How to find tv code for comcast remote

how to find tv code for comcast remote
Patience is definitely required! Simply turn it off for about five minutes and then plug it back in.

Press the A button on your remote control. Follow the on-screen instructions. Then, follow the programming instructions provided. If you can't find your code, please try the following: Turn on your TV.

Select your remote control

Press TV on your remote. Then hold Setup until the TV button flashes twice. Enter and the TV button will flash twice. Press 1 and the TV button will flash twice. I'm really over the non-standardized remotes, which could easily be assigned to a standard set of codes, with unique or differently implemented commands input as is described here.

Although, in my view, the mainline home theater components are commodities, unless they can prove more, better, easier than competitor.

In order to "differentiate" and push "all BS Brand" purchses they keep playing these games. Sony seems particularly fixed on this strategy, which is anti-consumer and driven by, perhaps greed or arrogance. What was that thing called? I have purchased a Logitech universal remote, and their hardware as always is OK, but their software and UI appear consistent with their other products. Good enough, when buying from a manufacturer is not.

Good enough is often wonderful for a good Instructable, made, hacked, or baked. Yet manufactures of hardware and software are rarely often never willing to state "no this product doesn't do that". Or they use message boards to obfuscate or worse, attempt to "manage" comments and responses. I wish the remote had more than just "Cable" and "Aux".

I need to be able to find one more device, and I just can't do it with this remote. I need to break down and get a good universal remote. Hopefully this i'ble will solve that. TV Remote Controlled Car by kschroeter. How to Program Your Comcast Remote. TaraV5 author Reply KatieC author Reply How author Reply RikiH2 author Reply CandaceB10 author Reply NathalieR5 author Reply Worked in for few seconds!!! I tried diff ways for an hour w Comcast to no avail. Awsome only one remote now how awesome is that.

HuffmanA author Reply CameronR6 author Reply Need code for Honeywell Avanza tv please! Trying to program my Comcast X1 remote. TasteTheRaiiinBow author Reply That is definitely odd behavior. Unfortunately I have never heard of that happening and not sure of a fix for it.

Bought a new TV and tried your instructions. It a Samsung series LED. Hi Bill, Have you tried all the codes here: I followed the instructions, but the only thing that happes is that I can change the channel. The volume and on and off codes not function. Hey Ramon, if the only thing that is working is changing the channel, then it did not get programmed. Try it again and make sure to go through Step 5 nice and easy.

Cait, who replied above, said it took a few tries as well. Let me know how it turns out for you. Hey I have the same problem.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

My TV is Sony. Now the only thing that works is the channels. Do you think there is a way to reset the control so it can go back to normal? I just want my controller to work. I would really appreciate an answer back. I know that this tutorial is a little old but I need help. Have you tried manually entering Sony Codes?

If you provide your model I may be able to track a code down for you. When you first get a DTA remote, the channels are all you can control.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

Was your remote behaving a different way previously? Glad I could help. Which captions are you referring to? Hi Brogan, Thanks for the response. It depends on what kind of TV you have.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

Some models are weird. I have seen the exact same thing you are experiencing on a friends TV. The best option would be to use a specific code for your TV. You can use programmable codes as well.

I have an article that lists remote codes for TVs. Have you tried the auto-program method yet?

how to find tv code for comcast remote

Hey Karen, So your remote was programmed correctly at one time? Simply turn it off for about five minutes and then plug it back in.

5 Digit Universal Remote Codes For TV

I have a list of TV codes here on the website. I have seriously tried everything above, My remote could only change the volume on my t. It no longer changes the volume, all it will do is change the channel. AJ, try code for your Emerson. Let me know if it works or not. This is not working man I have a vizio flat screen plzzz help me I lost my vizo remote. To so that makes it X10 worse. I have channel control, but no volume or no power. I have a list of 10 codes for the Sansui. Hey Darla, Try using codes from LG.

They have been partners with Sansui for while. I have tried all the the steps and repeated them. If so, try programming it manually by following the manual method found here. Is your TV an older model? Sometimes this can pose a problem. DU, Thank you for responding. Hopefully that one will work for you!

Programming a Comcast Remote – Part 1

The last time I did it—it only stayed for as for as I had the television on. Maybe I have other problems? It sounds like it is getting reset somehow. I will look into for you, but in the meantime I would suggest taking it back to Comcast and trade it in for a new one. You might also try power cycling the remote DTA box. Simply unplug the power adapter from the DTA box, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in.

The boxes themselves can get out of whack sometimes. Hey ive tryed the nd it only codes on and off but i cant change channels nd it happens when i try the codes as well please help me.

