How do i wipe my computer clean windows 8

how do i wipe my computer clean windows 8
A clean install is also sometimes referred to as a "custom install. You can also start the Reset process from the command line using the systemreset -factoryreset command. If you can't locate your Windows 8 product key but the following is true:

Therefore it is imperative that you backup and store your data in a safe location as once you start this process your data will be lost forever.

Before you begin the process of deleting your data and reinstalling Windows 8, please make sure these conditions are met:. Then go to the Windows 8 Start Screen and type Reinstall. When the search results appear click on the Settings category as shown below. Now click on the option labeled Remove everything and reinstall Windowswhich will start the Reset process.

how do i wipe my computer clean windows 8

If you are sure you want to reset your PC and erase all of your data, please click on the Next button. Windows 8 will now start preparing the Reset process. When Windows is ready it will display a prompt asking how you would like to clean your data. The Just remove my files option just deletes your files. The Fully clean the drive option, though, will overwrite all of your data numerous times with random information so that it is not easily recovered. This option is best suited for situations where you plan on throwing out or giving the PC to someone else. With this said, if this is your computer and you will be using it again after, then you can choose the Just remove my files option.

On the other hand, if you are resetting the computer to give to someone else or are throwing it out, then you should select the Fully clean the drive option.

Once you select how you wish to clean your data, Windows will display a final confirmation as to whether or not you wish to continue with the reset. If you are sure you wish to continue, please click on the Reset button. Windows will now restart your computer and begin the process of deleting your data and reinstalling Windows 8.

How to Wipe a Hard Drive

When Windows is done reinstalling Windows 8, it will perform another restart and then bring you to the post-install process. If you wish to continue setting up the computer, you can continue with this process.

how do i wipe my computer clean windows 8

Windows NT can be installed different ways. We recommend that Windows NT be installed using the steps below as we feel that these steps by far are the easiest way to install Windows NT 4. We do, however, recommend that the user create the emergency recover diskettes if they have not already been created after the installation of Windows NT. If you are encountering issues during the setup process, you can add additional switches to the setup command line. These switches can be found on our Windows 95 setup switches page. How to erase my hard drive and start over Updated: Additional information Can formatting a hard drive several times cause problems?

How do you create a recovery disk in Windows? Windows 8 Setup will now begin installing Windows 8 onto the partition it created from the free space you selected in the last step. All you have to do wipe is wait. This step is the most time consuming of them all. Depending on your computer specifications, this process could take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, possibly more on slower computers.

This part of the Windows 8 installation is completely automatic and the next step involves a reboot of your computer, which you do not give explicit permission to do. So if you step away, and things look different than computer, just continue through the next steps until you catch up.

As the bulk of the Windows 8 installation process ends, your computer will reboot automatically. If you happen to catch this screen, which is only there for ten seconds, you can click or touch Restart now to manually force the restart. Your computer will likely present you with that Press any key to boot from Do not press a key or you'll end up booting to how installation disc or flash drive clean, which you windows want to do.

How to erase my hard drive and start over

If you accidentally do that, just restart your computer and don't press anything that time. The installation of Windows 8 should continue again as shown on the next screen. Now that your computer has restarted, Windows 8 can continue installing.

How To Clean Install Windows 8 or 8.1

There's nothing to do windows. Windows 8 Setup has a few important things it still needs to do before it's done but none of them require user intervention. You might sit at this screen for several minutes before you see Getting devices readywhich I talk about in the next step.

In the background, Windows 8 is identifying all of the hardware that makes up your computer and installing the appropriate drivers for those devices, if available. This process usually takes just a few minutes and you may see your screen flicker and go blank from time to time.

After Windows 8 Setup finishes installing hardwareyou'll see a Getting ready message at the bottom of the screen. During this short stage, Windows 8 Setup is finishing up the last few tasks, like finalizing registry and other settings. This screen only shows up for a how, maybe less, so you may not even see it, but as you can see in the screenshot computer, Windows 8 setup says Restarting your PC and then promptly does just that.

This is the second, and final, restart required during a Windows 8 clean install. Just as I warned you about several steps back, you'll probably get that Press any key to boot from You don't want to start the Windows 8 installation process over again, you want to boot from your hard drivewhich now has an almost-complete installation of Windows 8 on it.

This should only take a minute or two. You will not see this step if your computer does not have wireless network capabilities or if Windows 8 does not have an included driver for the wireless hardware and so wasn't able to enable that device. Don't worry if the latter is the case - you can install the correct wireless driver for Windows 8 after the clean install is complete. If you already have an email associated with a major Microsoft service then you can use that here.

If you don't, that's OK, enter any email address and Microsoft will create an account for you based on that email address. The advantage of using a Microsoft account is that you can easily use the Windows Store, you can sync major settings between multiple Windows 8 computers, and more. Your account is only stored locally on this Windows 8 computer.

Please note though that you'll still need to create a, or use your current, Microsoft account some time in the future if you plan on using the Windows Store to download apps. The next several screens not shown will verify your account, ask for your password, and may ask for a telephone number or other information to help with password recovery.

If you're signing in wipe an existing account, you may be asked to confirm a code sent to your email or phone, copy settings and apps from clean Windows 8 computers, etc.

how do i wipe my computer clean windows 8

You'll only see this SkyDrive settings page if you're installing from Windows 8. Some later installations may refer to this as its newer brand, OneDrive. Even though you may have clean to create, or use your current, Microsoft account, there is still a local account created to help facilitate that. Remember all of those personalization and other settings you just made? That, or maybe you'll see some large messages in the middle of the screen. This completes the final step of your clean install of Windows 8!

Most importantly, if you chose not to enable automatic updates Step 26 then the first step after installing Windows 8 is to head to Windows How and install all the computer service packs and patches that have been issued since the version of Windows 8 you just installed was released.

If you did enable automatic updates, Windows 8 will prompt you about any important updates needed. After Windows updates, you should update any drivers that Windows 8 didn't automatically install for your hardware during installation.

You might also want to update drivers for any devices that don't seem to be working correctly. You might also want to see my Windows 8 Drivers page which contains information and links to Windows 8 drivers from some of the more popular computer and device manufacturers in the world. This is an especially helpful resource if this is your first Windows 8 clean install and you're locating Windows 8 drivers for the various parts of your computer for the first time.

I also highly recommend that you create a Windows 8 Recovery Drive, a flash drive that you can use to troubleshoot problems in the windows, even wipes where Windows 8 won't start at all. Finally, if the installation media that you installed Windows 8 with did not include the Windows 8. See How to Update to Windows 8.

how do i wipe my computer clean windows 8

Updated October 19, Plan Your Windows 8 Clean Install. Boot From the Windows 8 Installation Media. Wait for the Windows 8 Installation Files to Load.

Choose Language, Time, and Other Preferences. Wait for Windows 8 Setup to Begin. Enter Your Windows 8 Product Key. Accept the Windows 8 Software License Agreement.

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