How do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes
Fences can work great, but they may be expensive and require some effort to install. You'll likely need to know which type of animal is invading your garden before buying a predator scent that scares that specific animal.

Wondering where your blossoming squash plant went?

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

This rascal might know the answer. In many areas, squirrels are as common in the landscape as trees. Try some of these strategies to keep squirrels from destroying your garden, but remember that what works for some squirrels, may not work for others.

An animal is eating tomato plants in my garden. Help!

Use a combination of tactics for the best results. Remove what attracts them.

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

The sight and smell of fallen fruit, nuts, and seeds can lure squirrels to your yard for feeding. Clean up these items beneath trees and birdfeeders. Make sure trash can lids fit securely to keep squirrels from discovering treats in the garbage. Be sure to stand upwind when spraying repellant to avoid getting spray drift in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Some feature capsaicin, the compound that gives hot peppers their heat. Others include peppermint oil or vinegar—or a combination of these ingredients.

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

Gardeners report varying success with these home brews. You can order it online.

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

Supposedly it will keep any varmint on four legs — from a vole to a moose — out of the garden. If you go this route, you can probably forget using the cat or border collie trick. If other members of your family are not as enthusiastic a gardener as you, you might also find a storage place for the predator pee other than in the kitchen. Depending on the urgency of your squirrel problem and the ripeness of your tomatoes, you can even request express delivery. Fresh and dried chili peppers were the most frequently used spice in dishes. Some people swear by a hot, red pepper tea.

Mix up a batch and spray it around the border of the garden and leaves of plants in the garden.

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

However, this is a tactic that comes with a warning. Sniffing it to get an idea of its potency is not a good idea, either. Capsaicin, the hot component of peppers, can cause severe irritation upon contact.

A former newspaper reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says a Georgia Supreme Court justice told her that he endorses the cat tactic. He said he also uses another trick: He plants three times as many tomatoes as he needs: Tomatoes, said one person in an extension office, are not pollinated by insects.

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

They are pollinated by wind. If you are getting flowers but no fruit, try gently nudging the plants back and forth. A closer look at yellowing leaves on plants can help gardeners get to the root of the problem. How can I prevent squirrels or other small mammals from eating my tomatoes? I've got firsthand experience that this doesn't work if your pests are mice. It works great for larger animals and birds though.

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Cayenne is also available as a "hot pepper wax spray" which may also work. David LeBauer 6 You could always remove the animal from the equation, as long as it isn't a protected species. I remember catching a squirrel that had taken up residence in my parent's attic using this method. If you want to catch the animal alive and relocate it, you could always use a live trap.

If you like to hunt, I'd recommend a. Just be aware of your surroundings and what's behind your target. The best time for catching the critters in the act would be either in the early morning or in the evening.

Also remember to check your state laws to determine if you need a hunting license and if so when the season is. If you're in the suburbs, you should be able to use a quiet. I would advise against using a BB gun unless the offending animal is a mouse, and you're sure that you can hit it in the head.

I killed a mouse in my apartment a few years ago this way by using a BB gun from about 15'. But then again I've been plinking with it since I was 8 years old, so I've had lots of target practice. Doresoom 1, 17 Rifle is a good option for larger animals woodchucks, skunks, coons, etc. Squirrels are probably about the limit on the small side.

Keeping Squirrels Out Of Gardens: Tips On Protecting Tomatoes From Squirrels

The practical problem with squirrels, chipmunks, mice, etc is that they just keep coming. It's hard to kill them all, and it only takes a couple to wreck your crop. Unfortunately, uninvited guests of the four-legged variety also enjoy snacking on the tasty fruit, and can often strip a plant of its fruit, buds and leaves very quickly.

how do i keep animals from eating my tomatoes

Sometimes, knowing which animal to blame is a difficult task. Rabbits are neat eaters that nip off chunks of leaves without leaving jagged edges. They also eat the fruit and may strip young seedlings down to the ground.

What animal eats ripe tomatoes?

Rabbits generally feed during the evening, night or early morning. They live in grassy areas and don't travel far, usually feeding near their burrows. A hardware cloth or chicken wire fence may be effective, but the fence must be placed tight against the ground to prevent the bunnies from crawling under. Artificial snakes or plastic owls may scare rabbits away, and they are sometimes deterred by smelly substances, such as hot pepper spray or commercial deterrents. Surrounding the tomato patch with an electric rabbit fence is also a possible solution. Electric rabbit fences consist of two wires that lightly shock the rabbits' ears, startling but not injuring the animals.

If you don't see the deer feeding, you probably see their tracks around your tomato plants. Deer have voracious appetites, with one deer eating as much as 7 pounds per day. Strong-smelling deterrents, such as deodorant soap bars, pepper spray or human hair, may deter deer for a short time.

Change the deterrent often because deer are wily animals that soon become accustomed to unusual aromas.

Whats Eating My Tomatoes ?

Fencing is a major project because a fence that keeps deer out of a garden must be at least 9 feet tall.

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