Describe how you view john lewis as an employer

describe how you view john lewis as an employer
The group interview was followed up with a 1-on-1 interview. These tests are timed, you have 20 minutes to answer 20 questions, and you may use a calculator in these tests.

Interview Questions Tell me about yourself. Answer Question How would you make a customer feel welcome in the store? Answer Question Tell me about a time you offered good customer service. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Interview First I had to complete an online application, then I had to attend a group interview, there were about 20 people there, but we were split into smaller groups of about people.

Interview Questions Name a time you have had to deal with a difficult customer?

Questions and Answers about John Lewis

Interview Group activity where we matched peoples needs to the food options available to them. Answer Question give an example when you have taught someone how to do something? Interview Very easy going interview, I had a quick 1 to 1 interview, with the normal previous work questions, and then a group interview where as a team we answered 3 questions Interview Questions Name a time when you have taught another staff member something? Answer Question Group assessment; Name 5 ways to deliver good customer service?

John Lewis Selling Assistant Interview Questions

Interview With five other people, we had a case study and as a group we had to choose the best product and 'sell' it Individual interview - why John Lewis etc.

Interview Questions What do you know about John Lewis history? Stock Interview Anonymous Interview Candidate. Interview Completed the initial tasks online situational tests etc. Interview Questions You are working on the click and collect till when a customer approaches you and says she has recieved an email saying her order is ready to be collected, you check the stock room and you cannot find the order, how do you resolve this?

Answer Question The sales team in the linen range approach you and they are not hitting their sales targets. You know the popular 'egyptian bed linen' has low availability at the moment.

As a stock Replenishment assistant, how do you ensure the sales team hit their sales targets? Answer Question You are in the stock room when you come up with a more efficient way of doing things.

John Lewis Interview Questions

You haven't told anyone yet about your idea. How do you go about doing this? Interview First an online assessment, with what-must-do and what mustn't-do in the store as a partner, in order to identify if your behaviour represents the values of the group. Interview A lengthy online questionnaire split into three category's. Interview Questions If someone came to you in the fashion department and said they were looking for an outfit for an event, how would you help them and how could you encourage them to visit different departments of the store?

Interview Lengthy online questionnaire with lots of different situations you might face and four choices of answer to choose from. Interview Questions Why do you want to work for John Lewis?

In your application and at interview, provide examples of times when you demonstrated them. Examples could be from your part-time jobs, a placement year, involvement in sports and social activities or any voluntary work. Epitomise those traits in your behaviour at the assessment centre. For example, JLP puts a lot of emphasis on teams working together with mutual respect.

describe how you view john lewis as an employer

It will therefore stand you in good stead at interview if you can talk about times when you maintained good relationships with team members, even when you disagreed about how to achieve an objective.

Be respectful to others in assessment centre group exercises. For example, in AugustJohn Lewis' managing director Andy Street revealed that it aims to overtake Ikea as Britain's biggest home and furniture retailer within the next five years. It is possible to argue that, while the Partnership needs to return a dividend for its Partners, the ownership structure allows the management to focus on sustaining a long-term future for the group rather than chasing short-term profits for external shareholders.

describe how you view john lewis as an employer

JLP really wants to hire people who genuinely want to work for them. To prove this, you need to do your research on the scheme. Also check out the John Lewis Partnership graduate blog. For applicants to the John Lewis Graduate Scheme including the Waitrose Graduate Leadership schemeand John Lewis Industrial Placements, you must first pass the online tests before you are asked to complete the application form.

Applicants may have to take up to five different tests. Your best way of making sure that you are able to move on to the next stage is preparation for each test.

John Lewis Catering Assistant Interview Questions

This questionnaire is untimed and you are given some different situations and asked to write a response in under words. When writing these responses it is important to try and show that you have the motivation as well as the skills to answer them in the manner that John Lewis wants. The situational judgement test and management judgement test assesses how you respond to situations in the workplace. You are presented with a number of different scenarios relating to the position you have applied for.

describe how you view john lewis as an employer

The tests are job appropriate, so you could have managerial based scenarios or store assistant role examples. This test is untimed but should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. An example scenario as follows: You are working behind the till and someone comes up to you with a complaint about a purchase he has just made. He feels that he has been overcharged.

describe how you view john lewis as an employer

Part of being an employer of distinction is to create and nurture a culture that values the differences of those who are engaged in the Partnership, whether as Partners, customers, suppliers or as part of the wider community.

Embracing diversity helps us to attract, retain and develop Partners while developing a creative and innovative culture and appealing to a wide range of customers. At the Workingmums. Whether you're looking for a job that's full of pace, excitement and warm customer interaction on either the John Lewis or Waitrose shop floor, or an integral behind-the-scenes role in one of our cutting-edge office environments, we can give you this and so much more.

You can find out more on the following social media channels: The John Lewis Partnership offers summer placements lasting six to eight weeks to penultimate-year students interested in retail, and work experience opportunities lasting two weeks.

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