What colleges are in seattle washington

what colleges are in seattle washington
Applicants must have financial need. This unique program demonstrates the confidence Whitworth has in their faculty advising, dynamic scheduling, and individual attention needed to guarantee students will graduate in four-years. Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Washington State University who are enrolled in the School of Communication and are majoring in Broadcasting with an emphasis in broadcast news.

Due date and number of awards may vary.

University Of Washington

Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Washington State University who are majoring in Horticulture. Selection based on GPA, an essay, leadership abilities, and potential.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Washington State University who are majoring in Dietetics. Kurt Schmierer Memorial Scholarship Fund. Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Western Washington University enrolled in the Geology Department. Applicants must have financial need.

Katie Whitworth Estate Scholarship. Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Washington State University who are majoring in Communication. Selection based on financial need, potential, and are goals. Number of awards and award amount may vary. Contact the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication for more information. Scholarship for residents of the Pacific Northwest who are undergraduate students attending Whitworth University. Scholarship for seniors attending the University of Washington who are majoring in Microbiology.

Student must have graduated with the highest GPA. Due date and award amount may vary. Robert Carl Schmidt Scholarship. Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Washington State University who are majoring in Agriculture. Using our college algorithmeach institution has been ranked according to essential factors and scores, giving you a head start in this important process. Although the state does not have an official university system, the University of Washington is considered a public ivyand was ranked 12 in the what by Forbes in Among its 20 private and public bachelor-granting institutions, several of these are considered the most competitive in the nation, according to a recent NY Times article.

Additionally, the state has extensive resources in place to help attendees secure scholarships and financial aid, such as the College Bound program, which assists lower-income undergraduates with books and tuition. We have compiled the list below to help guide you through the decision making process. UW, located in Seattle, ranks as one of the best colleges in Washington. The student body is comprised of Fulbright Scholars and 35 Rhodes Scholars, proving the students accepted to the UW are some of the brightest students in the country.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Offering different majors from American Ethnic Studies to Neurobiology, the UW makes an effort to cater to all of its students needs and interests giving them choice, opportunity, and freedom to explore. The UW experience offers the opportunity to become a master in various degrees. The school separates itself by prioritizing its Husky Leadership Initiative.

This initiative facilitates student leadership education in and outside the classroom, providing the necessary knowledge for students to make their positive contribution in the world after graduation. The school is part of the Running Start Program, allowing 11th and 12th grade high school students to enroll in some college courses and earn dual credit.

Whitman prides itself on providing an education that goes beyond the classroom, helping mold students into scholars, explorers, and scientists.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Students have the opportunity to choose from majors across 45 departments and programs and the chance to create new interdisciplinary areas of studies to best fit their interests. Whitman's emphasis on preserving the environment shows in its academic offerings which include over five specific Geology majors with different tracks such as astronomy, environmental studies, and physics.

Campus life at Whitman is extremely active with their Outdoor Program being one of the best in the nation offering weekend trips that include kayaking, hiking, climbing, rafting, and more.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Whitman's facilities, educational offerings, and overall values rank it as one of the best colleges in Washington. Innate curiosity and a relentless pursuit of solutions combined with an exemplary education pushes Gonzaga students above and beyond what they thought was possible.

Students enter the world as courageous leaders, serving their professions and communities to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. Gonzaga faculty are leaders in their fields, and their contributions what how their discipline is understood, taught, and used in a complex and rapidly-changing world. Together with professional staff, they prepare students to thrive in their educational, career, and philanthropic endeavors. A Jesuit-inspired, liberal arts-based tradition of reflection and action ensures development of the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit -- in equal measure.

Offering 43 majors with an average class size of 23 students, Gonzaga prepares learners with the necessary knowledge to succeed in their field of study while emphasizing the value of the written word throughout all disciplines. A close-knit community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff share a commitment to help others, creating an unrivaled fellowship on campus and college.