Do you have volume control? I have tried the above recommended procedure and tried all the Sony codes and I still cannot get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated. Hi Sabrina, Sometimes it takes a while for the auto program method to find the right code. It can be frustrating at times. Sony seems to have a reputation of being problematic as well. Keep trying and I will see if I can track down a code for your model.

I press the set button till it blinks twice. I plugged it in and it said it was how the channels and it loaded to percent.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

I have a mafnavox tv. Also, if you are not getting a picture it sounds like you may need to call the number and activate your DTA box. Is there anyway I can do the channel? Try doing a reset on the remote and try again. If you need help resetting the remote, I listed the procedure in the comments section here. Follow the same steps as I described to her. I followed the procedure and the tv turned off. I hit set and the remote blinked twice.

They are both dead. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Hi Joe, Man, I hate that you are having that kind of trouble. I have never heard of that happening before. I have no clue, but I will look into it for you. In the meantime, you might try resetting the remote and see if that helps.

You can do this by following the same programming procedure except enter the code You should see the remote light blink four times. There are other resets, but I would NOT recommend them as they will completely disassociate the remote from the cable box.

Give the OPS reset a try and I will do a little research and see if I can find anything that might help you. I had the same as you yesterday.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

No one at Comcast knew what to do and every single one of them claimed they never heard of this before. Did you ever get it resolved? I cannot get my remote to change the channels; it will only control volume and power! Hi Jordan, Try unplugging the power cable from the DTA cable box for about 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. So, here we go. Programming the remote allows you to control your TVs volume and power, but changing channels happens through the DTA box, not your TV.

Your TV should remain on channel 3 or 4 whichever you set it to. Your remote should have been pre-programmed to the box it came with. How you able to change channels before you used the method? If not, then it was never associated with your DTA box to begin with. I cant get it to work for a small hand-me-down magnavox in my kitchen does everything except when i start pressing the code button it never shuts off. For Mike, Sometimes older model TVs have a problem with the auto-programming method. I have an older model sharp tv.

I lost the remote for it but have the find Comcast remote. Hey Annette, Sometimes with the older models, it can be hard to find the correct code. Without the Model it will be even more difficult. One thing you might try is finding the serial on the TV. Using this you might be able to find out what model it is. Cannot get any codes to work. I can change channels with Comcast DTA remote, but cannot turn on or off or adjust volume.

Have you tried the method? Thanks bro big help. With mine it was programmed at the 2nd step. My Xfinity remote, and a RCA universal remote. Nothing will program to my Memorex tv! Exactly which remote are you trying to program? The silver Comcast remote perhaps? Well the problem is that my TV is skipping over channelsand channel 4 is what Comcast uses.

I flipped through all my channels and I can get like a unclear picture and sound on like I tried to program my little Comcast remote to my Memorex tv to change the channel to 4, but it hasnt been working. It sounds like you have a TV issue more than a remote issue.

Remote Codes

When you program the little black remote, it will only control the basic functions, such as volume and power. The channels are still changed through the DTA box. Your TV may have been auto-programmed a remote time upon initial setup and skipped channels that it did not find a signal on. You will either need to turn those channels on or conduct another auto-search on your TV. You should have a menu button on your TV that will allow you to do this, and you can navigate using the volume and channel buttons on the TV.

If you do not have a menu button, try the following:. Unplug your TV and let it sit for a few minutes and it should reset itself. Once you are able to get a picture on Ch 3 or 4. Try programming the black comcast remote again. If you need help, you can always comment here! You say the auto program method worked originally? How do I access the menu? The language button should do the trick. You may have to contact Comcast for this one. My back remote has been programmed for my Sony but the power button works but not wont change channels.

The channels should be changing via the DTA box and your TV should be staying on Channel 3 or 4 whichever the switch is set to. Do you have any other suggestions?

One thing I noticed you said, if the TV is turning off then it has found the proper code for your TV. This confirms that the code has been set. It gets to the point that it should and it goes through channels forever. Double check to make sure that the for light is blinking twice after you have entered the code confirming that the remote is in search mode.

Also, try programming it using remote codes from LG as well. Hi there, I had the same problem. I tried to program it usingbut the DTA would just change channels and not go into program mode. On a hunch, I decided to change to new AA batteries and then tried to auto program it again, and it worked! I can now turn the TV off and on, change channels and use how controls from the Comcast remote. I have a comcast tv box hooked to a emerson tv. I programed the tv but now I cannot turn the cable box off.

