How to change steam language russian to english

how to change steam language russian to english
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how to change steam language russian to english

There were no "rus only" state while it was on preorder. They added it after release. There is a note in Unity, but nothing in Rogue: Or is this steam failure Buy from site like amazongmg for world wide key.

Originally Posted by Sdwakias Go to original post. Heck, this is why you shouldn't buy from the Russian store if you don't know Russian.

It's not Ubisoft's fault, it is Steam's. Has happened in so many damn games in the past. How do you change the windows 10 version language?

Posted December 18, I feel that might work when you use that shortcut to start the game on Windows You can't and it's not the same.

Posted December 19, I prefer the not localized versions Posted December 22, I'm wondering if this option is going to be added in-game? Posted December 23, There are still some entries that are missing for menu items, which appear as blank template names.

how to change steam language russian to english

Complained to Activision again. No assurance of the problem ever being fixed. Once again they tried to shift the blame on Steam, but I shut that idea down right away and let them know that as the Publishers of the game they are the one with the authority to make changes. Was promised feedback will be sent The support person claims that they take the feedback really seriously, and that it has lead to changes to the game in the past.

Not sure if I believe that, but I was also given a feedback link you guys can use to complain about this. They should at least include the option to switch to English, which is the original language of the game. Here is the link: I purchases the Season Pass and what do you know How the hell is this not false advertisement?

Nowhere does is say that the game will only be in Russian. There have been a number of developments recently. First of all, I received the following short reply from Steam support:. The version of the game you have does not include English as a selectable language.

This is intentional by configuration of the publisher. Without these files your game will simply not function when you change the localization files in the game's folder.


You may download them here: I was able to find the localization. I have hosted it on MEGA as well, and it can be downloaded here: These files include everything besides the last DLC pack, Salvation.

It has not been released yet for PC. I will try to acquire those files as well and update this thread.

My steam language changed to russian, is there a virus in my computer

Some more good news! I got another reply from Steam support which indicates that those who use the English localization files will not be banned! Can I ask my friend who has an English copy of the game to send me the localization files so that I can play the game in English?

how to change steam language russian to english

Only the files that are needed to make the game be in English. It's at your discretion to try it, however, if it causes issues with the game you should be able to fix it by verifying the game files. Due to some recent updates the game no longer loads with the English files. I can't really help you with your problem but I wanted to say that this is a very good post.

All the information that's needed for troubleshooting. That oughta beat Steam Support. Activision support doesn't know how to fix their language system?!

how to change steam language russian to english

OP I'm afraid one thing you CAN do at this moment is find the localization files from a pirated repack and replace them with your version. It's tied to your Steam Account store country, you could either try contacting support to change it to US but it's already too late, no matter how many times you repurchase the game it'll still be in Russian. So either that, OR make a new account with US storefront then buy it how. There's also a third way but I'd advise against it: Thanks for the language. Given my case and the nature of the replaced filed, can I appeal or challenge a VAC ban?

I just want to play the fucking game in its original language. How likely is it that I will get banned for changing the localization files?

I Already added a bunch of files and verified the integrity of the game cache without getting banned. I don't know because I don't play those games, but I wouldn't risk it. Just discovered it's the same story with Black Ops 2 -- change purchased in CIS region is only playable in russian, without it being mentioned on the storefront.

Yeah Russian voice acting is terrible indeed. So, uhm, any updates on this english It's pretty easy if you look hard enough. So, there's this file in the russian folder, called "localization.

You just need to find modified one that steam unlock all possible options, simple: Check this out https: Originally posted by madmorze:.

how to change steam language russian to english

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