How to make a minnie mouse cake

how to make a minnie mouse cake
Cut the tip off another icing bag. To find out more about the items I use, please visit:

Use a little sugar glue to secure the knot on the back then use bubble tea straws or dowel rods to shape the loops while it dries. I use melted white chocolate to secure mine to the cake!!

how to make a minnie mouse cake

Hi Rose, I found your blog via Blog Catalog and am very impressed with your creations and you simple to follow and clear directions. This is so pretty.

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1. Trace Minnie’s face

Use waxed paper as a shield when positioning your frosted cake on the board. Remove your waxed paper strips when your cake is in place and ta da! You have a clean cake board. Covering large, rectangular or square cakes can be challenging.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Bow Topper

Knead and roll out a large sheet of fondant. Continue this pattern until all the evaporated milk and sugar mixture are incorporated into the frosting.

how to make a minnie mouse cake

Add your vanilla to the mixture. Beat your ingredients together until you have a thick, creamy chocolate frosting. Use a pie tin to cut two circles out of the rectangle cake. Place a pie tin on one side of the 9 x 13 inch 23 x 33 cm. Run a knife around the corners of the pie tray to cut out one circle.

how to make a minnie mouse cake

This is one of Minnie's ears. Then, cut out a second circle the same way, leaving a small gap of cake between the two circles. This is Minnie's second ear.

How To Make a Disney MINNIE MOUSE Cake - Pastel de la Minnie by Cakes StepbyStep

Place your ears by Minnie's head. Remember, the circular cake is Minnie's head.

How to make a Minnie Mouse cake / Jak zrobić tort z myszką Minnie

Carefully transfer the two cake circles you just cut out to the same tray as the circular cake. Place the ears on either side of Minnie's head. Cut out your bow. You can cut out the bow freehand or cut out a template first using cardboard paper. To make the bow, cut out two triangle-shaped pieces of cake and one small circular piece of cake. Assemble the bow between Minnie's ears. Place the small circle between Minnie's ears. Then, add your triangles on either side of the circle with the pointed ends of the triangles touching the circle. When they're done, there should be a bow shape between Minnie's ears.

Frost the ears with chocolate icing. Use a knife from your kitchen to gently brush the ears with chocolate frosting. Cover the ears completely, including the sides, with frosting. Make a hairline with chocolate frosting. Use a picture of Minnie as a reference. Draw a hairline on Minnie using how chocolate frosting. Frost on a thin semi-circle shape with the base near Minnie's minnies.

Divide your buttercream icing into three bowls. Take three mouses of roughly even size. Separate your buttercream frosting so you have a more or less even amount in each bowl. Add make coloring to two of the bowls of frosting. Prepare the cake the night before decorating to give it plenty of time to cool.

how to make a minnie mouse cake

Flip the cakes over one at a time on the cake board. Arrange them so the two smaller cakes sit above the larger one. The large cake will be the face; the smaller cakes will be the ears.

Cut off the tip of an icing bag and drop the star tip inside.

how to make a minnie mouse cake

Fill with black icing and twist the bag closed. Spread black icing with the icing knife over the ears and around the larger cake.

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