How to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5
To produce this report, you need to create two parameters: CarlGammaSagan 1 The result can be either P,S,W??

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

We'll assume that all the required data can be obtained from the Orders table. To create this report without using SQL commands, you would place the customer IDs and the individual order values in the Details band.

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

You would then group the report by customer ID, add a summary field of type "sum" to 8.5 Group 1 Header band, and finally hide the Details band so that only the IDs and sums were visible. To create the same report with the help of a SQL command, you would define the grouping and summary, not in the report, but as a query.

Because the query is executed by the database server, only the total rows - that's one row per customer - will be sent across the network. By contrast, if you weren't using a SQL command, the grouping and totaling would be done in the report, so the server would have to send every order across the network.

Since network traffic is usually a major bottleneck, the performance benefit of using a SQL command can be dramatic. At this point, Crystal Reports will send the command to the database server, which will try to execute it. If the server sql an error, it will send a message back to CR, which will display the message and refrain from saving the command.

You must deal with the error before you can go any further. Keep in mind that CR sends the command exactly as you enter it, so be sure that the syntax is correct for the specific database you are using.

How the command is error-free, the server will send a result set back to the change. The result set will appear under the Database Fields node in the Field Explorer. It appears as a virtual table, named Command, which contains exactly the rows and columns that your query requested Figure 4. You can now treat this crystal table just like any other table.

In particular, you can drag its fields onto the report, and use them in sorting, grouping and selection criteria, in Crystal formulas, or anywhere else where CR expects a query name.

After you've set up your SQL command in this way, you can go back and edit it at any time. In the example we just looked at, the main reason to use a SQL command was to speed up the report.

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But SQL commands have another major benefit: They allow us to perform complex reporting tasks that might not otherwise be possible. To illustrate, let's assume that you have two customer tables: You want to create a report that shows the names and phone numbers of all customers, regardless of whether they are current or archived.

These tables aren't related in any way, so you can't simply bring them into the report and link them together. If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

Insults are not welcome. Let's work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. Crystal reports with SQL Query in c sharp app. How to Change Crystal Report show sql query database name. Crystal reports using sql query.

How to fire sql query in crystal report 8. If you'd prefer to explore, try our test area to get started.

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

And see here for current known issues. I have looked at all the manuals from the Database Schema to the Creating Custom historical reports and all I can say is, "There has got to be a better way"!!!

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I am using Crystal reports. I want to be able to see the tables in Crystal and just drop the fields into the report I am creating. I am on Windows Step 4 Select the driver for which you want to set up a datasource, and click Finish.

How to fire sql query in crystal report 8.5?

Enter information that will help the application designer identify the purpose of this data source. Step 7 Click the radio button of the appropriate authentication method: Step 8 Click Client Configuration to configure the connection between the CRA server and the computer where the enterprise database resides. Make a note of the username and password you choose.

Use SQL commands to solve report problems and speed Crystal Reports

You will use this username and password to complete the enterprise database configuration in the. Step 11 Click Next to complete the DSN configuration and to test connectivity to the chosen data source. I understand your frustration. Please help me with this. I send you data. I used technologies including: Crystal Reports Export Path.

How can I set a default path for exporting Crystal Reports from version 8. Multiple detail sections in Crystal Reports 8. I would like to have 1 report with three detail sections.

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

Each detail section is printed based on criteria for that section only and doesn't print the other sections that don't meet the criteria I state in the formula for that section. It keeps printing all three detail sections on me. When rewriting a report I get an error that the table of a 2nd datasource in the report could not be found. This happens when trying to verify the DB which I need to do since the db has changed. A field was added. Any idea what to do? Thank you in advance. Linking in Crystal Reports 8.

How to change SQL Query in Crystal Report in VS2008 with C#?

I currently have a report written in Crystal Reports 8. When I change the tables to left outer join I get these error messages stating: When I revert them back, the report Basically I am trying change the SQL query of the original report and since I can only view the query, I am assuming that I will have to create a whole new version of the We recently turned on the export button in the viewer.

how to change sql query in crystal report 8.5

The export feature works on some machines but on others it works up to the point of displaying the window that allows the user to choose where to save the file.

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