What is sales executive job description

what is sales executive job description
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It's also possible to work on a commission-only basis, which means working without a basic salary and having an income based entirely on sales.

Sales executive: job description

As considerable travel is often required, many employers provide a company car, petrol allowance or subsidised mileage in your own car. Working hours vary according to the sector but are generally quite long, with the pressure to meet targets making late finishes a regular part of the job, especially at the end of the employer's financial quarter or year. Although this area of work is open to all graduates, the following subjects may improve your chances:.

what is sales executive job description

Larger employers who operate graduate-training schemes usually look for a 2: Academic qualifications are often less important than personality, attitude and abilities and a strong commercial awareness and excellent communication skills are particularly desirable attributes. A number of larger companies recruit for sales positions as part of their graduate training portfolio.

what is sales executive job description

The training is sometimes combined with marketing, as organisations seek graduates who will work towards becoming commercial leaders of the future.

It will be helpful to you if you can gain experience in a customer-facing environment, such as retail or hospitality. A variety of companies across all sectors employ sales executives to broaden the demand for their brand, product or service.

It is important to choose an area that suits your interests and career aspirations. You may be put on a short induction course, covering knowledge of the company's products, goods or services, as well as the methods used for sales administration.

Sales Executive

This may be organised by your employer or by an outside training company. After induction, it's usual to be given a period of time on probation, without any pressure to meet targets. Further development often takes place in the form of shadowing an experienced representative and gradually taking over sales calls, under supervision.

what is sales executive job description

However, after a relatively short period of time, you will be expected to start bringing in the number of sales required to meet individual targets. You may wish to research how valuable prospective employers consider these to be before embarking on any courses.

You could consider going on to study for an MBA or undertake a postgraduate course in a particular area, such as sales management.

what is sales executive job description

Promotion is usually based on results and so rapid progress and early promotion is common for high performers. The primary duties of sales executives are to set sales goals and determine the best ways to achieve them. Depending on their level within an organization, those tasks can apply to a single department or to an entire corporation.

what is sales executive job description

To achieve their objectives, they analyze sales reports and customer surveys; prepare budgets and sales forecasts; and determine sales prices and contract terms. They can also assign sales territories to reps, highlight goods and services for special focus, and meet with other department heads, dealers and distributors to find ways to increase profits and minimize costs.

Although sales executives do not normally sell goods and services, they can step in for special customers or if subordinate salespeople are inadequate to the task.

Sales executive

They typically spend many years as sales agents before they are promoted to their management positions. Visit potential customers for new business Provide customers with quotations Negotiate the terms of an agreement and close sales Gather market and customer information and provide feedback on buying trends Represent your organisation at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations Identify new markets and business opportunities Record sales and send copies to the sales office Review your own sales performance Find sales executive jobs now See all of our current sales executive vacancies or sign up to have new sales executive jobs emailed directly to you.

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What Are the Duties of a Sales Executive?

Please try again or, alternatively, use a different location. Apply for sales jobs now. Looking for a sales job? Here are the most popular roles: Call centre jobs Car sales jobs Estate agent jobs Medical sales jobs Recruitment consultant jobs Sales assistant jobs Sales director jobs Sales jobs Sales manager jobs Senior sales jobs Telesales jobs.

what is sales executive job description

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what is sales executive job description

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what is sales executive job description

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