How to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets

how to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets
Insert the power cord into the light, then mark where it bends. Your photo failed to upload. Double-check the wires in the outlet box with a non-contact voltage tester to make sure the power is off before making the final connections in this box.

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how to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets

Share your take on this idea! Upload your photo here. Measure and Mark Measure the light and the cabinet. Mount Brackets Use a screwdriver to mount the brackets on the market spots.

how to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets

Install the Light Once the brackets are secure, snap the light into place. Add My Photo close. Your photo failed to upload.

How to Install LED Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

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For this run, I'm using BX armored cable. This tool, a cable armor stripper, uses a how wheel to cut through the outer metal jacket. The armor is then pulled off, leaving the wires inside undamaged.

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Now, I can slip the wires into an electrical box and tighten the connector that clamps the armored outer cable in place. The cable from the basement is pushed into the bottom of the box and held in place with a similar but slightly different connector. Now unlike electrical boxes used in new construction, this box does not have to be attached to the framing. Instead, it's held in place by wings that expand outward as screws on the front are tightened.

In effect, the box is clamped, front and back to the wall material, in this case, wallboard. To install the switch, I first strip a bit of insulation off the wire ends.

how to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets

Then twist the white or neutral wires together and secure them with a wire nut. This switch has two black pigtails.

how to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets

One I connect to the black wire coming from the basement. The other I attach to the black wire going to the transformer. Finally, I connect the green ground wires together.

How to Install LED Under-Cabinet Lights

Now I set the switch into the box, secure it in place with mounting screws, place the cover plate in position and install the screws. I'm going to start by removing this knockout from the transformer and putting in a connector designed just for armored cable.

how to install pot lights under kitchen cabinets

Now, I can slip the wires into place, tighten the set screw and set the transformer in position. Again, I connect the light colored wires to each other, green to green, black to black, and white to white. To run the low voltage wires to the first row of lights, I'm boring quarter inch holes through the cabinet shelves so I can feed the wire from the transformer to the underside of the cabinet.

These small plastic cable holders offer a simple and effective way to secure the wires while avoiding the risk of damage. Once everything's in place, the lights just snap into the brackets. This is a modular lighting system. Low voltage wire plugs into the end of the fixture. Short pigtails like this; quickly connect one unit to the next. To run the wire to the adjacent cabinets, I'm going up -- and across. When I get to the other side of the window, I bore a small hole through the top of the cabinet, near the rear corner -- and a hole through each shelf.

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