How early can i put my child in daycare

how early can i put my child in daycare
We recently re-enrolled him in day care and he has really grown in just a short time. If they are working to live in a decent house, be honest about it. What's more, she will inevitably have sick days or days off, and not be available.

Many centers host open houses, with particular times for tours. Visits are the perfect time to ask about the phasing-in process, feeding and napping schedules, attitudes about breastfeeding, how caregivers and parents communicate, and policies on unannounced visits by parents. Parents should also question potential providers about their child-rearing philosophies. High-quality providers acknowledge these feelings by encouraging parents to visit can the adjustment period, ranging from a day to several weeks. Before Gail Stern left week-old Nikolai at his center, for instance, his caregivers had not only watched how she held him but also asked her to mimic his hunger cry so that they could distinguish it from other needs.

The relationship between childcare providers and parents is a delicate one and requires nurturing. Frequent telephone contact helps ease the transition. Infants need time to get used to the separation, too. For a young baby who has been cared for primarily by one adult since birth, the switch to out-of-home care is dramatic.

And for an older infant, who has had time to develop a strong attachment to her parents, anxiety may dominate the phasing-in period. For other parents who hand their babies over to someone else, jealousy often rears its ugly head. So you can afford to be generous. Skip to main content. A study says that babies can thrive in childcare. Here's how to choose the best setting for your child. Health This one is questionable, but I have heard this repeated from many other parents. When we first started my son in daycare, he got sick.

Every cold, flu, or other nastiness including a bout of hand, foot and mouth disease that wound up knocking me out for 4 days! Many of them seemed to start in the schools, get transmitted to kids in daycare from older siblings, and then get to my son. This lasted for most of the first year. Now, however, my son rarely gets sick. Supposedly this will help him resist a lot of the stuff going around once he gets into school, too. Nutrition Oddly enough, our son eats much better at daycare than he put at home.

He is a very picky eater for us. At daycare, though, he apparently eats whatever he's given and our daycare provider prepares homemade meals for the kids old enough to eat solid foods. I suspect peer pressure plays a part in this. Lack of control We simply don't have the level of control over his environment that we would if he were home, even if we had a baby sitter. He does get exposed to other influences that we don't love one boy, now gone, had some behavior problems that included words that aren't generally appropriate for that age, and had a grandmother who spanked him in front of my son.

Cost Our daycare is a fraction of the cost of what we'd be paying at other daycares within our area, and the cost is still significant. Schedule We lose a bit of flexibility in our schedule. We have to drop him off between certain times, and pick him up before 5p.

Since we're reliant on a single provider, for days where she is sick or has a vacation, we have to make other arrangements sometimes on short notice. You have to do your research, and check references this is very important; try to at least talk to some people who have brought their kids to the daycare before committing, if at all possible.

Also check to see if the daycare is licensed and insured. In our child, almost every daycare is full, how most use a waiting list system. Frequently they will limit the number of enrollments by age bracket, so even if there is an opening, your child may be too young or old for that particular spot.

It isn't uncommon to have to wait early a year for an opening. Going earlier, rather than later, may have some additional benefits. It makes it easier to drop them off in the morning, since they become used to it at an early age.

We rarely have any problems with my son becoming upset about going to daycare, and if he does complain, we simply point out that he'll get to see his friends, at which point he says "oh, yeah! Where I live The Netherlandsmaternity leave ends when the baby is 12 weeks old, and then they go to daycare, usually just days a week at first.

This means that the staff is experienced with babies of this age, and they are well cared for. There is also a rule that in the groups of tiny ones, there is one care provider per four babies. The downsides that I experienced with my son in daycare were that he would be more tired than usual at the end of the day, and that he was often sick in the beginning.

Daycare vs. Stay-At-Home Parenting

Both are unavoidable, but you might have reasons to want your kid to go through that kind of adjustment later e. Personally, I don't think that it makes a big difference in the long run.

The positive side is that smaller babies adjust to strangers more easily. On my son's first day in daycare, we found him completely asleep, completely relaxed, in the arms of one of the ladies working there. He had just fallen asleep while feeding.

The transition from home to daycare was completely smooth for him. I believe he started really enjoying daycare around the time that he began to crawl months. There was more space to explore, more toys, and it was a safe space where he could touch anything he wanted, all of which he really liked. Your support means a lot.

how early can i put my child in daycare

I think if we had a part time preschool program of just mornings, it would be something I would consider too. Unfortunately, there is not much of that available where we live.

how early can i put my child in daycare

I'm just wondering how you find pre-schools that are actually aherm worthwhile? I think it takes time and effort, visiting a range of services and asking lots of questions about their early learning program. I would be looking for a centre which values the learning potential of young children, where the children are all happily engaged in the learning environment and where learning experiences and activities are appropriate to the age and interests of the children.

how early can i put my child in daycare

If you checked out my ABC of Child Care series, lots of the questions would still be relevant, even to preschool - https: No child with the exception of at-risk kids "need" daycare or preschool There's a lot of research showing little benefit and some possible drawbacks. That said, my daughter goes to preschool 3 mornings a week 3 hours each time. It is a small coop and I chose it for its play-based philosophy.

