How to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2
The Save image box will appear. You're not modifying your phone directly, just gaining access to it via Google's developer tools.

The Super Screenshot has no functionality at all. All it does is tell you the key press combo for your device. Doesn't do anything you said. Please no one download this It is possible to customize the nav bar to add extra functionality. I use the Activity Launcher app from the play store does not need root to do this.

Only gives you a single grab, not a continuous recording of your activity, but often that's all you need. Screen grabber apps will give continuous recording but usually come with a kitchen sink full of image manipulation stuff that you already have in other apps. There are tutorials on using Activity launcher to tune the nav bar elsewhere. They also warn that a reboot loses your changes, but going back into Activity launcher shows your customizations and it's just a matter of making another change then undoing it to fool it into letting it save your customizations.

I managed to configure an old Jellybean tablet to take a screenshot by holding the pages button on the navigation bar.

How to make screenshot on Android device

I can't remember how I configured this now, but i think maybe it was a developer option. I have another Jellybean tablet, a Lollipop tablet, and an android based mobile phone. I could do with configuring these in the same way. The hold button method was the best. Pressing the power button on my tecno p9 doesn't work. And from the lost of options listed I didn't see tecno mobile. I have a lenovo Android tablet that is only a few months old. I used to be able to just hold on to the apps open key square key at the bottom of my screen to take screen shots.

Then all of a sign it stopped doing it.

HTC Droid Incredible 2 (Verizon Wireless)

Would you know how I can turn it back on? Assuming I can do so. I have an android and when I first got it all I had to do was pull my screen down and tap the screenshot button. Then, my phone got a virus and after that the button was gone. What do I do to get it back?

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how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

Hi, In lenovo p 70 it is very easy to take a screenshot. Drag the screen from top to bottom Tap on the " screenshot icon". Screenshot is saved in gallery. I have the Galaxy s5 and all I have to do is swipe my hand across the screen, left to right or right to left. I figured out you have to depress the power and volume down buttons simultaneously and not one after the other. Anything I might be doing wrong or a different key combination?

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You need to press the keys at about the same time; if you press the keys with a delay in between you won't get a screenshot. I can't find any information about that on Google, though. On a new computer, also running win 7 and an Incredible 2, trying to get it working again, and no haps. Connect the phone and Windows just recognizes it as "Android phone".

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how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

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how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

See what better looks like. Verizon Up From once-in-a-lifetime experiences to tons of rewards from the brands you love. Smart Rewards Easily earn points for things you already do, and spend them on things you love. Next, the Dalvik Debug Monitor will launch almost immediately after the Terminal window appears. Make sure your device name is highlighted in the Name column. After your device is selected, go the Menu bar and select Device.

Then select Screen Capture. The Device Screen Capture box will open up and it will mirror whatever is currently on your Incredible's current screen. Refresh — On your Incredible, navigate to the screen you want to grab, then press this button to display it.

how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

Each time you change screens on your Android phone, you will need to press this to update the image on your computer. Rotate — This button will rotate your current screenshot degrees counterclockwise.

how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

Save — To save your currently displayed screenshot, press this button. The Save image box will appear. Choose your save location and your screenshot's name and press Save. You can only save screenshots in PNG format.

How — This option simply copies the screenshot to your computer's clipboard. Done — This closes the Device Screen Capture window. To take more screenshots of your Android phone, simply navigate to your desired screen on the phone and use the buttons in Step 7 above to Refresh and Save or Copy.

Now that you have all your screen grabs saved, it's time to close everything and disconnect your Android device. It was that easy. To me, a newbie with smartphones and Android, I found these steps really easy. Simple HelpAndroid DeveloperFlickr. HTC's Droid Incredible 2 is a nice refresh of the original model, take a more rounded look, a larger screen, and global voice and data capability, but it's no longer a smartphone leader on Verizon. HTC had a success on its hands with the original Droid Incredible 4. The Droid Incredible 2 carries on with the same formula, with a nip here, a tuck there, and some beefier specifications.

Overall, it's an evolutionary step, but one that easily keeps the Incredible 2 in the running. The thing is though, the smartphone competition on Verizon is brutal. With the rounded edges, it's now a dead ringer for the iPhone 3GS, albeit with soft touch gray rubber on the sides instead of chrome. The 4-inch, glass capacitive touch screen sports bypixel resolution.

how to take screenshot on droid incredible 2

Typing on HTC's predictive text-enabled, on-screen keyboards is easy in both landscape and portrait modes. I credit the uptick in screen size. This time around, the Incredible 2 is a global device, letting you receive voice and data signal in over countries, of which are at 3G speeds.

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