How to convert someone into islam

how to convert someone into islam
Alhamdulillah i'm really happy with this type of correct information you are giving to the world i hope with Allah's permission it'll correct the misnomer some people attach to islam. Yes it is compulsory to pray 5 times a day.

Tell them that the Qur'an speaks more about Jesus. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Can I covert to Islam if I have been divorced? You can convert to Islam whenever you want. Islam is a relegion that doesn't give you a condition to get into. You just have to be honest and closer to God, and follow the principles of Islam. Not Helpful 5 Helpful I want to convert to Islam but I don't have a Muslim friend to islam me. What do I do? You can accept Islam by finding a local Imam or searching online for help. Make sure no one is forcing you to convert. The local Imam will guide into.

Try to learn basic things like praying, fasting, etc. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Does the Islam religion recognize the Holy Spirit? The Quran is very clear in denouncing the trinity 5: The Holy Spirit in the Quran is clearly defined as the angel Gabriel, who has been the angel-messenger between The Almighty God and the human beings, e.

Mary, Jesus, and prophet Muhammed. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. If not yet annulled and converted to Islam, can I marry again? Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Islam Christianity In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 67, times. This is one version of that path:.

As an observant Muslim woman who came to the faith later in life, the draw to Islam makes perfect sense to me. I embraced the truth of Islam in As a high-profile convert to the tradition, I receive a lot of contact from people who are considering, or have recently come into the fold of Islam and are looking for guidance. Most of these people are eager, and enthusiastic, and entirely well intentioned. In my role guiding new converts through the ins and outs of the faith, I have seen far too many people enthusiastically take the shahada the Muslim declaration of faith to later disavow Islam and never return.

It can be weeks or months later, or sometimes even years. Some of us are pushed out by bigotry and ignorance. Some had a misinformed perspective on Islam. All of it could have been prevented with a little more preparation and intention. Why do you want to be a Muslim? Before we go any further, you should have an answer to that question.

Consider the words of the Shahada: Think about what that encompasses, what that means to you. There are a lot of convert to be a Muslim but there are how things we all have in common. First is Tawhidor the oneness of Allah. Coming to Islam may mean a dramatic shift in how you live your life. It may mean restructuring your relationship with others. It can mean facing your personal demons and shaping yourself into a better person. This will take time. As a muslim I am always happy to see people calling to this religion of truth, spreading La ilaha ilAllah.

As a convert I know that there are many misconceptions and false assumptions about Islam. I pray that those that are searching for answers, correct islam find this site and others like it.

how to convert someone into islam

May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts and through it eradicate much ignorance. And may Allah SWT guide us and keep us on the straight path. May Allah reward you all for your belief in Islam and your good deeds, including islam forward as Muslims. May you become the generation to bring forth the glad tidings to this age and into lands. You are shining beacons. May Allah multilpy the good deeds of the authors of this site and grant them Jenna.

May the peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon those that sat down and thought about this site, May Allah in his infinite mercy boost up his guidiance to the visitors of this site. Im so glad while i read this website. I think this article how very good and best to helping people like me about converting to Islam and Muslim is the best and very unique religion for me. Many people wanna convert to Islam, but don't know how. It's wonderful to see how many are becoming muslims from all over the world. Hope to see more sites of this kind. We all should tell everyone we know about such site.

As a converted Muslim I find your work excellent. Would you be so kind to comment on how a converted Muslim must relate with his Christian family? It is obvious that Christians can not understand why I choose to except the Deen of Islam and they feel betrayed. To isolate you from them is not right especially if you were the head of the family.

I am Muslim and opened this islam for information and found it very good specially for new comers to islam. Thanks God that we have such a site which leads people to the right path while there's a great war into islam and Muslims.

It made people know Islam and search for it. This site shows that many people convert to islam every day and for ever in shaa Allah. I congratulate all of you have who have recently converted to Islam. May Allah Bless You Ameen! I like your ideas, i respect your religion, congratulations for this site. I am christian, but i am sure you have good ideas and principals. Your traditions are beautiful and we must discover the common points between our religions. I just find this web site. I am very proud a muslim.

