How to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer
No need to make an accident happen. We have small children. Once mine got so hot that it melted in the inside of the door.

I caulked around the smoke stacks before insulating. Then the roof went on and more caulk. Next was the fascia and some paint. Then some tar paper. Then the metal roof and drip edge and some white silicone caulk over the aluminum nail heads to prevent any leaks. Normally drip edge goes on before the tar paper and is covered by asphalt shingles that cover the nails holding the drip edge. The thin metal is not as robust as shingles so I used the drip edge to hold the thin roof metal down and to cover all the nails holding it in place.

I put a large bead of silicone under each piece of drip edge before nailing it in place. The rolled it and riveted the joint. Since I also can't find inline butterfly dampers for 3 inch ducting, I made my own from brass threaded rod and stainless hardware no rust. It was pretty much a huge pain in the butt but it worked out ok.

I started smoker the pieces of siding and painting the exterior corner trim. I hope to get that installed tomorrow so I can make the doors. Apr 1, 8: Meat Smoker Apr 1, Got the siding on and the corner out. Meat Smoker Apr 2, Time to build a door. The face of the door will be two layers. Then another layer pf plywood to support the metal lining.

I start the aluminum at the bottom and overlap all the joints like shingles on a roof so no moisture can get to the wood. Apr 3, Meat Smoker Apr 4, With the top door completed, I began the bottom door. This is where I will load wood chips and adjust the heat without opening the big door and losing all the heat I built up.

In order to have proper venting and air flow to the smoke stacks, I how a fresh air intake. I need to prevent deep intruders from entering the smoker mice, wasps, etc so I folded over the edges of metal window screen material and screwed to the inside face of the door and I added a set of hinges. The front of the door as a floor register vent that I can open and freezer to adjust the air flow.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

The white metal around the outside edge of the door is aluminum angle use for suspended ceilings. It was just the right size and color and material for this job. It covers the cut edge of the siding and the edge of the aluminum I wrapped the door with. Both doors get a weather-strip seal all around.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

To make moving the smoker easier, I added steel casters. Then it was time to hang the doors. Just for grins and because I would not be able to see myself I set the timer on the camera and placed it inside the smoker to see how the door fits and looks from the inside. Now I will add a side table, door latches and build the cold smoking adaptor box. This project seems to be never ending. Meat Smoker Apr 6, I added over-center catches to draw the door tight against the seal. The upper door gets two and the lower door gets one. Then drilled a hole for a heat probe.

I will have one in the door and another digital remote version.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

Then I fired it up using two electric hot plates rated for watts each. I put a rack in to support the probe. The temp in my garage was 55F. It took over an hour to heat the inside to over F. Then I took the legs off my propane turkey cooker and placed it inside to see how propane would fair. And placed a heavy cast iron griddle used on Scout outings over the flame to act as a dissipater. Fan draws heat and smoke from chamber and redirects it across heating element.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

A metal shroud covers motor for weather proofing. Ten guage power cord, garden hose holder, junction box for electrical connections. A second blower motor is installed in the smoke box to draw smoke from the smoke box and push it into the smoker cabinet.

Reuse It: Building a Root Cellar Out Of an Old Refrigerator or Freezer

After a strong wind blew the entire unit across my driveway I decided to add 4 hinged blocks of scrap 2x4 that could be folded down to lift the wheels off the ground. Nov 4, 2. What a work of culinary art. Nov 5, 3. So neat, thanks for sharing! Nov 10, 4.

Meat Smoker

Feb 11, 5. This is nice, may give it a try. Functional is more of the word we are looking for.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

It was pretty simple. All we did was take off all the Freon contaminating things on the back took that to the recycling plant and put the freezer in a location that was accessible.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

Maybe keep it away from structures in case of the off chance it catches on fire. We cut a small slat at the bottom so we could run an electrical cord into the freezer for the hot plate. We cut a coffee can in half to place the wood chips in, then placed that on top of the hot plate. We also made a small little metal tent that covers the element and can with wood chips in it. The seal on a freezer is not air-tight so the smoke will go through the seal of the freezer.

A large smoker can cook a lot of meat at once. Building a smoker out of an old freezer will save you money and provide a smoker large enough to smoke enough meat to feed a crowd. Remove all racks, dials, plastic grommets, compartments and refrigerant lines. Remove screws with a screwdriver, if needed, to remove any components. Replace all screws to seal the holes.

Remove any plastic panels from the interior of the freezer. Set aside to use as a template to replace the panels with sheet metal.

how to make a smoker out of a deep freezer

Remove the seals from the door. Secure exposed insulation with metal wire tied diagonally across the panel. Place the plastic panel s on a sheet of gauge sheet metal and use a marker to draw the outline of each plastic panel on the sheet metal.

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