How to prove the earth is round ks2

how to prove the earth is round ks2
Place a stick in the ground on a sunny day, then measure the length of the shadow. Only something with a round shape could create that kind of shadow. Such third party cookies may track your use of the BBC website.

If the Earth were not round, whole hemispheres would have different atmospheric pressure and significantly different sea levels. Also, pictures taken of the Earth in the last 50 years have proved absolutely conclusively that the Earth is round.

These are just the arguments that don't require much physics knowledge to explain, there are others that are more technical, but I think that the simplest arguments are the best. These are the most common.

How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat

You can launch a rocket to a high altitude and take pictures of the earth which various government agencies and private groups have already done thousands of times in the pastbut that isn't the most practical way. Pictures and videos taken by orbiting satellites and space stations are certainly the most definitive proof that the earth is a sphere. But if you're not convinced, read on You can also observe, with binoculars, ships slowly 'sinking' below the horizon as it sails farther and farther out to the ocean, then watch them come back.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

They certainly didn't fall off the edge of the earth! Even though the Earth rotates much faster than the ball of pizza dough, the Earth still remains relatively round. However, this spinning of the Earth does make it somewhat less round at the top and bottom. The difference is real but barely noticeable, making the Earth look more like a slightly flat basketball. Many topographic differences also affect the overall shape of the Earth.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

From the lowest place on the surface of the Earth, the Mariana Trench, to Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak on our planet, there is a sizeable difference in height.

The Mariana Trench, which lies at the bottom of the ocean, is 35, feet 10,m below sea level.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

Mount Everest is 29, feet m above see level. Eratosthenes BCE used this principle to calculate the circumference of the Earth quite accurately.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

To see this demonstrated, refer to my experiment video about Eratosthenes and the circumference of the Earth. Standing on a flat plateau, you look ahead toward the horizon. You strain your eyes, then take out your favorite binoculars and stare through them, as far as your eyes with the help of the binocular lenses can see. Next, climb up the closest tree—the higher the better, just be careful not to drop those binoculars and break their lenses.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

Then look again, strain your eyes, and stare through the binoculars out to the horizon. The higher up you climb, the farther you will see. Even if you stood on a completely clear plateau with no obstacles between you and the horizon, you would see much farther from the greater height than you would on the ground.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

This phenomenon is caused by the curvature of the Earth as well, and would not happen if the Earth was flat:. The Earth is different from other planets, that much is true.

8 Reasons We Know the Earth Isn’t Flat

However, there are certain characteristics all planets have, and it will be quite logical to assume that if all planets behave a certain way, or show certain characteristics—specifically if those planets are in different places or were created under different circumstances—our planet is the same.

InGalileo Galilei observed the moons of Jupiter rotating around it. He described them as small planets orbiting a larger planet—a description and observation that was very difficult for the church to accept, as it challenged a geocentric model where everything was supposed to revolve around the Earth. This observation also showed that the planets Jupiter, Neptune, and later Venus was observed too are all spherical, and all orbit the sun.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

A flat planet ours or any other planet would be such an incredible observation that it would pretty much go against everything we know about how planets form and behave. It would not only change everything we know about planet formation, but also about star formation our sun would have to behave quite differently to accommodate the flat-earth theory and what we know of speeds and movements in space like planets' orbits and the effects of gravity. The time in New York, at the moment these words are written, is In Adelaide, Australia, it is 1: More than 13 hours ahead.

10 easy ways you can tell for yourself that the Earth is not flat

There, the sunset is long gone—so much so, that the sun will soon rise up again at the beginning of a new day. We have time zones because when the Sun is illuminating one side of the spherical Earth, the other side is dark. This can only be explained if the world is round, and rotating around its own axis. At a certain point when the sun is shining on one part of the Earth, the opposite side is dark, and vice versa.

That allows for time differences and time zones, specifically ones that are larger than 12 hours.

How do we know the Earth is spherical?

Another point concerning timezones, the sun, and Earth: Each shot shows Earth like Earthrise did. Today, astronauts like Scott Kelly even show us the curve of the Earth in real-time. He sees a sunrise every 90 minutesa phenomenon impossible with a disk. If the Earth were flat, you could drive two sticks into the ground at any place on Earth, and the shadows those sticks would make would be the same length. Because the Sun is so far away from Earth, its incoming rays can be considered parallel.

How Do We Know That the Earth is Round?

Place a stick in the ground on a sunny day, then measure the length of the shadow. At the same time, call a friend who is at least a few miles away from you and tell them to do the same.

how to prove the earth is round ks2

The lengths you measure will be different! The curvature of a spherical Earth means that sun rays will hit each stick differently if they are far enough apart. Measuring shadows like that is how Greek astronomer Eratosthenes very nearly calculated the exact circumference of the Earth in… B.

To make the seasons work with a flat Earth, advocates claim that the Sun orbits in a circle above our disk, like a tetherball on an invisible string. Try calling someone in China right now and convincing them that you are experiencing the same time of day and then apologize.

They all appear to be spheres.

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