How to make thai iced tea with loose tea

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea
On top of that, we always have to have Thai iced tea. The orange color comes from anatto. Thai iced tea is a real treat.

It comes out a little better if you use condensed rather than evaporated, that's what also gives it that orange color and makes it a little thicker. The orange color does NOT come from the choice of milk, it comes from the tea leaf blend, either annatto or artificial coloring. For those of you having trouble with not enuff sweetness or gray color, don't use evaporated milk You could use a little Half-and -Half along with it,,,, but no evaporated.

Add any sugar you like, but I keep a strong homemade sugar syrup in my refridge all summer long cuz cold drinks won't dissolve regular sugar well. Makes a huge difference for lemonade, Rickeys, etc.

I lived in Thailand off and on my whole life. Also, I have never used anything but a "Thai Tea Mix" not a chrystal mix that is brewed in a big "tea sock" just a cloth sack with a handle so I will not comment on tea leaves, but I have learned my recipe from the Bangkok street venders and restaurants.

Well, not quite like restaurants but closest recipe to it Ive tried.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

Other recipes I tried not even close. Then again, I used Thai Tea loose leaves, not powdered or ready mix, I guess that would make a difference? The color always comes out gray when I add milk instead of orange. Most restaurants use the Thai Tea leaves with flavorings and artificial color.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

While still a loose leaf, it is still a manufactured "product". If you get the right thai tea mix, it will be exactly like you'd get at a restaurant excepting the ones that make their own mixes. I could never get the tea to taste quite right.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

It was never a sweet as in the restaurants that I would visit. So on day I asked at on of the restaurants how they managed to get the Thai tea as sweet as they do. The chef was brought out. At first he seemed reluctant to share, but after some cajoling by the waitress, he told me to put the sugar in while the water was boiling. This way it fully dissolved. Then add the tea. Just a variation that one might try If you make a simple syrup ahead of time, you don't have to worry about dissolving sugar ever again. Bring to a boil, leave on heat until your syrup is crystal clear.

Cool, put in plastic squirt bottle or glass syrup pour bottle. The table sugar a disaccharide will convert into a simpler monosaccharide and will always be pre-dissolved for cold or hot beverages. Is there a noticeable difference in taste? I've made this at home before, but never quite had the procedure down. God knows what is in it.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

Proably something bad, since it tastes and smells so good. The warning is that the tea and even a few flakes of the tea will stain, so try to be tidy or at least try to do your decanting over a sink. I bet something like Thai Tea ice-cream would be great.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

You heard it hear first. Maybe I'll even make it. Then use as regular ingredient in your ice-cream process. The orange color comes from anatto. Its a pretty unique spice in terms of flavor. Allow the mixture to steep for hours. Remove the tea bags, anise, cardamom, cloves, and vanilla bean. Place in the refrigerator until it is chilled.

Recipe by Melinda Novak, owner of cookingalamel. Dear Melinda, What if i use thai tea mix instead of black tea? Definitely my go-to and the best part is I get as much drinks as I want without having to spend a fortune at restaurants or bubble tea shops. I had one of the worst thai teas last night at a ramen restaurant so it only makes sense I put theirs to shame and make a bunch of my own.

Thank you for introducing me to Thai iced tea! I linked to your blog in my blog post as well! Thank you for posting this recipe! I went immediately to Amazon and purchased it.

I make this tea all the time and I have noticed that it can have a little bit of a bitter taste. If it does boil too much then maybe you might get a bitter taste? If so, add a little more sugar or cream!

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It has no artificial ingredients or artificial colors. It comes in large pouches so you can steep a quart of iced tea at once:. Thank you so much for this post. Have tried at home with different jasmine teas unsuccessfully. Perhaps a mate-rooibos blend steeped for a while with some vanilla extract?

What do you think?

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

Found this brand today. Came home added truvia instead of sugar.

How To Make Thai Iced Tea

This is definitely what I have been tasting at the restaurants. No Thai place where I live, I had missed it alot. My favorite drink now. Thank you soooo much!!!! Thanks so much for the recipe! Went to the Asian store and found the Pantai with no problem!! I made it as soon as I got home.

Real Thai Iced Tea Recipe

At first I thought the ratio of tea to water was way off. I like my coffee and tea strong anyway, but the appearance was a lot stronger than the taste. Instead of regular sugar, I used Splenda. Next time I will experiment on evaporated milk…what is your preference as far as the cream goes? None the Thai restaurants in the States do it. I cant wait to try this! I want to know exactly what to get when I go shopping for ingredients! Steeping tea for that length of time will build up the tannins in tea. An alternative method is to use black tea, but double the amount of tea bags.

Steep for 5 minutes. Add the sugar, and a few drops of vanilla extract. You get a smooth rich texture with a hint of coconut. I steeped mine for about an hour when I went to the store to pick up things I needed for green papaya salad and larb and then another hour when I prepared same.

Homemade Thai Iced Tea

The tea turned out great: Was still rather sweet for my tastesbut I think that was mostly because of the condensed with. Other than that, really liked it. Looking loose to giving this a try. Jotted your fab recipe down with my own notes so my Thai-food-loving friends and I can pamper our palates at home, too.

I wonder… if horchata would work for the creaminess part…. Otherwise the flavors would probably work ok. The same day I read your post three days ago I ordered the tea from Amazon. I was thrilled to find out I could make it tea home. Thank you so much for sharing!

Finished with coconut milk it was pretty amazing, I have to say. How did you drain the tea? Just with a fine mesh strainer. I made a mess when my sieve which was really my flour sifterwhich was way bigger than the glass, leaked tea all over the counter! Thank you so much for this recipe! Thank you so much! Just made this…exactly as instructed…and it was deliciously yummy!

I was struggling with the instructions on the package. It didnt indicate a brew time which you did and this was the iced amount of sugar. Just wondering about the amount of thai tea mix to water ratio, 1 cup to 4 cups of water seems very concentrated. With the addition of steeping for 30 min. Is the ratio correct? That is what the thais were for the brand of tea we bought. Each brand may vary, but it was quite delicious. I think it needs to be a bit concentrated to stand up the other ingredients.

Forgot to mention that I followed this recipe exactly and the result was amazing. So delicious and tea make than restaurants and Tapioca Express since there is so much love how it. Need to start saving milk jugs and add Thai Tea! I have been making this recipe for almost a week straight now. It is incredible how easy it is to make! I will be making a trip to stock up on more mix in a couple hours.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

Definitely looking forward to saving so much money! Thanks so much for this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I write a weekly post on my blog called the Weekend Wrap-Up, where I share some of my favorite web finds from the past week. Unfortunately, my Thai iced tea is still not coming out right. Its watery, bland, and not nearly close to the same flavor or color as the iced tea served at Thai restaurants I've been to.

how to make thai iced tea with loose tea

I'm starting to think that I either have the wrong kind of tea or I need to purchase some sort of super-secret Thai iced tea concentrate that maybe the restaurants are using. Can you help me sort this out? BTW, I'm in the Seattle area if that helps. Your need to brew your tea extra strong. This recipe suggests not using tea bags, but whole leaves. I've seen it made with some resembling a coffee maker at a Thai lunch stand. I don't know any more details than that though, but the result was what I expect Thai ice tea to be.

Also, are you pouring the hot tea over ice? It needs to be cooled in the fridge before mixing with the milk. I also had to brew the tea several times stronger than the box indicated for it to taste right. Here is a rock solid method. Toss out those puny tea bags.

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