How to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard

how to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard
Xbox Dashboard Select Xbox Dashboard if you want the dashboard to display when you turn on the console. Now press Y button on your controller to go to the Xbox Dashboard. Was this article helpful?

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Change the background on Xbox One

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How to Customize Your Xbox 360

Xbox Live service is active. Xbox Support Xbox One.

how to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard

Xbox on Windows Please enable ActiveX in your browser settings, then refresh this page to try again. You can change the background of your Xbox One.

how to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard

Press the Xbox button to open the guide. The Avatar is the character that is used to represent the player and the player's profile. This character is completely customizable, and players can update the Avatar's look as often as they like.

To customize an Avatar, players should start on the Dashboard screen once again.

how to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard

From here they select the Avatar, choose the Customize Avatar tab, and begin making changes. Players can customize the appearance of the Avatar's hair, facial features, clothes, shoes, and more. Several outfits are already available in the Avatar's wardrobe, but players can download additional clothing from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Additionally, reaching milestones in certain games will unlock various Avatar options. Unless the player has a limited edition or special edition Xboxthe console is likely plain black or white. While this design will match other electronics well, it is not as much fun as having a console that suits the player's tastes or expresses the player's style. There are several ways to customize the appearance of the console.

how to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard

Some of them are permanent and others can be changed as often as the player's mood changes. Additionally, the type of console will determine which customizations are available. The faceplate on the front of Xbox consoles manufactured before can easily be popped off and switched with a custom faceplate. The Xbox S has a fixed faceplate that is not removable. There are many faceplates to choose from, ranging from solid colors to interesting designs to detailed graphics. They are available from third party manufacturers or through Microsoft.

The faceplates that are manufactured by Microsoft are resistant to scratching and fading. Players who want to customize the entire console rather than just the faceplate can purchase decals or skins to cover the entire console.

These skins are made from a thin vinyl and cling to the outside of the console. Depending on the manufacturer of the skin, it can easily be removed and changed with another skin. Many do not use typical glues or adhesives so these will not damage the console when removed. Additionally, players can purchase decals to only cover a portion of the Xbox console.

how to change your theme on xbox 360 dashboard

For the more tech-savvy or artistic gamer, there are several do-it-yourself customizations that can be done to the Xbox console. These customizations involve cutting away part of the plastic casing, using paint and other materials to decorate the case, or completely removing the inside of the Xbox and placing it in a different case altogether.

While this type of customization allows users to have ultimate control over the finished product, players should keep in mind that these types of do-it-yourself modifications will void the manufacturer's warranty.

Xbox 360: Change the Default Dashboard Theme

Altering the hardware components of the Xbox is also known as "modding" the console. Select any one of the themes provided. Your Xbox will now reflect the new theme [1]. You will now be able to browse and purchase one or more themes using your Xbox Live account.

How do I change the Xbox dashboard color? Go to the panel with your avatar on it, and go to the customize spot, change theme. If you haven't purchased one, there are four defaults.

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