How to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home
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Hi Lindsey Thank you for spotting that! You are absolutely right. I have fixed this up now: Hi Grant Thanks for your helpful advice!

Making Stilton Cheese

Thanks again for such a useful comment: Hi This cheese does not get pressed, similar to the Camembert and Brie makes. Thank you for your feedback about our site. So glad you are finding it helpful: Hi Liz We recently had another question about this. Each bacteria and mold has a a preferred condition on and in the cheese.

Making Stilton (Blue) Cheese

Depending on the amount of moisture, salt, acid and oxygen, the ecosystem will evolve as the cheese ages. After one or two weeks, holes are poked through the cheese with a skewer to allow air into the interior, which lets the mold vein on the inside. The cheese will start out a lovely shade of blue, then turn into a moldy, stinky monster.

Once a month, take the cheese out of the cave and carefully scrape off the exterior mold layer. Each month of aging will add more flavor to the cheese. Think of blue cheese as a glorious science experiment. Stinky good, I say! Specialty cheese ingredients can be purchase at cheese supply places like CheeseMaking.

Star San is available at NorthernBrewer. The first step is to wash and sanitize all the equipment. For things that fit into a stock pot, like the spoon, knife, cheese mold, cheese cloth, colander and mats, put them in the pot, fill with hot water, and boil for 10 minutes.

Sanitize a tray or cookie sheet with a drop of bleach in a cup of water, rinse well with hot water, then set all the sterilized items on it to drain. For the 5 gallons bucket, wash in hot soapy water, rinse with one gallon of hot water with 1 tbs bleach, then rinse well with plain hot water. Wipe down your countertops with hot water and soap.

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

If you hate bleach, try Star San, an acid based surface sanitizer used by beer brewers. To start the cheese, add the milk and cream to the stock pot and warm the milk to 88 degrees.

Blue Cheese

I do this by placing the pot in a sink full of degree water how letting it slowly come to making. Add blue warm water to the sink if home. When the milk is at temp, sprinkle it with the yogurt and mesophilic starters, add the calcium chloride and blue cheese mixture, then stir well to dissolve. Cover the pot and allow the milk to mature for 60 minutes. This process allows the starter bacteria to grow and begin to acidify the milk. I like to put a fluffy bath towel over the whole sink to keep the temp even.

After 1 hour, check that the temp of the milk is still 88 degrees. Add warm water if needed to the sink. Add the diluted stilton to the milk, gently stirring for one minute. Packing it into the mould — home for the next 4 days.

On cheese watch — the first 2 hours. Take time to smooth out the cracks. Making holes in the 6 day old round. The first mould at just 2 weeks. Scraping off the first mould. But her background is far removed having specialised in Costume History make a Post-Grad diploma in Museum Studies to boot. A far cry from looking after chickens, growing veg and making bread! Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.

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how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

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Will he survive the cheese cellar of doom? Will he poison us all? Filed under home cheese-making.

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

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Maybe something alliterative — Steve The Stilton? Now, where did I put the goat? See if it makes it that far….

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

I am very impressed. Or maybe it was for you. Well done, it looks amazing so far. Aaah, Cheese Smiles with Lanark Blue — perfect! Currently very sidetracked by cultured butter — which if you know the history of Suffolk Cheese is a very funny joke!

Planning my next season of cheese making back at Easton Farm Park just tidying up some details before going to press. If you like a Spotify playlist this is my cheese inspired list…. I have Spotify somewhere but am a bit of a techno-idiot! I think my next project might be some simple soft cheeses but flavoured. Do you plan to one day sell your cheeses? At the moment I have embarked on a two year project of research and testing to see if my ideas develop into something worthwhile. However, if I hear a clamouring at the door who knows — never say never.

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

I think you have done very well. The mould growth looks about right, and as long as you scrape off excess mould once in a while, it will be all good.

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

Brilliant story so far, as is to be expected from you now! As much as the reveal of E-Colin was sidesplittingly hilarious, I shared it on Facebook I do hope that Trev turns out well — he is showing such great promise…. The ageing is the hardest part though so plenty of time for him to turn into a monster! I definitely admire you for trying a blue. Would you mind sharing a little more on how you made the mould? I mean the mould to shape the cheese. The mould I used was a metal colander that I found in a local Asian kitchen shop.

Making Blue Cheese at Home

You can sort of see it in this post in the pressing photo: My Stilton is similar then. How is your rind looking?

how to make cheese making blue stilton cheese at home

Hardly any rind to speak of but it might well have after 4 months. All this is irrelevant though i think cos it tastes very good IMHO. This is how I make it too. One thing to add for newbies is that during the first few weeks the cultures can give off a strong ammonia smell. I only mention this so that no one discards a perfectly good effort when they smell it at that phase. Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth.

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