How can water pollution affect animals

how can water pollution affect animals
Anonymous February 3, at 6: Indiscriminate pesticide and fertilizer application may pollute nearby land and water, and chemicals may wash into nearby streams, waterways and groundwater when it rains.

Nitrates chemicals used in synthetic fertilizers can leach into groundwater or run off into surface waters. While most individuals suffer no adverse effects from high levels of nitrates, infants cannot convert them into a harmless substance; if they consume nitrates, they can die from blue baby syndrome, a disorder in which the blood cannot properly carry oxygen.

Infants, young children, pregnant and nursing women and some elderly individuals are most at risk for nitrate poisoning.

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how can water pollution affect animals

Home Guides Garden Garden Care. Home Guides Garden Garden Care Contaminated water not only impacts wildlife but can affect your drinking water. These pollutants can radically alter the metabolism of a number of soil-dwelling bacteria and insects, making them perish or unsuitable for consumption by common predators of the local ecosystem. Atmospheric pollutants may get mixed with clouds and fall back on earth as acid rain.

These Tragic Effects of Water Pollution on Animals are Saddening

This toxic shower is potent enough to inflict mortal injuries to any life form that gets exposed to it. These are a few of the most common and prominent repercussions of water pollution on animals. From these points, we can easily see that most animals get hit harder than humans, when water is contaminated. Although huge steps need to be taken on national and industrial levels to arrest this situation before it goes totally out of our hands, individuals can do their small part by refraining from littering beaches and lakes with paper, plastic and other garbage, so that lesser animals make it to the Extinct Species list, and so you can tell your children that the ocean waters still abound in whales, dolphins, turtles, seals, and all those other animals, that are marked as Endangered Species.

Effects of Water Pollution. Ways to Prevent Water Pollution. What is Water Pollution? Causes of Water Pollution.

How does water pollution affect aquatic animals?

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how can water pollution affect animals

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how can water pollution affect animals

Tuesday, March 8, How does pollution affect animals? Many animals are dying because of pollution. All types of environmental pollution have negative impact on animal's health, and the worst types of pollution are air, water and noise pollution. Even small levels of environmental pollution create discomfort for many animals while on the other hand more excessive pollution leads to diseases and deaths of animals. Many people ignore the fact that our planet is now polluted more than ever before, and that many animals are dying because of it.

How does water pollution affect animals?

They fail to see the importance of these animals, and underestimate the importance of biodiversity in general. Biodiversity is the key to human well being, and we should be definitely doing more to stop huge biodiversity loss that is also a serious threat to our own survival.

5 Ways Water Pollution Is Killing Animals

Air pollution is particularly dangerous to animals when in form of the acid rain. Acid rains kills fish in lakes and animals by increasing the acidity of water. Other forms of air pollution such as ozone are also harmful to animals, for instance ozone pollution can cause serious damage to lung tissues of many animals. Water pollution has extremely negative impact on many animals. Water polluted with different chemicals can cause decline of population in some species such as frogwhile on the other hand water polluted with nutrients can lead to huge growth of toxic algae which when eaten by other animals may cause serious diseases and death to these animals.

Noise pollution is also becoming huge problem for many animals, water animals that live in our oceans and seas. Because of the increased ship traffic and offshore oil drilling noise pollution has started affecting very large number of marine animals. Whales and dolphins are among animals pollution affected by can pollution. This is because they use their sense of hearing for many purposes such how hunting for prey, navigation, migration and distinguishing the members of the same species and with so many artificial sounds in our oceans they are having tough affect to distinguish them all.

how can water pollution affect animals

What are the effects of solid waste management? Full Answer Human activities are the main culprits of water pollution.

how can water pollution affect animals

Learn more about Pollution Sources:. What is water pollution? Water pollution occurs when water is contaminated with chemicals and foreign substances that are harmful to humans, plants and animals.

how can water pollution affect animals

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