How can i get radio on my ipod touch

how can i get radio on my ipod touch
If you don't want to buy it yet, add it to your Wish List to buy later. Share Station - Think you know someone else who would enjoy this station?

After inserting the headphones, tap the "Radio" app icon on the iPod Nano home screen to launch the application. Use the onscreen touch and swipe controls to scan for FM stations, save radio stations as favorites, pause and resume live radio and tag the songs you like in radio broadcasts. If you have an iPod Touch rather than the Nano, you can listen to radio on the device by downloading and installing a free or premium Internet radio app from iTunes.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

They all offer similar functions, including access to thousands of radio stations playing a wide range of music, news and talk shows. Many local FM stations stream their output online, so you may be able to use the app to tune into your favorite local FM station. Most Internet radio apps also offer advanced features, such as favorite station lists, social network sharing and background playback. On-demand and custom stations.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

You can also add songs that you like to your Apple Music library. Create a custom station from a song, album, or artist Use Search to find artists, albums, or songs that you want to use to create a custom Radio station.

To search Apple Music: On your Apple TV, select Search from the top of the screen. Fine-tune your custom stations While listening to your custom station in Radio on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap a song to open the Now Playing screen, then tap.

Using iTunes Radio on iPhone & iPod touch

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Hold your pointer over the song's name at the top of iTunes, then click. Equipping it with TouchID will make it a carbon copy to the iPhone at half the price. Disagree with those two points. But a built-in in-house FM radio app in the iPod touch and a 4.

Still happy Apple does not abandon iPod touch, Wish it came with 4. While I would love a cellular radio in my iPod, Apple is never going to do it. That would make it an iPhone, which already exists.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

Apple could have given it a 4. Thanks, but your comment is pointless to me at least as I already own an iPhone 6 Plus. What would be extremely helpful is finding a carrier that will let have a Data Only plan for my phone, period.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

Many iPhone and iPad users will beg to differ. This device is mainly aimed towards children. If they want those features they may as well just get the actual iPhone.

How do changes to BBC iPlayer on iOS 7 affect me?

But before we get to it, just a few observations concerning the iPod nano. The back-facing iSight camera has gone from five to eight megapixels.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

Three times faster Wi-Fi The new iPod touch supports the latest consumer wireless standard, A bigger screen —Now, a 4.

The Price button is shown for songs you don't own.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

Tap the price button to purchase the song from the iTunes Store. The progress bar beneath the album art shows where in the song you are.

how can i get radio on my ipod touch

The Star icon lets you provide feedback on the song. More on that in the next step. The Forward button lets you skip the song you're listening to move to the next one. The slider at the bottom controls the playback volume.

Listen to Radio in Apple Music

The volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad can also raise or lower the volume. You can improve your iTunes Radio station in a number of ways: As mentioned in the last step, there are a few ways to access these options.

When a song is playing, you'll see a Star icon on the screen. If you tap the Stara menu pops up with four options:. Never Play This Song - Hate this song or artist?

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