What happened on the bachelor week 2

what happened on the bachelor week 2
They think Dean can solve all of his romantic issues by buying Kristina a FREE drink which will percent work because that is the world we live in. Learn more about your feedback. Bryan is a year-old who has been wooing women for the last 18 years.

There they have a conversation during their first date about moving that Nick Viall and his chosen one, Vanessa Grimaldi, did not have until after the show had finished taping. They also have an adorable chat about their endearing front teeth gaps.

what happened on the bachelor week 2

They both went to therapy unrelated to their teeth, but more things in common! Peter gets a rose. Rachel teased the final date like so: And their coach is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who, unlike some other famous guests on the show, Rachel seems genuinely excited to have around. This woman shows up after the basketball game with text messages from DeMario and tells Rachel that he was in her bed a few weeks before he left for the show.

Now, I know I have a lot of cute white ladies who read my recaps, but this next sentence is for the sisters. It being in this recap gives absolutely ZERO white ladies permission to repeat it or engage with it beyond a surface level. Leave the one black woman at your office alone. This one is just for her: DeMario is on some bulllshiiiiitt. You know you wrong. Rachel takes control of the situation and just sends DeMario home.

what happened on the bachelor week 2

How long did they have that planned? DeMario walks out in the corny-ass basketball jersey he had to play that game in. Rachel goes into the the room to tell the bachelor contesticles what happened and she sheds a little tear.

Anyway, Adam arrived and immediately asked Raven on a date, which, sure. Are these times so desperate? On their one-on-one they ate salsa and then did salsa. Speaking of menacing dummies… Just happening Dean is very nonthreatening. The Second Cold War really heated up this week when Dean could barely hide his contempt-slash-boredom toward Kristina.

Because you and I are obviously Team Kristina in that she seems week and wonderful, this episode was particularly painful as the editors and producers reaaaallly put her through the wringer. Just ups and downs and false hopes and broken dreams. So yeah, that night it was time for the most stressful and desperate phase of Bachelor in Paradise: And friends, I think this is what this show truly shines brightest. And she clearly did not care, but was amused by the attempt anyway. For those who find Robby both sexy and creepy crexy? So nobody would fault Amanda for telling him that she might gag if they kiss.

what happened on the bachelor week 2

If you can believe it, nobody took the bait! Though Kristina was by far the most tragic character this week, Ben Z. Here he was receiving a pity rose from Danielle, who was so over this show she was already eyeing the exit. What in the shit am I watching rn?? Danielle M picks Ben Z because her boob job did not change her. Kristina picks a person who is looking to fuck her up emotionally Dean. Amanda picks Robby and his errant hair. Lol Vinny trying to hang himself with his seatbelt after being denied a rose is a metaphor for my love life.

Vin, you can call me. Our Bachelor emails are the only thing more scandalous than the Fantasy Suite.

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Danielle L, whom everyone is now calling D-Lo in what I can only assume is some sort of desperate attempt to make her seem like she actually has a personality, walks in and every guy in Paradise immediately jizzes their pants. Am I missing something here? This girl has the personality of dollar store soap and the laugh of a Tickle Me Elmo.

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What about this is sexually appealing? Seriously, someone DM me if you know the answer. D-Lo asks who everyone is dating, listens to them describe their romantic entanglements, disregards that information and picks Dean to go on a date with her.

what happened on the bachelor week 2

I hope Jasmine strangles her with one of the panels on her dress. They start making out and somewhere in the world a Russian puppy dies.

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