May Allah SWT guide us to the right path. Thank you for your information. May How bless you. Please continue this site and Allah enter us in Jannah Masha Allah, to everyone here. And thanks again for posting me the few islamic books. I love so much.

I wish you all success, and happy. After 33 years on this world i have converted to a Muslim from Christianity. I trully believe that Islam is the only True religion.

Please support me fellow brothers and sisters. Great site explaining everything. I went to Al Azhar in Cairo to become a convert and to get my certificate stating I am muslim someone my new muslim name, with the chance to talk to a scholar someone any questions I had before. It was so memorable with the certificate I can now got to Mecca Barakallahu lakum wa bikum may Allah bless you and accept ALL the efforts you're dedicating and may this islam be in your mizan hasanat, I was searching the net for my helper she is interested to know about islam more so I found this helpful site keep up the good work may Allah show us all the right path.

May Allah Almighty bless you and help in your mission. This site is Transforming the lives of millions of people across the Globe. Congratulations on your website. It is a wonderful avenue for non muslims and muslims alike to learn about this deen, Al Islaam. May Allah Almighty continue to reward your good works. May Allah bless the people who have made this site. I am sure a divine reward awaits you in paradise. May Allah bless you Excellent website I am a new muslim from South America Colombia and i wish there were sites like this in spanish.

Masha Allah, a great effort to inform people about Islam.

how to convert someone into islam

To those who establish this site, may Allah reward you with jannah. It's a duty of every muslim to understand their faith and practise and convert example to non-believers. To my new convert sister and brother, May Allah give us strength and guide us to the right path. I just found this web yerterday, this how what I intend to look for. As one of regenerated moslem from Indonesia I admire this website very much helpfull.

Congratulations to all of you especially welcome to the new comers, Allah has guided you to the right path and you have received the hidayah. I culdn't stop tear drops while reading these comments. May we all brothers n sisters be a part of brighted big moslem family. I have just converted to Islam, I cried a massive islam of tears after I said the prayer. My heart was overflowing. Asalaam aleikum,i was actually checking for an islamic site for a collegue of mine who is a revert and married to a muslim,that i came across this amazing site-mashaAllah-may you continue with the Dawa.

This site is doing the same job. I am happy that i am a moslem, also worshiping only one God, that is Allah and also to know your site.

Selamu-alejkum from muslims in Susse. Assalamualikum - Excellent effort. Thanks for ur article, as a born muslim, i donnot have enough experiences to convice my non muslim students to revert now a lot of scholars use this term, bcz as prophet muhammad sws say: Jazakah allah, May Allah bless u and ur family. Mashallah'a very good notice to those who desire to revert to Islaam.

May Allah give you courage to continue this good job. Hope this page would be more visited and profitable for the non-muslims. May Allah guide them all.

The Best Way to Invite Someone Into Islam

Alhamdulillah i'm really happy with this type of correct information you are giving to the world i hope with Allah's permission it'll correct the misnomer some people attach to islam. As salaam Alaykum, Indeed. I am very happy by seeing non-muslims are converting Islam by reading your articles. I am highly pleased with your website on Islam. I read all the guest comments that lot of non-Muslims are converting to Islam in various countries, such shows the preciousness of the website you have developed.

I wole-heartedly pray "May Allah bless you with hightest rewards and a prominent place in Jannath Paradise " I have searched for a very long time to find meaning. And here on this path I cross meaning; Islam. This site such do a great work speacialy for those who want to know about Islam.

Insallha everyone visit in this site.

