How much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers
The OP might check into the apprenticeship program that is required to become a "professional" paper carrier. Like any other courier, they have fairly strict deadlines, needing to deliver all of their papers by 6 AM during the week and 7 AM on the weekends.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

Those who've been delivering newspapers for several years likely earn more than novices, as they benefit from renewals and larger routes. This might not always be the case, but those with experience have had time to hone their selling skills and add new subscribers. Newspaper subscriptions likely cost more in larger geographical areas, which can earn deliveries higher incomes per customer. Also, larger publishers typically have bigger budgets than small-town daily purveyors, earning newspaper deliverers more.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

That said, the BLS reports that jobs for these workers are expected to increase 10 percent from towhich is about average compared to the 14 percent growth rate for all occupations. The Osbourne's Distribution - Exton, Pennsylvania. View all Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Paper Boy?

Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc. How are the working hours? What is the work environment and culture like at Publishers Circulation Previous route delivery experience preferred but not necessary View all Ballantine Communications, Inc.

Frequent lifting of newspaper bundles and carrier supplies weighing up to 50 pounds Lee Enterprises - 24 days ago - save job - more Deliver the student newspaperThe Beacon, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning to newspaper stands and dorm rooms and dispose of any left over What questions did they ask during your interview?

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

And not a particularly well paying one at that. Newspaper carriers are contractors who are paid per paper delivered. On my first night, I learned that the distribution center was shortly going to be responsible for delivery of a small, free weekly in addition to the 4 local papers and 3 national papers the already cover.

Of course it also means that I or Will will have to deliver an extra papers on Sunday mornings.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

And an extra hours of rolling papers. When I was kid, we had the paper delivered and it was rolled up in a rubber band.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

Now, all papers are delivered in bags. So much so that it'll pay you to keep an eye out for sudden moves.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

For example, there was the morning I noticed a rental moving truck backed up to the house of a fellow who'd been one of our customers for about three months. As soon as I finished the route, I went back, checked the truck, and hammered on the front door.

The guy was still half asleep when he opened up. The next morning, when Wanda went by, he was gone.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

Although most of the folks we deliver to are stable and reliable farmers, we have lost some money to people who live on small plots of land and work in town. We've learned to ask these families for payment in advance and you might be wise to do the same.

Deliver Newspapers to Rural Areas and Make Money

Nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth like the guy who moves out in the middle of the month without settling his bill. And finally in the area of management, we think that—unless you're really up on the tax laws—it's a good idea to have an accountant figure out your tax return. If he's anything like ours, he'll more than earn his fee by helping you calculate the several breaks that you can realize on this business. Such as—in addition to the obvious deductions for all your automotive route expenses—the percentage allowance you can deduct for telephone, heat, lights, and space in your home for an office.

What Do Newspaper Delivery Jobs Pay?

Even if your "office" is only a corner of the kitchen, you're entitled to the deduction. We don't claim that our little business is for everyone getting up at 3: Nevertheless, we like it.

Wanda and I take turns running the route which means that, every other day, we can sleep late if we like. And even on the days when we do have to "work", we still have from 6: In short, if you have a hard time getting up early, hate being out on cold mornings, or sometimes nod at the wheel.

how much do you get paid to deliver newspapers

But if you can get up before dawn, you find brisk mornings invigorating, and you think that delivering newspapers is more fun than work. More than workshops, great deals from more than exhibitors, off-stage demos, hands-on workshops, and great food!

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