How to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york
Includes all of the required hourly training and certifications in order to get started in this field not just in NY,NJ,PA but all over the U. Maryland allows BEA's to carry only 's 40's and 45's.

In your situation, I would interpret this to mean that a friend could try to help by providing advice, but are you sure he is correct, or is he guessing? As you progress in this great union, you'll learn how to find these things. I'll visit your intro soon to welcome you properly. You are very welcome, it's my pleasure! I'm assuming that if I'm a licensed PI I would still have to go get the certifications? As I understand from reading the entire law, provided in the link above, if you are a licensed private investigator you can operate as a bounty hunter.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

The apprehension of a fugitive is not be considered in any capacity, to be general arrest powers, such as what law enforcement officers are empowered with.

Very respectfully, if you have these questions I strongly urge you to obtain training as a bounty hunter, or more professionally known as: Fugitive Recovery Agent, or as you have referred: The union provides training at a discount to members, and has opened a separate forum for this subject link also provided above. Because of this, I would blatantly violate my oath and code to disclose information contained therein.

New York Bounty Hunter Guide: Requirements and Steps

I can say that I have purchased and studied the material, and feel completely competent in my knowledge and operation in this field, as a result of my IPIU studies. I can only say that the authority of a Fugitive Recovery Agent comes mainly from the Bondsman who wrote the bail bond, and by laws set in place to govern this act. I firmly caution you that the laws governing this field are strict, and forever unforgiving BEA's end up in prison all to often for not learning the laws. I implore anyone who has the desire to get into this field, obtain certification even if the state the reader is in does not regulate this field, such as in my state Maryland.

Most states require a license or permit to carry items that fall into this category.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

I suggest that you contact your state's licensing authority for details. BEA's are also limited to what they may carry for weapons as well.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

Maryland allows BEA's to carry only 's 40's and 45's. I hope this helps. I will also join that forum as well, but at a later time. By obtaining a BEA license, you can only work in that business. If you have a security license, you can operate as a BEA.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

If you have a PI License, you can work all of the above fields. This topic is for discussing the general licensing requirements. Who works in this this industry is usually posted in the Level 4 Members section of our site.

You may wish to read the following link: I will try and get you the source to your question. Quick Navigation Licensing Laws Only: Private Investigators Licensing Laws Only: Process Servers Licensing Laws Only: Need Help with an Investigation? Learn why you are here! Results 1 to 40 of Bounty Hunter Fact Sheet Omar. This is good stuff, Thanks Omar. Here are some other sites that could help!

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

My name is Antonio Griffith. Depending on where you are in NYS there are many places you can attend to get cert.


Originally Posted by Omar Castro. Think there would be a problem for a 5ft petite person as a bount hunter?

Bounty Hunter: Career Guide

Susanna, There is more than just arresting taking into custody the fugitive, there is many phone calls and computer skip tracing that is just as an important as the actual apprehension of the person. Brother Omar, a fellow traveler I see.

Originally Posted by J D Haber. To renew, you must submit a certifcation of bonded status.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

Many bounty hunters supplement their income by working as a private investigator or private detective. They use many of the same skills as a bounty hunter: You must be licensed to be a PI in New York; in addition, you must be at least 25 years old, pass the PI exam, have three years of work experience, and be fingerprinted.

Another job that a BEA may want to consider is working as a process server.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

Like many other states, BEAs in New York are not required to have a formal, two- or four-year degrees. But having professional training in criminal justice under your belt may lead to increased job possibilities and improved general skills in the apprehension of fugitives.

how to become a fugitive recovery agent in new york

A few schools in New York that offer law enforcement and criminal justice training are listed below. Box Albany, NY You can expect to receive a renewal form 90 days prior to the expiration of your license. To become a licensed bounty hunter in New York State, you must complete the following steps: Meet New York Minimum License and Experience Requirements Before you pursue a career as a bounty hunter in New York, you must be at least 25 years old and have no felony convictions.

You must have at least 3 years of experience working as a: Meet New York Education Requirements All candidates for bounty hunter jobs in New York must complete a training program that is approved by the Secretary of State and is no less than 25 hours in duration.

Bail Enforcement Agent Permit (Bounty Hunter)

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