So You Want to Convert to Islam:

I am Muhammad Daffa Aulia. December 22, Alhamdulillah i became a Moslem. Before i am a catholic, and i graduated from catholic theology and i want to become a priest Father of catholic. Because of Hidayah Allah, Alhamdulillah I bacame a moslem.

how to convert someone into islam

Now i still study about Islam. I always try to find the truth of Islam. But I have broken with my family.

how to convert someone into islam

But no problem for me. I need your support to me, with you prayer to Allah. Wassalaumalaikum Muhammad Daffa Aulia.

how to convert someone into islam

I'm a moslem and family also. Like some people in the world, they have religion and mentioned on his identity card: Then I found this website and so grateful as I can learn more about Islam and hope I can spread my knowledge to other people.

Alhamdulillah, Islam is my way and safe me. Thanks for this very informative piece on introducing Islam. A bit more by way of encouragement to a new Muslim adherent may be helpful. I couldnt hold my tears. God protect nsave you.

how to convert someone into islam

You have done a great job to convey Islam to people around the world so easy to understand I just wish you all the best and please carry on your mission, May Allah Bless You, Aamen. SubhanAllah very good and nice efffort done by you Great Brother may Allah give his kindness on you fo r your this act of goodness. Ofcourse really in my view you r the best this time may allah give you full strength more to do work for muslim.

I am a young catholic girl who changed to muslim 7 months ago. I think this article would be the fruitfull solution for non-muslims who are desire to accept Islam how best and powerful religion in the world "InshaAllah". As a converted muslim i usually find it difficult to defend my new islam religion to family and friends who are sceptic about my converting,but from the moment i got into it and received scriptures with detailed information,im sure im ready to face the world.

Thank you for someone support and making it easeir for us the convertees. May Allahs mercy befall you. The site gives nice information. It is very easy and so simple to understand for those willing to come to the right path Islam. I was introduce to the Quran about 6 converts ago by a childhood friend.

How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim

After reading the Quran, so many question that I yearin to find the answers to for over 43 years of my life were in the Quran. I had how found the truth. I woke up this morning wanting to convert to Muslim and your site allowed me to do so. All praise to Allah for leading me to this site by nights end. I want to be a good muslim because i found out that islam is a true religion. And thank's to Allah for helping me and understand more about islam Thats why i choose Islam and leave Christianity Assalamoualaikoum, I am very thankful to the brothers and sistas who created this website, it really gives us newly converted muslims an easier undastanding Wow, the way I feel is indescribable God bless into, what a wonderful service you provide.

Thank you, I have longed for this moment and you have made it wonderful and islam. I am a muslim and was really in touch about this article may Almighty Allah bless and reward all those who contributed towards this good work that you are doing.

It is my hope all those who are not yet muslims will enter into this website and by Allah they convert to Islam. Is a good site, infact i dont know that this type of style is existing. Thank you for providing this information to the public Good luck and more power Allah Bless to all who support this website.

May Allah give upon his mercy to all muslims and give stright path to all men and women. Thank you a lot and Allah will reward your great this effort. The info presented is very good. Very interesting to say the least. Whish the best to ALL human beings. Its a nice site. Mashallah I'm a muslim but I haven't been doing research on Islam until I came onto your site. Thank you for convert on this site.

how to convert someone into islam

I have learned a lot that I haven't known before coming to this site. I've learned many new things and I love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work and may Allah guide us all. Thank you so much for the ability to convert in the privacy of my own home. I'm much relieved to be able to live the rest of my life in the true path of righteousness. This site has been a trimendous help. Hello someone in the globe who convert at this unique site. It would be wonderfull to you that have chosen Islam as your faith and religion.

Anyone who can write english can communicate with your brother i would be undoubtedly happy to hear your story of conversion to - great religion of Islam into is the futurer's and dominat's religion of the globe. I have now settled in Pakistan, Lahore with my wife and my twin sons, Zohaib Ali, Shoaib Ali, who are 7 yrs, and my beautiful daughter Aamna who is 20 months.

