How to find good apartments in toronto

how to find good apartments in toronto
Toronto's housing market ranked the most over-valued in the world. There are many websites that can help you to find the perfect apartment. The biggest advantage of renting a house is the opportunity to live in a residential neighbourhood, often with private outdoor space and sometimes even parking!

7 Tips to Remember when Renting an Apartment in Toronto

This is fairly standard. Also only when the agreement has been signed do you submit a cancelled cheque to secure your monthly withdrawals from the management.

how to find good apartments in toronto

I choose to pay each month instead of automatic payments, but it may depend on the management of they will let you do this. In a large apartment building they may require automatuc payment.

I like to have a good relationship with my landlord, so I take them my pay in person each month. You can use the conventional real estate search engines to browse these listings, such as www.

It's a horrible website but it has all the MLS inventory. Realtors should not ask you for money when looking at these listings—it's only the landlord or owner who compensates them for finding them high-quality tenants. There are also some useful Facebook groups with rental listings as well as general advice for renters including Bunz Home Zone and Toronto Prospective Renters Group.

how to find good apartments in toronto

There are often 50 prospective tenants lined up to view nice places and so you can buy your way to the front of the line of consideration. You're going to get a lot of replies in regards to "Thank you for your email, I am currently a missionary living overseas and I won't be able to drop off the keys". If you have a higher budget, then look on Airbnb.

Tips for finding a place to rent in Toronto

I've messaged landlords in the past and asked them regarding long term and monthly payments and some are open to it. Padmapper and Craigslist are two of the best places to look in my opinion, as well as Kijiji and even places4students if you happen to be going to school.

Tips on Finding an Apartment in Toronto and Vancouver

When to Look for a Rental Most Toronto rentals come on the market two months before they are available for rent e. Among the important ones: Right to Access Property — Generally, your Landlord has the right to enter your unit to repair and maintain it with 24 hours notice or in the case of an emergency.

13 best tips to make apartment hunting in Toronto WAY easier

What happens if your Landlord Sells — If you have a valid written lease, your landlord cannot evict you even if he or she decides to sell the unit — the new owner will simply be required to take over your lease at the rent you currently pay and under the same terms.

Getting the Apartment You Want One of the most important things about renting in Toronto is being prepared when you find your ideal place: Most landlords will require it to be a certified cheque or bank draft.

how to find good apartments in toronto

And please provide cell numbers for easy reference checking! Some other tips to keep in mind: This will in turn increase your odds of securing the perfect place for you.


Contact them and set up an appointment, preferably the same day. Apartments in Toronto can be snatched up at any time so its important to take initiative and make a decision quick.

how to find good apartments in toronto

It is therefore important to make a good impression. When you go see the apartment that you are interested in and meet the landlord, make sure you are neatly dressed, treating it like a job interview.

how to find good apartments in toronto

This shows the landlord that you are an upstanding citizen and can put you in a good position to secure the apartment. When you visit the apartment, make sure you do a thorough inspection of the property.

how to find good apartments in toronto

Gauge the size of the overall apartment and each individual room. Listen to your gut and get a feel for the apartment.

how to find good apartments in toronto

Check the appliances, water pressure and ventilation. Ask friends or family. I ended up finding my apartment through a colleague at work. He saw a rent sign in his building and told me about it.

how to find good apartments in toronto

I went to visit the apartment the same day and knew immediately the apartment was the right choice for me. I even posted my status on facebook. I had tons of friends messaging me and letting me know about other apartments for rent.

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