How to calculate the weight of a hog

how to calculate the weight of a hog
Hope that went well for you Mary! My dad was a pig farmer, the old fashioned way. Girth Result X Length:

I wonder who figured that out. Obviously someone with a whole lot more math ability than me.

how to calculate the weight of a hog

I love to learn new things. Thank you for explaining it, I have to pin it!

How to Estimate the Weight of a Live Hog

Is there a rule of thumb for the difference in live and hanging wait? Wow, very handy, thanks!

how to calculate the weight of a hog

I'm going to measure our two pigs later using your method! We have a running estimate contest; I think everyone but me is underestimating! My guess is our big boy Abe is pounds and our little girl, Beth, is 50…will get back to you! Quick question — is heart girth under their armpits where their chest tapers and has less circumferenceor further back a certain distance?

Just read how to weigh weights, great info, thank you so much. The have one to measure and figure out today. Hope that went well for you Mary! New to your blog and i am loving it! Thank you very much for this information. I took my pig to the bucthers the other day and I was not happ;y with the final weight that they came up with.

You see I trust them so much that I leave the animal behind and they tell me what they come up with This time howevr I thought they must have made a mistake for the fianl wight was so little that I thought they must have undercut me by some twenty kg. Sadly, I've heard of that happening too many times. Or that they'll give you back a pig that wasn't necessarily your own. I'd be so upset. I'm glad this was helpful and I hope that doesn't happen to you again!

The hunndred is a factor. This is where, in the absence of an actual pig weighing machine, a tape measure and a calculator come in handy. Interesting — this seems much more accurate than pig tape I bought recently — would have saved some mistakes.

Are you killing out at 60kilo so 40ish carcass? Hi Helen Yes, I aim for a live weight of 60kg, which works out at just a little over 40kg once the abattoir have done their deadly work. My experience with old breeds Berkshire and British Saddleback has been that they reach 60kg in around 6 months, so your aim for carcass wight at months calculates good. All the best Phin. I can how measure them when they are feeding and therefore standing still for long enough however their heads are bent right down as they feed and I suspect significantly exaggerating the length — any tips?

I have to admit, this was something I worried about too, Paul. Like you I measured my pigs when they were feeding pretty much the only time it was possible! And your weight sounds about right for 22 weeks — I hog my SBxBerkshire boars to 18 weeks and they weighed 60kg give or take.

Online Pig Weight Calculator

I hope that helps. Both include the head.

how to calculate the weight of a hog

Thank you for this. It helped me to confirm my estimation is correct.

how to calculate the weight of a hog

I am from Philippines and first time to raise pigs. We have 6 pigs,I am not sure of the breed. Measure the length of your pig.

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Start at the top of his or her head right in between the ears and measure down to the start, or base, of the tail not the end of the tail. Flower's length is 39 inches. Girth Result X Length: Take the girth measurement result in the example above this was 1, and multiply that times the length of your pig.

In our example this would be:

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