How much should i spend on a used car reddit

how much should i spend on a used car reddit
It just didn't make sense to buy used. Auto How much should I expect to spend on a reliable used car? Corvettes are generally cheaper to insure than a lot of other cars because most Corvette drivers are retirees who are very careful with the car they worked all their lives to afford.

The only part that's actually needed replacing on mine is that timing belt that's supposed to go out everymiles, right when I bought it.

I'm very surprised how much I really love this car. You would save some money driving every car you own to k, but you must consider the risk of having a fuel pump go out, or what if the driver before you beat the hell out of a car? Also, under my model, you retain most of the costs of a car. Any vehicle that is used at all can have problems, that's an entirely different discussion. The best part of a dirt cheap car like mine though, is it's paid off. I can't give you a number for how much I'll spend per year owning my car because every day it's not totaled that number is going down.

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how much should i spend on a used car reddit

Subreddit rules Our mission and standards: Weekday Help archive Weekend Discussion and Victory archive day challenges: Current Challenges Wiki Summary Related subreddits: It's hard to beat an inspection by a mechanic or through learning online and by yourself! Something and up. Make sure it has a timing chain in the engine. It will not appreciate. Wait a few moths and after you're getting a paycheck, come back.

That's up to you. You can buy a nice car for k. I would save it. One day you will be happy to have it stashed away.

Used Cars Are Not Money Pits. New Cars Are.

What amount are you comfortable with? I recently bought a Civic SE. It's great, and a big upgrade from what I had been driving previously. I didn't like the idea of a big car loan, so I put 10k down and borrowed 5k. Just try to figure out what you're comfortable paying on your car a month. If you're not in a hurry it would be great to hold onto your current car for another 6 months to a year to save up a nice down payment and maybe pay off some of those student loans first. If you feel you can't wait it's probably not the best idea to go with the right away, but I feel like you could justify a or in the next couple months.

Don't look at ur budget as 77k minus taxeslook at ur budget as a month to month plan. Priority like many others have said, should be that 10k; then a emergency fund. Afterwards, u should be able half a year in, which according to ur time line is is around Nov-Dec.

That'd b when u'll move out and get a new place figure out ur budget from there. I'd agree with you, but he makes 77k a year, 1k is going to be a piece of cake for him. He could have to move out at any time for unforeseen reasons, he should have an e-fund even if it's small.

Like you said, piece of cake for him so he should do it. Cars are a huge waste of money.


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how much should i spend on a used car reddit

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Start a Discussion in PF. Subreddit rules Our mission and standards: Weekday Help archive Weekend Discussion and Victory how day challenges: Current Challenges Wiki Summary Related subreddits: My plan is to divide my monthly income up as follows: Yes I'm going to go ahead and disagree here, or at least provide a different option.

I have bought two year old cars that cost about half of what a new car would have cost. There is still plenty of manufacturer's much left at that point, so any hidden problems will be taken care of for you. But no matter whether you buy new or used, do your research first and then haggle aggressively. You can often save a lot of money that way. In fact, it is a little easier to haggle used buying new. Once you spend the lowest price that the dealer is willing to offer, you go to the next dealer and use this price as the baseline that you start negotiations from.

Repeat until you can't find dealers that are willing to go any lower. A lot of this can be done over the phone in one afternoon. Consider buying around labor day maybe a week before? There are often great deals, as the dealers are trying to empty the lot to make space for next year's model. Are you dead set on buying new? You want to learn about fixing your own car, that's not going to happen on a new car till the warranty is up and your years in depending upon how much you really do drive when it's time to start replacing parts.

Do not really care about where we live so we just rent a room in my wifes mothers house. Its a win win. We get low rent and we help her mom out by renting and helping her out with whatever she needs. By 30 I should have k saved up for a house. Filters ,oil,air, cabin etc etc. We woudl do it all ourselves and no surprises fro ma previous owner of treating the car like shit. Comfortably, it seems car me like you can afford a car for 10k, if you wait a month, then 12k. You really should not be financing or leasing a car.

how much should i spend on a used car reddit

Buy in cash or don't buy at all. I plan to drive it until it dies. I paid for it in cash and have always loved having a car with no payment. My mother drove me to kindergarten in her CR-V. Now I drive it to college. Over k miles on it, still can get 23 to 25 mpg on it without even trying. Ran like a dream and was biting at the bit for more. It has a card table built into it that you can take out and set up for stuff.

You just pull it out of the back, and WHAM! You have the kids' table for Thanksgiving right there in the back of your car. I put my Honda in a ditch. Some rednecks pulled over and pulled me out. Then I drove another miles before my Dad had it looked at They said the transmission wouldn't make it another month That was 6 years ago. Every once and a while, the alternator on my particular model of Honda has some trouble, but that's just that run of CR-V. But yeah, I would avoid the v6 all together.

how much should i spend on a used car reddit

To clarify, the early s Hondas with V6 engines had particularly weak transmissions. The Odyssey and V6 Accord built during that time are plagued with transmission issues. May sound cliche', but never make an offer you aren't willing to walk away from.

how much should i spend on a used car reddit

As a former sales person I would play on peoples emotions in order to help them validate the purchase. People make large purchases based on emotions and often regret it later, hence Buyers Remorse. Dont be a victim. It had 6, miles. It's no frills, but it should serve as an example that your budget is more than enough with some patience. Buy a Honda or a Toyota. Very inexpensive to fix, easy to work on, and never break down. The motor on these cars will easily go to kmiles and up. What area do you live in? My SO just bought a Chevy Volt from a dealer, but negotiated through our credit union, so got a good deal.

She is very happy. I recommend this option. It'll handle 30 minute commute just fine and cost less at the tank. Hell, you could get a Fiesta ST for less than 15k where I live, and cars here are generally more expensive than in the US. This might not be a universal car dealer law or anything I dont think he is the type to require financing and I dont know if its even possible for you The amounts off sticker price he has gotten has been astounding.

Its kind of amazing the deals that the dealership agreed to when faced with a fat stack of cash. Is it possible for the people that financed you to let you cash the check? I had a similar first car budget back in Bought a new Nissan Sentra with the plan to drive it into the ground.

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It was a terrific car and required very little maintenance. Timing chains are awesome. Inherited a Toyota Camry inso I didn't end up driving the Sentra into the ground as planned. Sold it to a high school student who is still driving it to this day. I'd highly recommend getting a used Nissan from a Nissan dealership. I moved around the country and even when I was driving a 10 year old car, the folks at the dealership service centers bent over backwards for me. They knew a time would come when I would upgrade and they hustled hard to keep my business.

Fixed a broken window that kept me from passing inspection for free--lowest estimate I'd gotten was 1k, pestering to the point of harassment about recall issues, and more I can't recall. No one has nice things to say about dealerships. But if my Camry crapped out on me, my first stop would be a How dealership. Remember car are in charge during the negotiation process. Just because you sat down at the table does not mean you have to buy the car.

They know if you walk out the door they will most likely never see you again so use that to your advantage. Getting up and walking away can do a lot to get the price lower. Also focus on the final price of the car.

Some will try to trick you by focusing on the monthly payment with little or no discussion over the final price of the car. I found Avery nice Honda Accord in ny for under 15k from hertz with all the features you wanted.

Best car I have ever much is this 02 Subaru Forester. She's no prom queen, but damn if she isn't reliable. Even for 10k you can get used quality, but I wouldn't focus on extras as much.

You spend Bluetooth and yeah, its handy but don't let that be a deal breaker if you find a good car with a lower trim level Backup cameras are not really needed to be honest.

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