How many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest
From the boa to the leafcutter ant, and back to the red piranha, Amazon wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes Whether it's high up in the rainforest canopy, or all the way down, where the worms move under ground, the Amazon abounds with life. Amazon Pink River Dolphin.

How do living things respond to their environment?

What Is In The Amazon Rainforest?

Can all animals swim? What animals live in swamps? How much rainforest is cut down each day? Can you breed a Skitty and a Wailord?

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

What are examples of endoskeleton animals? What is the cleanest animal on Earth? Some myths say that it's bite can be deadly depending on the mood of these wings. Truth is, the peanut head bug would be apparently defenseless in itself and is simply a harmless plant-hopper.

As its name implies, the skin of the glass frog is translucent though it is mostly lime green. You can actually see its abdomen, heart, liver, and various other organs if you care to look, as if you have been granted X-Ray vision! Glass frog tadpoles freely flow from the trees and fall directly into the water upon hatching.

The Jesus lizard was given its name thanks to its ability to run on water. Catholic explorers found it similar to the Gospel story of Jesus who walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee.

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

When fleeing from predators, it can literally run on the surface of water such as a pond or stream at a speed of 5 miles per hour, and for up to a distance of 20 meters. This common basilisk can do this incredible stunt with its toes that possess a special webbing, allowing it to stand upon its two hind feet.

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

The kinkajou, a relative of the raccoon, has a furry golden skin and a tail designed to grip branches. More commonly known as bear-monkey, honey bear or lion monkey, the Kinkajou is rarely seen because it is a nocturnal creature who clings on the top of trees. They use their 5-inch long tongues to pick ripe hanging fruits. They love to drink the nectar of flowers and have a diet consisting of 90 percent fruits. Even still, they are considered carnivores.

What Animals Live In The Amazon Rainforest?

They are sometimes kept as pets although they can carry the roundworm parasite. One of the most unusual animals on earth, the Sloth, is known for being a very slow animal.

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This mammal is slow-paced in everything, from its movement which entails sleeping for 10 hours a day and moving only as necessary. It discharges an incredible 6, cubic kilometers per year 1, cu miles per year. The amount of water carried by the Amazon River is so great that even km miles from the coast the seawater is still noticeably less salty! A study carried out by Brazil and Peru gave the length of the Amazon River as 6, km 4, miles. The Amazon Rainforest is home to the biggest collection of plant and animal species in the world.

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

There are over mammal species, over amphibian species, and over reptile species living in the region. Scientists estimate that there are a staggering 2.

How Many Animal Species Are There?

Scroll down to see Amazon Rainforest birds and plants. This freshwater dolphin lives in the river systems of the Amazon Basin. The Arrau Turtle is found throughout the Amazon Basin. It is the largest species of side-necked turtle, growing to 1 m 3.

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

Side-necked turtles withdraw their heads into their shells sideways. Click image for more info.

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

The Blue Morpho is a large, brilliant blue butterfly. The intense pain is likened to being shot, which is how the Bullet Ant got its name. This social mammal lives in groups by rivers and lakes, and is an excellent swimmer. It is able to dive for several minutes to escape a predator.

Caimans are members of the crocodile family. Black Caiman, a ferocious and dangerous rainforest predator. There are several species of large catfish found in the rivers and flooded forests of the Amazon Basin. One of these is the Redtail Catfish, which grows up to 1. Many Amazon catfish are caught for food by local people.

how many animal species are there in the amazon rainforest

Although eel-like in appearance, the Electric Eel is actually a fish. This large and potentially dangerous animal is able to produce an electric charge which it uses both to stun prey and to defend itself. The Giant Otter is the longest member of the weasel family the heaviest member of this family is the Sea Otter.

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The Green Anaconda is the heaviest species of snake, although not the longest. It is an excellent swimmer, and spends much of its time in water. The Goliath Birdeater is the largest spider in the world by mass. A member of the tarantula family, the Goliath Birdeater lives in marshland and swamp areas of the Amazon Rainforest.

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