What is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide
The warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning can be subtle. We are currently conducting planned maintenance. Nominate appliance for inspection.

what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

We've all got hectic schedules and plenty of stressors in our lives, but we're about to add one more thing to worry about to your list: It may sound like one of these urban legends that you read about on the internet, but don't actually know anyone who has experienced it in real life — however, the truth of the matter is that carbon monoxide poisoning is not a myth. Known as the "silent killer" because it is colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide or CO can leak undetected in any home — and though all humans and animals are susceptible, fetuses, infants and people with chronic heart disease, anemia, or respiratory problems are at the highest risk.

what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this potentially deadly gas can be found in fuel-burning fumes produced by cars and trucks, small engines, grills, lanterns, stoves, gas ranges, fireplaces or furnaces. According to the CDC, unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning causes about deaths per year. This number may not seem as dramatic as the sky-high car crash and gun stats we see circulated on Facebook, but carbon monoxide deaths can be jarring because they are so unexpected — and so easy to prevent.

Carbon monoxide risk heightens in certain high-risk situations — for example, as the weather gets colder and we turn on our furnaces or when we leave the engine running. The early warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning can easily be confused for feeling under the weather, which is why Dr.

For more advanced warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, the same rules apply: Get outside as quickly as possible to escape the source of the leak and call immediately. There are two kinds of oxygen therapy: For this treatment, you breathe oxygen through a mask.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Topic Overview

This is the most common treatment. For this treatment, you lie inside a chamber that delivers oxygen under high pressure. This quickly reduces carbon monoxide levels in the blood.

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How can you prevent carbon monoxide poisoning? Safe use of vehicles Do not leave your car running in the garage, even if the garage door is open.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Is a Silent Killer — Don't Ignore These Symptoms

Do not ride in the back of a pickup truck with a camper shell. Do not swim near a boat or jet ski that is idling.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Do not swim near or be pulled behind a boat or jet ski that is operating at a slow speed. Do not sit in a running car or truck if the tailpipe is blocked with snow or mud.

what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

Continued Safe use of fuel-burning tools and appliances Have all fuel-burning appliances such as oil or gas heaters, stoves, water heaters, and space heaters, fireplaces, and woodstoves inspected each year. Check chimneys, flues, and vents regularly to make sure they are in good shape, properly connected, and not blocked. Never use a kerosene or propane heater in an enclosed area, such as a camper, motor home, trailer, or tent.

Never use a gas or charcoal grill indoors.

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Never use a gas oven to heat your home. Do not close a fireplace or stove damper before the fire is completely out. Do not use gas-powered generators, lawn equipment, or engines in enclosed areas.

what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide detectors Consider putting carbon monoxide detectors in your home near sleeping areas. Drug overdoses occur when a person takes more than the medically recommended dose. Smoke Inhalation The number one cause of death related to fires is smoke inhalation. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Symptoms What symptoms did you experience with carbon monoxide poisoning? Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Experience Tell us about your experience with carbon monoxide poisoning?

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Treatment What was the treatment for your carbon monoxide poisoning? Facebook Twitter Email Print Article.

what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

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what is the symptoms of carbon monoxide

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