I can change channels, volume and the tv on and off. The cable box remains on all the time. Tried reseting the box by unplugging for about five minutes with no luck. Rick, There is absolutely no harm in leaving the DTA box on. Periodically Comcast sends signals to the box. A friend of mine unplugged his for a while and had problems with it later. So now after pressingthe set key and it only turns the channel up and never off I have a LG tv. Worked Great Thank you sooooo much. Hi John, What kind of instructions do you need? Are you remote to program the FAV button to do a custom macro or function, or are you just trying to use it as intended?

I have a Coby. Your instructions worked great the second time around. I must not have followed the properly the first time. I have tried codes: I also tried the library look up but stopped after aobut inputs. Do you have a secret code or should I keep going on the library look up? Hi Wes, If all you have is channel ability then apparently the remote has not code the find for your TV.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

There are a couple things to check. What is your TVs brand and model?

How to Program Your Comcast Remote Without the Code

I can see if I can help you track down a code that will work. Let me know how it goes and keep me updated! Thank you so much!!! I tried calling both LG and Comcast, and both were very rude and unhelpful. They instructed me to go out and buy a universal remote because it was not possible to use just one remote any other way.

I appreciate you taking the time to put this online to help others! There are some other people who have this problem. Try searching the comments section. Is your TV a newer or older model? How tv channels change after going by your steps but the tv does not power on or off and the volume does not work. Any thing els I could try?

Hey Tanya, Are you making sure the red light blinks twice? This signifies that the remote is in auto-program mode. Sometimes it can take a while for the code to find a code as well. I have a olevia t11 flat screen tv. For tired the thing and my tv never turned off after. Can u please help me.

That one may be difficult to find. If you end up finding one, please post it for other readers! Hey Douglas, Sometimes it can take a while for the remote to find the right code. Patience is definitely required! Is there anyway to do the reverse? We just got a new Vizio MSL and would find to be able to how use the remote that came with the tv, not the Comcast black remote which is only used to change channels. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Ashley, To my knowledge, it is not possible to do that. I tried but when i pressed the button set it blinked then i waited for about 25 seconds and it blinked twice is that suppose to happen? Hey Lillian, Yes, the red light is supposed to blink twice. It should do it when you hold the Set button and then again when you press Then, once your TV has turned off, you press Set one more time and it will blink twice then as well. My grandma hs an Audiovox tv, model: I can only get the channel buttons to work.

The volume and power buttons will not work. I tried but when I pressed channel up it simply just changed the channel via cable. If you send me the specific model of your TV I might be able to help you better. In the meantime, try code Jay I tried your method a handful of times and the remote still wont sync with my TV. Its a Memorex MLT When I try the first method the TV turns off. When I find it remote on the code works but not the channels.

Make sure there is a straight line of sight from the remote to the little DTA box. For change your TV to that channel as well. Let me know how it goes. I cannot change channels.

I seem to remember being able to change the channels when the comcast guy was still at my house. It appeared to work only that day. I watched the same one channel for days and decided to look in my book to program it and did this last night and now can do the above as mentioned but still cannot change the channel. I do not know how to program my TV and I do not know the code. I see there are several codes for a Magnavox. If I need to program to a specific TV type, I need to know the appropriate code and how to do it. The other is a Sylvania model DC.

Can you help me find the correct codes? Panasonic Sylvania If this is the case, then the programming did not take. Try the method again or can try programming it using a code. Double check and make remote you are following all the steps. If you are still having problems, send me the make and model of your TV.

how to find tv code for comcast remote

What is the brand and model number of your TV? Sometimes it can a while Larry. And I mean a find. Sometimes it can take a while, I do mean a while for the remote how the proper code. It can require some serious patience!

We have a TCL flat screen purchased within the remote 2 years. I cannot read the model number as its hanging and the bracket covers up the model number. I went through all 12 of the ones listed in the remote manual, as well as a couple more given to me by Comcast. Two of the codes turn the TV off but unfortunately do not turn it back on. Press and hold Setup until red link blinks twice.

Enter 1 0 0 0 0 Press Pwr. Off went the TV and back on again. Just so you know, I pulled the little box out from behind the tv, the one that has the cable to it from the wall and a cable to the tv. I exposed the sensor, as that was my problem!!! Couldnt believe for easy it was. That was it, the code wasnt seeing the remote, now I have it to where I can see it and it works fine. LOL…yeah that sounds about right! It plugs into the back and has a remote sensor attached to it. I think it even comes with some double sided tape. Glad you were able to get everything working!!! I have tried the code multiple times with no luck.

I have a LG model 37LG Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hey Jay, did not work. I purchased the TV new around if that helps at all. Wish this was the first site I came accross. Never mind I did it for the tenth time and it finally worked!

Jay you sure are a very patient person to help everyone out with their problems on how to fix the remote. During my time we had to get up off the couch and turn on the tv, change the channel, adjust the antenna and lower the volume.

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