How can you tell if someone is choking

how can you tell if someone is choking
Can he have drug induced schizophrenia? If the person loses consciousness and they're not breathing, you should begin cardio-pulmonary resuscitation CPR with chest compressions.

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What to Do if You or Someone Else is Choking

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Common health questions What should I do if someone is choking? What should I do if someone is choking? To help with mild choking in an adult or child over one year old: Encourage the person to keep coughing to try and clear the blockage. Ask the person to try to spit out the object if it's in their mouth. Don't put your fingers in their mouth to help them as they may bite you accidentally.

how can you tell if someone is choking

The comment above me is accurate in that respect, because generally someone faking an illness has a reason for doing so; i. People with depression often times will try to self medicate through other sources, which unfortunately can lead to substance abuse and drug-seeking tendencies; which is even more unfortunate, as it can become a deadly combination.

The point is that as a good doctor, you must refrain from anything other than evaluation of your patient. When it comes to a point where you know the patient is lying to you, it is easy to become accusatory - however, you have to remember that you are the doctor and at the end of the day: Evaluate their actions, behaviors, tendencies, tone of voice; everything.

Furthermore, on this topic specifically, I don't know why anyone would try to fake schizophrenia other than for sympathy or an excuse in court Mood stabilization through lithium, bupropion, or other substances can be absolute hell on one's body and they have nearly zero recreational value to a drug-seeking patient unless they enjoy looking and acting like a zombie, of course.

Sources include that I am a prospective medical student, pursuing psychiatric pharmacology, studying neuroscience for what will be my fourth year this fall.

how can you tell if someone is choking

I also am, interestingly enough, a patient who has suffered from major depressive disorder: I've currently had my symptoms in remission for almost 8 months now new record! Feel free to message me on facebook if you have any more questions but please do not spam me, because that means I'll have to beat you up Keep in mind that I am not, by any means, a licensed medical doctor, nor do I have any responsibility for anything that you do based on the things I have said or will say.

As a student, I can only give educated advice. Please make sure to always discuss any and all health concerns with your primary physician. A court system if we assume the system is not corrupt spends huge amounts of time and energy trying to discover what's true or not true and who's lying or not lying, and they can still get it wrong.

how can you tell if someone is choking

If your friend is ill, whether it's schizophrenia or another mental disorder, he might not actually know exactly what the truth is, so how can you discover if he's lying? One thing that people with mental illness do is to isolate themselves. What might be more important for you is to figure out how you can remain his friend, even if he is lying, while minimizing any harm to yourself.

Well he choking tell of my friends against me by lying about me behind my back, you isn't particularly isolated as he is extremely social and spends the weekend with a load of my now ex-friends doing ketamine in his flat, he's a compulsive liar and has told many an anecdote multiple times, the exact someone story but according to him he did it THAT day on which he will tell me the story and it is exactly the same, I don't want him can a best friend, he receives a lot of money from canary wharf for his condition and I think he loves it I have split personality disorder so it is difficult to comprehend the benefits when I am still in full time education with a Saturday job and happily don't receive any He never has compulsive ticks, he is organised, he holds a high earning how and is very social, it seems he is only schizophrenic when it suits him, he is also very open about his condition when I am not.

Honestly why do you care if he is faking this? It sounds like you are a crappy friend to me.

First Aid Training - Choking - Adult & Child

As he sounds like he has something wrong even if he is misdiagnosed He has his reasons for caring because this person has hurt him. As for your anger about the issue - that is your anger, and that is all about you, not him. I am sure at one time they were friends.

What should I do if someone is choking?

Your anger is something you need to deal with big time. Mental illness is complex, but taking offense is something you may want to hold back on.

How can you tell if someone is smoking ?

Comparing yourself to others will not only make you angry but it's going to hinder your own ability to overcome your issues and regain your health. I also suffer from quite a few mental illnesses, so I know exactly what you mean by hell and back If it bothers you that much, I really suggest that you take a step back and evaluate yourself rather than your friend.

You can't be tell for their decisions, so don't try to be! I know it hurts to "give up" on someone else, but at the very end of the day you have to look out for yourself and if they refuse to take your advice then it is out of your control.

Now shes suposably schizo but they keep putting her on and off drugs cause they make her sick. Every time we got into a spat though she tell blame her loss of memory or how she was having siezures which never came up till you fighting. How dont know if i should relax and believe can or not. I feel like shes just using it as a sob story. I know with my mental problems i was quick to try to get them fixed but she was always hesitant.

Separate yourself from the situation if it is hurting you, especially if you don't see it getting any easier to deal with. Have her see a psychiatrist - many times people think that they are doing enough just by simply seeing any doctor how can see, but most physicians are not well versed in mental healthcare. A psychiatrist will take the time to fully evaluate everything, and more often than not they will produce much more accurate diagnoses. If she refuses to see a psychiatrist then she doesn't value the relationship nor does she value your health, and that's not fair to you at all.

These 'true' signs sound just like me Especially connecting things that don't connect. I'm guessing I'm just weird Haha you remind me of myself, I do this too but someone words. Its complicated to explain You spell out a certain word in my head, like I draw it out but only two letters at a time going down like in column, and if its a positive word there wuldnt be a letter missing, if there is a space missing its a negative word lmao im weird too This is a bunch of b. I have schizophrenia but I know when I am confused because of the schizophrenia, and can describe my confused state to my psychiatrist.

Schizophrenia is, after all, an inability to tell reality from unreality. Not an inability to play chess, which one might be able to do even better can usual if a voice caused by psychosis were choking him or her choking move to make.

how can you tell if someone is choking

It's all very subjective, as you know. The idea of chess was, I assume, brought into question simply due to its widespread recognition as a "complex-cognitive task" to mental health researchers. I've actually done research on ADHD therapy through complex-cognitive tasks as opposed to pharmaceuticals. That is very dangerous! Doing so could push the foreign object further down the trachea. Not Helpful 8 Helpful How do I help a person who is choking in his sleep? Try to wake the person up and call for help. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 9. Why should I stop the Heimlich if the victim falls unconscious?

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 8. Usually when you are choking, the object is lodged in your airpipe, and drinking water won't have any effect. But if you're having trouble swallowing something, drink water. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. What happens if part of the choking object has entered the lungs?

how can you tell if someone is choking

Lift the person's chin up to open the airway as much as possible, and then call or take the person to the hospital. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. What if I can't get it out even with medical help? Answer this question Flag as What should I do if the Heimlich maneuver doesn't work, and no one can help me? Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. About this wikiHow Expert Review By: Reader Success Stories Share yours!

LW Lucy Wu Mar 5. KG Kory Gilbreath Nov 4, A Anonymous Dec 7, WM Wendy Moore Feb GB Gaurav Bora Jun Choking Episodes Among Children. American Academy of Pediatrics.

Common Dangers Among Children. Merck Manual, Second Home Edition. How can you tell if someone is choking? What is the Heimlich maneuver?

The Heimlich maneuver involves four basic steps for victims over 1 year old: Stand behind the victim and wrap your arms around his waist. Place a fist between the victim's ribcage and navel.

Choking (in Children)

Grab one fist with the other hand and quickly thrust upward. Repeat until the object comes out.

What To Do If Someone Is Choking

After you've dislodged the object, get medical help immediately. What should I do if a choking victim is unconscious? How can I help a choking infant? Are there any risks to the Heimlich maneuver? How can I prevent choking?

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