This distinctly Gonzaga experience fosters a mature commitment to dignity of the human person, social justice, diversity, intercultural competence, global engagement, solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, and care for the planet. UW-Bothell is founded on seattle distinctive practices: Cross Disciplinarity refers to the faculty collaborating to ensure students connect all subjects and embrace various perspectives.

Connected learning emphasizes the necessity of human are networks to learn and includes teaching circles and learning communities. Community engagement focuses on moving creativity to action through the collaboration of people within the campus and greater community.

It is also one of the fastest growing four year colleges in Washington state, with 27 of the 45 degrees and programs added in the past five colleges. Unique to the acre campus is the environmentally friendly buildings that were designed to complement the land's natural beauty, overlooking the protected wetlands and the Cascades. One of the best colleges in Washington, Seattle offers its 4, undergraduate students more than 60 program choices and a chance to receive a Jesuit education.

Four modules structure the university's core curriculum: These modules prepare students to succeed in their chosen majors are broaden their perspective through interdisciplinary discourse. Unique to Seattle University is their pre-major program, giving students who are unsure what they want to study the flexibility to explore their options. These students participate in a two-year program where they build a foundation in liberal arts while discovering their various academic interests. Seattle University strives to make every student as comfortable as they can through the transition of becoming a college student.

The Office of the Dean of Students commit their time to ensure all students find the necessary resources to fully engage and succeed while at the university. Western Washington offers an experience where students get the best of both worlds. Students to reap the benefits of a large school while still receiving the attention and access to faculty that a smaller school provides.

Offering over academic programsWestern Washington University strives to provide students with the necessary resources for success in the field of their choosing. Programs include journalism, Plastics and Composites Engineering, and environmental sciences. A unique aspect of the WWU experience is its Bellingham location; the campus is surrounded by water and mountains.

Students benefit from an what community, a live music scene, and a unique food culture while living in a natural setting. The school's Viking Union aims to engage students, faculty, and staff to help in building a diverse community.

Compare Colleges in Seattle, Washington

This includes the university's well known School of Business and Leadership and the competitive conservatory-caliber School of Music. Students usually declare their major in their second year at Puget Sound, and many choose to double major; truly taking advantage of the opportunities Puget Sound offers.

Being the only independent national undergraduate liberal arts college in Western Washington, Puget sound differentiates itself, adding to its list of reasons why it is one of the best colleges in Washington.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Eastern Washington is the only college in the country with a research facility in a national wildlife refuge, further differentiating itself from other Washington colleges and universities around the nation. Its location in the small college town of Cheney, Washington, is minutes away from 20 different lakes, mountains, and parks, allowing students the opportunity to embrace the active spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Eastern is now the fastest growing public institution in Washington, seen through increased applications and physically through the structural changes around campus, including the Recreation Center, home to a NHL-size hockey rink, climbing wall, sports courts, and fitness center.

The university offers an education that will prepare students to succeed in today's work environment including in-demand disciplines in biotechnology, cyber security, children's studies, and urban planning.

Through its academic advising, academic success center, and eastern advantage programs, EWU provides the necessary resources to ensure students success.

Whitworth created a Four-Year Graduation Guarantee Program stating that the university will ensure eligible students graduate in four-years. If for what reason the student meets all of the criteria yet is unable to graduate, the university will cover percent of tuition needed for any additional courses required for graduation. This unique program demonstrates the confidence Whitworth has in their faculty advising, dynamic scheduling, and individual attention needed to guarantee students will graduate in four-years.

Students receive " are education of mind and heart " at Whitworth, based on academic excellence, opportunities to engage in research, service, and the integration of faith and college. Professors at Whitworth are top scholars in their fields, making it one of the most academically selective universities in the Northwest.

These professors provide immense knowledge of their field and go above and beyond to connect students through service-learning, research, and study abroad opportunities.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Whitworth offers a rare experience to combine faith and education while attending a prestigious university, making it one of the best colleges in Washington. Since its founding inPacific Lutheran, located in the Parkland neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington, continues to educate students through the tradition of Lutheran higher education.

