How to turn off touchpad on laptop

how to turn off touchpad on laptop
Thank you for this solution. As seen in the screenshot, there is an option of Touchpad, from where you can simply turn off the touchpad and Save. It is not recommended that you disable the touchpad unless you have an external USB, Bluetooth mouse installed or your computer has a touchscreen.

I followed your instructions up to the part where you say " Now go to device settings". Instead I went here and clicked on the ELAN tab and checked the box that says "Disable when external usb pointing device plug in. Hope it helps others.

how to turn off touchpad on laptop

This did not help me at all, it actually disabled my mouse and it really scared me for a second and I had to enable it again to get my mouse again. It only disabled the mouse, not the touchscreen! This is all I get. Is that what yours pop-up looks like when you click on device settings? Ever since I upgraded to windows10, my browser would zoom in and out all by itself.

Browsing interrupted

This zooming problem has been vexing! After searching the web for an answer, I found something telling me to disable the zoom swipe on my touchpad. I leave my touchpad off But when I changed to windows10, it became active and I didn't know it. Then, I couldn't figure out how to disable it without uninstalling it. I got as far as seeing additional mouse options, but figured the mouse wasn't the problem so never clicked on it.

Now I am sooooo happy not to have this problem.

how to turn off touchpad on laptop

The mystery is solved! But i want you all try a solution from Laptop Repair Hub. With the amazing skills of repairing, they provide tips, solutions and latest information about any topic related to Laptops or Desktops. Thanks, FeliciaT20, Followed your initial steps but checked the box to disable touchpad when an external pointing device is used.

3 Ways To Disable The Touchpad In Windows 10/8.1/7

It will work on Win10 as well. As soon as you download and install, restart, u will see at the right bottom corner Asus Smart Gestrure app instaled, just click on it and go to the option to turn pad off. Since I went to Windows 10, I don't have the option of turning the touchpad on or off under settings. The only option is the delay option.

How to enable and disable mousepad / touchpad in your laptop (short cut keys - short way)

I originally posted this constructable over a year ago. This will most likely no longer work. At the time my drivers could not be updated.

How to Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Laptop

I suggest you update your drivers or contact your manufacturer. You should never have to buy a driver.

How to disable Laptop Touchpad in Windows 10/8/7

Also, be careful where you download then, as they can potentially contain malicious software. Asus drivers Follow the link to the official manufacturer site and search for you model. Also, you need to connect a mouse not required if you know how to navigate to the Device Manager and enable the touchpad using keyboard in order to enable the previously disabled touchpad.

how to turn off touchpad on laptop

If you want to automatically turn off the touchpad when a mouse is connected, refer to our how to turn off the touchpad when mouse is connected guide. To do so, simultaneously press Windows logo and R keys to open the Run command, type Devmgmt.

Right-click on the first HID-compliant mouse entry and then click Disable option. Do you really want to disable it?

how to turn off touchpad on laptop

In most cases, disabling the first HID-compliant mouse should disable the built-in touchpad. But if the touchpad is working even after disabling the first entry, disable other HID-compliant mouse one after another. In order to enable the touchpad again, you need to right-click on disabled HID-compliant mouse entry and then click enable option.

how to turn off touchpad on laptop

There are a couple of free tools out there to help you disable the touchpad on a laptop running Windows but we recommend TouchPad Blocker as it not only lets you type as fast and accurate as you can by locking the touchpad input for a small period of time after a key is pressed but also allows you enable or disable the touchpad with a keyboard shortcut.

TouchPad Blocker resides in the system tray area of the taskbar, meaning you can quickly access all features and options with a click. Please click on the black-colored Download button on the download page in order to download the program. In simple words, when Touchfreeze is running, it locks the touchpad for a very small period after hitting a key.

Turn Off Touchpad on Windows 10

The touchpad provides full mouse functionality to your laptop but there are instances when you may actually feel more productive without the touchpad. For instance, if you have attached an external mouse to your laptop, you may not need an alternate input mechanism which is the built-in touchpad. If you were not looking at your screen when the pointer jumped, you may end up typing at the wrong place.

How to disable the touchpad on a laptop

To avoid running into such situations, it may not be a bad to disable the touchpad at least during the time when you are using a mouse or are typing a long document. In the case of HP laptops, you can hold the top-left corner of the touchpad for few seconds and it will disable the touch pad — repeat this to re-activate it. If you do not see this option in the Mouse Properties menu, it could only mean that you do not have the touchpad driver installed on your laptop. In case you do not find the driver, there is yet another option to disable your touchpad is through the Device Manager, but FYI, it only gives you the option to uninstall the driver, so make sure you keep a backup first and then go for it.

Disable Laptop Touchpad via Freeware.

how to turn off touchpad on laptop

This solution applies to those of you, who do not use a mouse and just need a temporary solution to disable the touchpad only while typing. It is a useful tool for Windows users.

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