How to make a mary poppins umbrella

how to make a mary poppins umbrella
Here she is asking me if I keep my students in "spit spot shape". Wouldn't it be great if we all had a Mary Poppins in our life? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Just a moment, Mary Poppins.

how to make a mary poppins umbrella

What is the meaning of this outrage? I beg your pardon? Will you be good umbrella to explain all this? First of all, I would like to mary one thing quite clear. The thing my outfit was lacking was the famous parrot-headed brolly. You just can't be Mary Poppins without it. But where to find such a thing?

I decided that I'd just have to make my own. I sent out an umbrella email request to the fabulous teachers at my school and within minutes I had my mitts on a lovely wooden handled umbrella. As soon how I got home, I busted out the tin foil and started sculpting the parrots head.

I was too impatient to mess with the masking tape portion of 'mache'ing so I umbrella straight to the covering-in-sticky-newspaper part. I'd later come to regret this like so many things in my life as it prevented me from having a smooth surface for my bird.

In some photos, the tip of the parrots beak is white so I painted mine as such. One of my principal ladies said it looked like his nose was chipped. Some people just don't know. All week, leading up to the arrival of Mary Poppins, my classes enjoyed a spot of tea and biscuits. I brought in some of my vintage table clothes and fancified one small area of my otherwise disastrous art room. I brewed each mary a pot of tea apple, peach and mint and picked up some shortbread cookies and tea biscuits from the store.

One kind UK blogger thanks, Jerra! Of course, I just had to bring in my small collections of Mary Poppins records. Thankfully our librarian still had one of these ancient bad boys on hand. Most of my students had never seen a record player before shoot, they find the tape player on my CD make fascinating and I found several of them with their makes right up to the spinning record like this young dude.

In how crazy closet, I had almost the perfect coat and scarf to complete my Poppins look. I thrifted the brown coat a while ago and the scarf is an old number from the Gap. And, would you believe, the most magical thing happened! On our final day there, while walking through the Great Britain portion of Epcot, I ran into none other than Mary Poppins herself.

Here she is asking me if I keep my students in "spit spot shape". Please don't ask me what's going on with my hair. From Mary and I, we wish you a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Sherlock! Posted by Cassie Stephens Labels: I just love your outfit!

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Newer Post Older Post Home. My book is now available for preorder on Amazon. Feel free to message me at cassieart75 gmail. Looking forward to hearing from you! In the Art Room: Negative leaf print by one of my second grade students earlier this year. This post has been very popular on my blog A lovely leaf relief with a dotted background by one of my former students. This post has been very popular Tree Weaving with Third Grade. Every year I do a weaving project with my students, kindergarten to fourth grade. And when asked at the end of the year what their fave A Unit on Line for Kindergarten.

That's right, I said kindergarten. The under-6 set is knockin' it outta the park, er, art ro Circle Loom Weaving with Second Grade. When it comes to art lessons, I'm not much of a repeat offender. Since I like to change up the cultural theme of my art room every y The First Days of Art Class.

how to make a mary poppins umbrella

Konichiwa'ing and bowing to "Sensei Stephens" Unfortunately, I can't seem to train the What the Art Teacher Wore There were many a chat about my light up dress and Santa shoes. I'm a huge fan of Super Sculpey. I use it in many of my creative projects. It's easy, durable and forgiving.

how to make a mary poppins umbrella

So my first steps where to flesh out a head. Start with a general head shape, ad the larger features then decide how detailed you need to be.

I baked it low and slow until hard then gave the whole thing a white wash with some dollar store craft paint. I then screwed a plate to the bottom to make it easier to manipulate.

Once dry, I spray painted it white so that I'd have a nice blank slate to start with. I used the same crappy dollar store paint to finish up the painting. I'd recommend using better brushes and paints if your prop will be seen close up. Snap the hook of a dollar store umbrella, drill an appropriate sized hole.

how to make a mary poppins umbrella

Crazy glue in place and you're ready for a jolly holiday. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions on this project. Let me know what you think.

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Thank you alannan for your instruction!!! Would not have been able to even do this without them1! I am curious how durable this was after you completed it.

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How well do you think this would stand up to daily use? I wouldn't recommend this one for daily use. It was meant to be a prop only.

Mary Poppins Umbrella

That's not to say that you couldn't develop a mold using your sculpture to make a more durable version. I may do that in a follow up project. You make it look so easy. I might try this on a smaller scale. I would love to master this type of craft. Splendorous day had, thank you.

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