How to tell if your obsessed with someone

how to tell if your obsessed with someone
Why am I thinking of him and finding it difficult to move forward? This article really hits home…. You're scared to be alone.

What if it's us are obsessing? Am I in love or is this just some form of crazy behavior yet to be classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders? What causes this crazy behavior that makes us obsess day and night over a new love interest? I remember riding shotgun with a friend 50 miles away to spy on her then-boyfriend, who she was afraid might be seeing other people.

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

Was this sane or was this stalking? Experts agree that irrational behavior can be brought on by any one of a myriad of psychopathologies, but the temporary nuttiness that I'm referring to is generally referred to as limerence. The dictionary defines limerence as: There are four basic signs that you are not in love, but are infatuatedor "in limerence. Think about it this way — love is what a healthy mother usually feels for her child. You were then overwhelmed with shame, and destroyed all evidence. Literally everything they do is attractive, and interested, and makes you like them more.

They could probably commit first degree murder and you would forgive them after a few minutes of serious reflection. You are constantly tortured with the uncertainty over whether or not they ever think of you, and are pretty certain they are not even aware of your existence. All of your friends roll their eyes and sigh semi-audibly when they hear that you are bringing up your crush yet again.

Does he show up at random places like he is following you?

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

Document any contact that you have said no to. Text messages and letters, photos, a log of how many times you see him around your home or work.

How Obsessed are YOU? (Girls only)

Little things like this can help you if you need to enforce an anti-stalking law where you reside. Yes No I need help I think he was obsessed with me once. I have a coworker who has done a lot of the things on this list. At first, he just struck me as extremely friendly.

He would walk over to the department I work in and offer to help me with things and we would chat.

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

He found me on Facebook after another friend of ours did and started sending me messages there; I didn't want to speak to him so I wouldn't always respond, and sometimes he would send me multiple messages if I didn't get back to him. He tried to make himself important to me by telling me I always seem sad or like I have something on my mind even when I insisted I had no idea what he was talking about.

He said he could "feel people's pain" and he could feel a lot of it coming from me and wanted to help me. He started showing up in my department more and more just to talk.

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

I could walk away as he talked to keep obsessed and come back and he would still be there. During breaks, he would always come and sit at my table. He'd get annoyed when other guys tried to talk to me or talk about me but when I asked him about it, he would insist he was just playing.

One day, my brother came in to buy something and the guy was there. When he found out this was my brother, he puffed out his chest and held out his hand and introduced himself with an air of importance you know, like how a man would introduce himself to another man in the life of a woman he was how a relationship with. Another day, he followed me around as I did some Christmas tell in the store; people assumed we were together and I was the only one correcting them. Eventually, I left him alone while he was rambling to himself about being a good Christian this was new; I'd never seen him talk to himself yours.

When I bought my things and went outside, he was standing there and insisted on walking with me to my car to help me get the things I bought in my trunk. He followed me even as I told him I didn't need his help and grabbed someone from the cart, with "I'm being a gentleman".

Are You Obsessed?

At this point, I let him do it just to get the situation over with, but when he was done he walked over to the driver side door of my car and held out his arms for a hug as "another gesture of kindness. He had his Uber pull up next to me so he could tell me goodbye. I stopped talking to him after that but he never seemed to notice. He did all the talking, even when he knew I wasn't listening.

At one point I had headphones in and we were sitting in the break room alone; he came and sat at the table across from me and talked looking at me, but said he was just talking to himself.

7 Signs Someone Is OBSESSED With You!

His voice rose until I could hear him over my music, but I ignored him, and eventually, he slammed his hands on the table and got up and walked away. The next day he sent me a series of messages about how he needed to spend time with me, at least 7 of them within twenty minutes. So I replied that he was just a coworker to me, that I didn't want anything to do with him outside of work.

And he sent me a dozen more messages, first saying okay, then that it was tough because he really needed to see me, and then nonsensical things. The messages kept coming until I blocked him.

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

Later on, that night while I was asleep, he posted on my wall on Facebook saying "It's always been about you. At work, he tried to talk to me as though nothing happened, and I would constantly walk away until one day after I clocked out he came to me and asked me why I was ignoring him, saying it was rude and I should understand how it makes him feel when I pretend he doesn't exist, comparing it to a situation I'd been in when I told a guy I wanted to stop seeing him and that guy started ignoring me.

I told him I made it clear I didn't want to talk to him, and he raised his voice, basically repeating the same argument without caring that there were customers around and he was still clocked in. Eventually, he told me to have a nice life and stormed away, and that was it for a while until he started trying to talk to me again.

It became a cycle of trying to make amends and then leaving me alone, but for a while now he's left me alone and hasn't even been staring at me the way he used to the staring was really bad, and so was the arbitrarily walking through my department.

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

He only talks to me about work related things when it's absolutely necessary and otherwise doesn't bother me. Should I be worried that he's still 'obsessed' with me? Should I expect another blow up when he finds out that this method won't work for him? If you are, it will also help you find out to what degree.

how to tell if your obsessed with someone

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