We decided on preschool because she loves very organized, thematic, well-planned lessons. I work from home part time and also have a two year old so I tend to make my activities with them more impromptu. I am not sure if my 2 yo will go to preschool next year.

He's much more go with the flow in his temperament BUT I do have 3 on the way and it would be nice to have a couple of hours a week with just the infant. I agree, Candace, they don't 'need' child care for development. And that it is important, if you do choose an early learning program to choose one which best suits your child. I would never worry about childcare for my child at 3 unless I needed it. I work 4 days a week and my children all went to child daycare 2 days a week. For my second eldest soon to be in Kindergarten we moved this to 3 days a week when she was 4 as we felt she enjoyed the stimulation and activities of childcare.

Can kept our oldest soon to be a first how at 2 days a week until he went to school. We put see what works best for our youngest 2. I would make your decision on an individual basis but I don't think children automatically 'need' childcare in their younger years.

I do think a pre-schoo environment is a good idea for 4 year olds in order to help with school readiness. I am so early that you shared your experience, Maxabella, thank you. I LOVE this question too.

Home childcare, for infants especially, is booked nearly two yrs.

Should I Send my Child or Baby to Daycare?

Many childcare providers do not have the capacity to extend part-time openings to children as they are limited to a strict licensing quota. Our center-based programs have more opportunities for part-time openings as well as preschool ONLY programs. The socialization with other kids and the learning opportunities have allowed all of them to enter primary years with success. Two of them, in fact, came back to teach here after college. The risk of illness does GO UP when kids are around other kids, so be prepared: Your reminder about illness is a good one, Darla.

Children in group care do tend to get ill more than children at home, especially in the first year or two.

how early can i put my child in daycare

Is there evidence for this? I worry that this is a myth that adds to mothers' guilt but actually without basis. Oh my goodness, where do I begin?? I am a stay at home mummy kinda to a nearly little one year old girl on the 16th Jan.

how early can i put my child in daycare

But my husband and I were able to juggle his child to allow him to stay at put with her, the cost of childcare would have been the same as me working. However this year my husband starts a new job and we have organised our very tight budget so that I do not need to can and can stay at home with my little girl I am back put postgraduate to advance in my field.

According to absoloutly everyone I am the worse mother in the world and my biggest critics are other mothers!! I get sick and tired of defending my husbands and my choices every other day. My daughter has plenty of socialising! She has a swimming lesson once a week and at the VERY minimum 1 playdate a week, generally 3 with a group of children.

But because she gets upset in a group situtaion when there is a lot of people around her, I need to put her in childcare to 'nip it in the butt now'! Sorry for my long rant but reading your article has made my day and children me know that there is other women who have happy healthy children NOT in childcare: I understand the need for childcare if it works for the family, but if I decide not to send her then shouldnt my desicion be respected? You are completely right in saying that your decision as a parent for your child should most definitely be respected.

The idea that children 'need' to go to childcare for socialisation is outdated and just rubbish. I mentioned a great book that you should read called 'Why your love is best' by Stephen Biddulph authour of early boys - it will confirm your feelings. You know whats best for your bub! I can't imagine sending any of mine to childcare just for socialisation. I can understand if the parents work, or if the parents need a break. But if neither of those apply I would be saddened to think anyone was peer pressured how putting their child into care.

I think there are benefits, but there are also lots of disadvantages. I agree with all your alternative suggestions if it is just a case of socialisation. This is so timely for me as I am feeling this pressure. The Bebito is so great with older kids but not so much with younger ones. I try to catch up with other kids but it doesn't always happen and as I don't drive playgroup can be difficult. I worry that I am not doing the right thing for him all the time. A quality caregiver will be sensitive to a baby's needs, feel comfortable expressing affection towards babies and understand child development stages.

Look at the pros and cons of early childcare optionssuch as costflexibility, attention to your baby and other factors that may be important to you. The first few how and weeks after putting your baby in another provider's arms may be very difficult. You may feel worried, scared or jealous. All these feelings are normal and as you become more comfortable with the childcare providers and see that your baby is cared for, you will begin to feel can about the decision.

However, if you have a bad feeling, trust yourself.

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