How to export gridview data to word in asp net

how to export gridview data to word in asp net
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how to export gridview data to word in asp net

Learn More About Us. Data ; using System. Configuration ; using System.

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

Hi suresh, Seriously thanks a lot for the code but i have problem. How can i achieve this? My code is like this: End ; Thanks in advance.

People who are getting Errors Like Now Line or some thing more gvdetails. Hi, I have a particular scenario that requires export to excel. I have a 4 System. Table controls on a web form which are already formatted. I need to export all 4 of these tables to a different worksheet in an excel workbook and the formatting must be aplied to the export as well. How can i do this?

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

Hi SureshI am a Software Engineer i enjoy all your posting it's really helpfull especially this one was too cool Hi Suresh Thanks a lot for the code.

It worked great for me until i was using grid view binding on design level.

How to convert GridView data to Excel, PDF, Word file using C#

But later my requirements got changed ; i have to show my table data according to the search results. So, i had to remove binding from design-level to program-level.

How to Export GridView to Word in ASP.NET in a New Window

But now it is not working as the same it was erlier. It prompts for Excel saving dialog box but inside excel sheet the output is not shown but only div tags are there Why is this happening? How to solve this problem. Hi,Suresh thanks for your help, i m using ajex calender in my grid view, that show is error with word and exel conversion. I got this error at dtgMyTeam. RenderControl htw ; while my grid view is inside Form Tag. I need a code for selected gridview data into CSV and store that csv file into a particular folder automatically.

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

Hi Suresh, Your post was so useful for me. Now could you please tell me in code Response. How to resolve this? Hi i want to expport image from aspx page in word document i had tried folloeing code but it is not working, lpease guide me. You will notice I have disabled paging before exporting, so that all the pages are exported. The Output Exported File.

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

Export to Microsoft Excel Format. For exporting the document to Excel if you do it directly as done in case of word the row background color is applied throughout to all the columns in the Excel Sheet hence in order to avoid it.

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

I have done a workaround below. First I am changing the background color of each row back to white. Then I am applying the background color to each individual cell rather than the whole row.

Thus when you export now you will notice that the formatting is applied only to the GridView cells and not all. Also I am applying textmode style class to all cells and then adding the style CSS class to the GridView before rendering it, this ensures that all the contents of GridView are rendered as text.

Add "background-color""green".

Add "class""textmode". Add "background-color"" C2D69B". Add "background-color""green". Add "class""textmode". Add "background-color"" C2D69B".

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

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GridView Data Export to Word Document in

I agree to the above terms. What our readers say. Tousif Mudassar I really appreciate your true professional coding approach. Anidesh Madhav All your example are very helpful. Simple and easy to understand as well. Avinava Basu You are the best dude.

how to export gridview data to word in asp net

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