-citizen. Have been waiting for my refund for two years. I will update again if there are any progress.

It will take "a while" or "forever" years and years. Mine was withheld and now telling me that I'd owe them instead. I finally got my refund 2 months ago. I have documented the last day Submited form be already but recognize have business from Aug to Dec What i should do? Thanks for compiling this list! I've been thinking about how to navigate my taxes as a blogger and this was file helpful. As all your posts are, thanks.

Tax Return Services in London. The strange part is that, in order to submit the Borang E, have to use personal e-filing to log in, in order to submit the Borang E. I am trying to submit Borang E for Yr but tax I click on it, the borang doesnt appear and I cant fill it in.

Hi, It doesn't matter because your annual income of RM 12, are not taxable. You are only required to file for tax if your annual income is above RM 34, Hi Elin, This is my first time to claim back the tax since I paid it every month through salary deduction. May I know what is the duration for us to claims back?

last day to file taxes 2014 malaysia

Hi, Efiling is open from 1st March to 30th Day. Hi Elin, Thanks for the write up, it's really helpful for people like me who do not speak malay. I have a quick question though, my previous company just finished contract is being difficult about EA form and I need it quite urgently as I am applying for a work permit with a new company.

Is this absolutely necessary for e-filing? I'm going to LHDN later today to get a pin but I am tax double checking in case we get lost in translation when I ask them: D Thanks in last Hi, Yes, you will need your EA form to file your taxes. This will act as a supporting document for your income. I believe it is a law for your company to provide you the EA file. However, the officer who attended to me said just key in the actual income. I have completed and submitted the form E, felt uncomfortable.

Hi Elin, I have 2 EA forms and when filing the returns I am adding up both the EA form total incomehowever I could find only my first EA form tax paid reflecting in the hasilthe other EA form tax paid is not reflecting which leads me to pay the tax in excess. However in actual I have to get returns from the hasil. Could you please let me know how to resolve this issue.

Personal Income Tax Filing Season for YA 2016 in Malaysia

Hi, I am not sure about the problem. Maybe your company did not pay the tax for you? Hi, if I'm sole proprietor should i fill the form EB or form E? What is the difference of the form EB and form E? Hi Elin, Do you have any information how to file tax if you have had 2 employers in 1 year?

Reason I ask is because I worked for company 1 from January to March and then my department closed so I had to move to another Company 2. I worked for company 2 from April to December.

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