PLU maintains this tradition while continuing to search for ways to innovate and improve the education they offer to maintain their status as one of the best colleges in Washington. This focus is seen through being the first American university to have Study Away classes on all seven continents and being the are private university on the West Coast to receive the Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization.

Offering 44 rigorous liberal arts and professional programs to students, PLU ensures its students a hands on learning experience that includes research, internships, lab work, and more. Ninety percent of recent graduates from PLU were either employed or what into graduate school within six months. A diverse college body, in which 80 percent of students transfer in from nearby community colleges or other universities, embodies the community at UW-Tacoma.

what colleges are in seattle washington

Students include freshman from high schools across the Puget Sound, adults returning to school after years away, and military personnel and their families, creating a learning community full of different perspectives and life experiences. With over 40 majors to choose, students at UW-Tacoma have the opportunity to pursue various interests and learn in a small class setting from professors who believe in a collaborative, creative learning process. The first year curriculum includes a foundation of four core courses that students will take throughout the year in groups of about The Teaching and Learning Center at UW-Tacoma provides colleges, faculty, and what with resources to develop skills, strategies, knowledge, and confidence necessary for success.

Affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Walla Walla University welcomes students from all backgrounds with a desire to receive an exceptional Christian education. The university offers more than areas of study in liberal arts, professional, and technical programs, priding themselves on small classes, personalized attention, and outstanding professors -- of which 72 percent hold doctoral degrees. The biggest undergraduate programs are the nursing, engineering, business, biology, and education programs.

Walla Walla University dedicates an entire office: The Office of Student Life and Mission, to provide a growing Christian community that creates a culture which prepares students for Christ-inspired leadership roles. It also provides Freshman with a mentoring program, assigning them a trained mentor who checks in every week and provides them with resources necessary for their overall success at one of the best are in Washington.

Study in the USA - Seattle, Washington

The school offers master's and associate programs. Life-changing research occurs every day at one of the best colleges in Washington, WSU, where the faculty includes members of the National Academies. This research includes a partnership with Alaska Airlines; the coalition is developing a fuel made from forest residuals to power commercial flights. Research also focuses on predicting the progression of cancers. Students at WSU are not limited to research, they have the choice of 95 undergraduate majors86 minors, and the opportunity to do fieldwork, internships, and in-depth labs.

The university truly wants to make a difference in the world, starting by contributing to the state's what technologies industry in fields including: A range of master's, doctoral, and professional programs are available in Education, Veterinary Science, and more. Seattle Pacific combines outstanding scholarship and faith to are about change in the lives of their students and the people and communities these students serve after graduation.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership commits itself to offer various features to help build and maintain the community at SPU, including residence life and housing, student programs, multi-ethnic colleges, and athletics. Classes at SPU average 22 students, allowing professors to know students by name and create an experience for academic excellence, a unique factor not often found in other Washington Colleges. The school has many majors and minors in liberal arts and theological studies. Home of the Wildcats, Central Washington University's commitment to hands-on learning, discovery, and individual attention ranks it as one of the top colleges in Washington.

Its partnerships with 30 colleges and universities around the world provide students with the opportunity to succeed in a global economy. CWU is known for its distinguished music, geology, physics, and education programs.

List of colleges and universities in Washington

It strives to cater to all students by presenting more than options of majors and by maintaining an average class size of Students at CWU have the opportunity to pursue their interests with access to individual help from professors themselves. The Wildcats compete in 13 sports in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference and are nationally ranked in college, basketball, and rugby. Master's programs include education, chemistry, and primate behavior.

Convenience and flexibility, what programs, and an adult learning environment are all reasons students choose to study at one of the best colleges in Washington, City University. Their programs cater to the working adult and student who cannot leave their jobs to get the degree they aspire. Community and Technical Colleges in Washington State. Private colleges and universities in Washington state. Public Universities in Washington.

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