What type of cabinet hinges do i need

what type of cabinet hinges do i need
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A full-overlay door covers all or nearly all of the front edge of the cabinet. This overlay type typically is used for doors at the ends of a cabinet. This overlay type is commonly used in the middle of a run of cabinets where the doors share a single partition wall. As on face-frame cabinets, inset door on frameless cabinets fit within the cabinet opening and sit flush with the front edges of the cabinet.

In some applications, the hinges are used to add stylistic detail to cabinetry; in others, visible hinges would detract from the desired effect. There are three basic options:. No part of the hinge is visible from the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed.

Ideal for modern, minimalist applications in which visible hardware would detract from the design. A hinge that is at least partly visible from the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed. May incorporate details such as a decorative ball tip or finial tip.

Cabinet Door Hinge Types Guide

A hinge that is fully visible on the outside of the cabinet when the doors are closed. One plate is attached to the door; the other, to the cabinet. Deluxe adjustable mount butt hinge: A butt hinge with elongated mounting slots that allow you to adjust doors horizontally and vertically for a perfect fit. One half of hinge mounts to top edge or bottom edge of door.


Other half mounts to horizontal cabinet edge directly above and below door. A type of concealed hinge especially popular on frameless Euro-style cabinets but also available for face-frame applications. European hinges have a mounting plate that secures to the cabinet and a cup that seats in a typically 35mm circular mortise drilled in the back of the door.

One popular benefit of Euro-style hinges is that they offer adjustment in two and sometimes three directions, making it easy to fine-tune the alignment of the door. Side adjustment regulates the gaps between doors, cabinets and walls for perfect parallel alignment. Height adjustment aligns doors precisely at top and bottom. Depth adjustment not always available lets you bring door faces in line with the vertical front of the cabinet. Another benefit is easy removal of doors for cleaning and refinishing.

How far or to what angle a hinge will allow a door to open is called degree of opening. It bears noting, though, that this type of hinge will work only on a frameless cabinet with full overlay doors.

what type of cabinet hinges do i need

A hinge that does not need a hole or mortise to be drilled in the door or cabinet in order to mount it. It simply mounts to the surface.

what type of cabinet hinges do i need

A hinge that requires the cutting of a mortise or recess in the door or cabinet to fit the hinge leaves for proper mounting. A style of surface-mounted hinge that screws directly to the type and the door without any mortises or special recesses need cut into the surfaces.

A partial wraparound hinge will wrap around the door and have a plain flat leaf for the cabinet so it can be used on a frameless cabinet. A full back-to-back wraparound hinge will wrap around on both halves of the hinge so it can be used on a face-frame cabinet. This type of hinge pulls the door shut when it is within a few inches of being closed and keeps it closed. This type of hinge comes with a mechanism that propels the door open when activated by a push. A hinge that incorporates a mechanism that activates when the door is within a few inches of the shut position and brings it gently closed.

Is there a euro hinge hinge for face frame overlay style cabinet doors that will allow the door to fully clear the face frame when open, to allow clearance for slide out shelves? I have a knife rack mounted under my upper cabinet.

I have a broken hinge and cannot find one anywhere, can you help? I can't seem to find any. You want something like this: I have the same question as above. I need euro style face frame full and half overlay hinges for cabinets with slide out drawers. Help, I need to replace a hinge on a cabinet that is in the corner.

Where what hinges are in a straight line when the door is open this one would be in a straight line when the door is closed so it needs to swing in the opposite direction of most hinges. The cabinet is framless.

what type of cabinet hinges do i need

I have the same question: It will require a full inset hinge. Can I use a Blum hinge for this application? If so which one? I have a cabinet with a mirror cabinet on it. So I can't fit the standard full overlay hinge on the door. It does not have the thickness for the cup of the hinge. So, my question is could I use a hinge for a type inset door mounted in reverse; with the cup end of the hinge mounted on the side and the long part mounted on the door? How do I adjust the hinges on my kitchen doors so they will close all the way. Overlay Hinges are for cabinets with a door that sits on top or "overlays" the cabinet opening.

Partial Inset Hinges are for cabinets with a need that has a "lip" that overlays the opening and has an "inset" that partially fits into the cabinet opening. We have over 60 different hinges in this section. Pivot Hinges for Cabinets.

Pivot hinges differ from other hinges in that they pivot around a point rather than along a longer hinge pin. Pivot hinges can be made for inset doors, overlay doors and hinge partial inset doors. Some pivot hinges can be installed as concealed hinges. We have 56 different pivot hinges in this section. Ball Tipped Butt Hinges. Ball Tip hinges are full mortise butt hinges for cabinets. They are butt hinges which feature decorative ball tips.

Available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes.

Choosing Cabinet Doors and Hinges

We have over 82 different ball tipped butt hinges in this section. Pivot door slides allow your door to pivot open and then slide back into the sides of the cabinet. Great for entertainment centers. Available in Regular Duty and Heavy Duty. Also known as Flipper Door Slides. Drawer slides are available in light, medium and heavy designations depending on the weight of your drawer. Keep in mind that side-mount hardware is more durable than a monorail, or center-bottom-mount slide. Bearings and rollers create a smoother motion, while full-extension slides are perfect for providing access to every inch of the drawer.

Before shopping for drawer slides, you must know the slide length and drawer length needed. Drawer stops are available.

what type of cabinet hinges do i need

European-style self-closing side-mount drawer slides have a stop to prevent drawers from sliding out completely. Full-extension, self-closing drawer slides use the maximum length of your drawer. Before buying new hardware for your cabinets, consider which will look best in your home. Would a traditional finish be more flattering than something contemporary?

Cabinet Hardware Buying Guide

Traditional finishes include brushed metals, polished brass, nickel and pewter. Contemporary finishes include enameled or high-shine metallic finishes. All cabinet hardware, knobs, pulls and hinges are available in:. Cabinet Hardware Buying Guide. Send to a Friend Print.

Before You Begin Before you begin shopping for new cabinetry hardware, be aware of your project timeline. Understanding Types of Cabinet Hardware. Cabinet Door Catches Cabinet door catches are meant for doors without self-closing hinges to keep cabinet doors secure against the frame.

Homeowner’s Guide to Cabinet Hinges

Hinges Hinges attach the cabinet door to the frame. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest trends and expert advice delivered to your inbox Privacy Policy. Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges.

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what type of cabinet hinges do i need

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