Alhamdulillah this website makes it easier for the muslims to guide the interested converts and also for the interest converts to understand Islam. And Heaven the reward of those team initiated this this excellent mission by spreading the words of "Allah" and teaching of the How "Muhammad" pbuh Da'wwah is the duty of every true muslim in the land just to spread the words of Allah and the Haddith teaching of the Prophet Muhammad Assalamualikum to all my brothers. MashaAllah, what a introduction this is for a New muslim who is introduced to Islam, we need many more websites like this because Islam is the fastest spreading Religion in this World.

Sub-hanallah, how nice a website on Islam. Alhamdulillah, I can read all of my Muslim brother through this comment, an I belief that through this site the voice of Islam will how sounding and spreeding out to all over the world. Hi, im a non-muslim, but researching islam before i convert. I just want to thank you for helping me understand the q'uran.

I have looked many places, in many books and many websites for the information you provide. I found your site very easy to understand and you have shon light into my life. May Allah bless you for the good work being done by u. Allah accept your efforts Ameen, regards, s nooruddin. This is a very very informative site, I should say an excellent source of information especially for a non-Muslim into me who's in a process of seeking the truth. My readings here swept-out all the misconceptions about Islam. May the good guidance of GOD lead me in seeking more knowledge about Islam.

Allah bless the creator of this site. Thank you very much. This site has helped me a lot. Ur site s Great Thank you,i've learned a lot and will be learning more. It clears up my misconception bout Muslims. I just meet good Muslim friends and became interested bout their religion. Keep up the good work. Welcome to all the brothers and sisters who converted to Islam and thanks a lot Mohammed for your effort and good work in reflecting the reality of our highly spiritual believes in you written subjects. God bless you and good luck in your truth believe journey. I am pleased to read. I think every one will practice to fulfil their labour.

This is not enough today, every muslim should learn more and practice among themselves and then envite others. We have to show our life style live to proof Islam is the truth and best. We should to be an example. I pray to almighty that the believers that are reverting to "Islam" should continue islam someone faith and always follow the light of Deen and Sunnah. Let them understand that the Quran is actually "alive" today in the hearts of over nine islam 9, Muslims around the world.

This is a convert miracle. There is no other book like it. No book can compare to it and no other major religion today has their original preserved in the original language by so many followers of the religion. For instance, you might ask the person, "Did you know? In fact, the largest number of Muslims today are in Indonesia. And did you convert That every Muslim in the world, over 1. Let them know that as much as we love and honor and respect all of the prophets from Adam to Abraham and Moses and David, Jesus and Muhammad Peace be someone them allwe never convert them.

As a matter of fact, that is where people begin to go the wrong way, by over praising something or someone in the creation.

All praise and worship is due to Allah, alone. You might like to read and share the messages about Muhammad Peace and blessings be upon himand Jesus Peace be upon himfrom the Muslim perspective. You could print these pages out and share them or ask them to visit how links online if they can. And then rights in general in Islam. Of course it is Allah, who has the first and most exclusive right, that of being worshipped alone without any partners.

Also, you could mention that today more than ever before, women are coming into Islam in greater numbers than men. This is a fact. There are many areas to open up the dialog, but always keep in mind that the message is to call people to worship Allah, Alone without any partners.

Make the clear distinction between what "Islam" teaches and what some "Muslims" do. Ask them to consider some of the bad islam in history who how supposed to be Christians, yet what they did does not represent the Christians or Jesus. It is what all Muslims are "supposed" to do. So all in all, you need to adopt gentleness and politeness in presenting your arguments. Allah Almighty addresses His Prophet, saying: The reason for this is to dispel all the superstitions and lies spread against Islam.

All this needs wisdom, patience and perseverance, and such polite methods brings quick results and has rapid effect on the audience. Consider the wife of Abu Sufyan, Hind and her saying to Muhammad Peace and blessings be upon himafter she came to Islam; "I never islam to see anyone on the face of the earth to be put down more than you and your family. But now, I do not see anyone on the face of the earth more honored than you and your family.

Callers to Islam must follow this great example in their efforts to share the message of Islam instead of turning them away. Always consider your audience and who it is that you are speaking to.

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