What to bring to medical residency interview

what to bring to medical residency interview
If needed, try to ask someone how to pronounce the name. Can you be warm and empathetic toward your patients? Prepare a few questions beforehand.

Look your interviewers in the eye and offer your hand. Please look the interviewer in the eye even it its not in your nature to do so normally. Prepare a few questions beforehand. We hate asking you repeatedly if you have any questions, but we have to do this to fill the silences.

what to bring to medical residency interview

We want to make sure you are informed before you leave. If you have a few generic questions prepared, you can ask them throughout the day whenever things get quiet — it makes you appear interested. Play this one by ear: Interact with the other applicants who are interviewing with you.

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In our program, being social is very important because we tend to spend a lot of time together outside of work. Being antisocial or extremely introverted is a negative in our eyes. This boggles my mind. It is rude and unacceptable. I hate when people do this. After applying, the residency interview process begins, with most programs starting interviews in the fall and continuing up through January in some cases.

For many programs, you will have to wait to be invited to interview. For others, you can take the initiative to reach out and request an interview.

what to bring to medical residency interview

Directors of programs will then compile lists of applicants in order of preference and the residency interview is usually a deciding factor. Later, the algorithm will match applicants with programs more on how this works later.

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When the match occurs, the algorithm will attempt to match you with an open position within the program that is highest on your ROL. It will work from the top down until it finds a tentative match.

what to bring to medical residency interview

These matches are called tentative because it is possible for you to be bumped to make room for applicants ranked higher by the program. When the day arrives, it is as terrifying as it is exhilarating. Applicants who do not match have the opportunity to vie for positions that are unfilled after match day.

what to bring to medical residency interview

This process is often referred to as the scramble. Once programs find out if their positions are filled, they release all remaining positions and the scramble to apply to these relatively few remaining position begins. There will be some similarities between your medical school entrance interview and the medical residency interview — and a few differences. While no two interviews are exactly alike, many of them will follow similar formats.

what to bring to medical residency interview

Different facilities will have different processes. The big questions do not invite yes or no answers. However, you can anticipate and prepare for the critical questions that are likely to come up in most residency and fellowship interviews.

This preparation will allow you to organize your thoughts and present yourself in the best possible light. Then, your answers in each interview will still be authentic and spontaneous, but will also be focused and relevant and impressive. It is important for your answers to be consistent with what you wrote in the application and between interviewers.

Contact any faculty or residents you know at the program to let them know you are interviewing there tomorrow. Contact friends you know in med school or residency there and find out about interview day, questions, and your interviewers. I lived in Kenya for 6 months completing my thesis on community-based education of medical, dental, nursing, and public health students.

In my 1st and 2nd years I organized and taught a class in medical school to fellow students called Public Health and Medicine.

what to bring to medical residency interview

We know test prep. Test names are the registered trademark of their respective owners.

what to bring to medical residency interview

About Kaplan Test Prep We know test prep. Your explanation should be heartfelt and forthright, but should not seem rehearsed. Show interest and enthusiasm. During the interview, never give the impression that you are anything less than strongly interested in the program at which you are applying. And never allow yourself to be baited into comparing programs head-to-head in an interview. There are countless articles and blog posts written about what to wear and not wear to residency interviews in great detail.

The short version is this: You want to be memorable for your personality, not for your unusual appearance. Like it or not, plenty of people will draw very negative conclusions about you if you dress or groom yourself in any way that stands out. One famous example is the bowtie.

Bowties may be considered perfectly acceptable in some locales, but in others they give the impression that the applicant is quirky.

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