How long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo
AcuteCareResidencyFellowship listserv is moderated, and you will need to request to join this list when subscribing. Is there anyone that went for their associate degree in PTA, a little later in life while working and maintaining a young family? J in Jordan, Montana said:

Your teachers would describe you as Do you needlepoint, cross-stitch, make pottery or play music? What would happen if you had to run to catch a bus? Which image shows how you look while reading a difficult book? How many years are you willing to spend in school after high school?

Physical therapists must pass licensing and law exams. Will you do this? Find out what you should be paid. Cost of Living Calculator. PayScale in the News.

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Sports medicine? Physical therapy? What would I have to go through to become a physical therapist?

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Interested in Physical Therapy School? (What to Know as a Pre-PT Student)

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how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

The AcutePT listserv is a members-only listserv. Does any one know an accredited Physical Therapy school in Chicago or near Chicago? Is it easy to get a job as a PTA entry levelno experience, not not obtaining a license? I'm really concerned about it.

Should You Become a Physical Therapist?

I had a certificate in Ultrasound and still can't find a job after 8 months graduation due to lack of experience no place accept me due to lack of experience!!!!

Becky in Largo, Florida. I'm thinking about going into PTA I know the 2 year degree is required. I have a bachelors degree and took some of those classes that are reuquired for the degree. I live in the Clearwater, FL area, so if anyone knows of anything, that would be helpful!

Lauren in Joliet, Illinois. That's a very inspiring story. I'm leaving the corporate world as an ad executive to become a PTA. I'm so excited to start a career that I actually get satisfaction out of. It's hard to give up my past experiences for something completely new but when I hear stories like that, it inspires me to continue reaching for that goal. I have a son in High school who is interested in taking the ROP program - introduction to physical therapy assistants.

how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

Provided that he does enjoy this class, do you know of any accredited schools in our area that provide this training? Also, my one concern with my son is that his handwriting is very difficult to read - he has always typed everything for school - do you think this would be a problem? Thanks so much for your help!

how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

Here's all the PTA schools in Calif. J in Jordan, Montana. Hey, I am also a Dental Hygienist looking to go back to school for P. I am so glad to see that I'm not the only one burn out and feeling limited. Dental offices seem to be worse than the job itself to me. I feel critiqued and kinda just "watched over" every day. I wish you all the best and let me know what you decide. I recommend going to work for someone who respects you and you feel more comfortable with. One of the differences is PTA build relationships with their patients, where as Dental Hygenist keep patients mouth full.

J in Jordan, Montana said: One more thing, I don't smell the stink that d.

how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

I'm sure it will make me throw up! Brandi J in California. I think it really depends on what state you live in. How hard or easy is it to get a job after being done with school?

Do most people get a job right away? Do you thinnk most people can get a job where they do their clinical internships? I do have a vision disorder that could get worse but I get around just fine and have great central vision. Since I choose not to drive I know home health is not for me but the job itself is so "hands on".

Any thoughts on this for my situation.

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By the way I read about a legally blind woman who was a PTA for many years. I think getting a job depends on where you live.

Also, if you're not near a PTA school, things tend to be easier.

how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

Down here in the DFW area, it's pretty easy to get a job. I would think that as long as you can safely do the job, it shouldn't be a problem with your vision disorder. Gary in Daytona Beach, Florida. Gary in Daytona Beach, Florida said: It's a nursing home facility. Tracy, we're in almost the same boat. I am 36 with a 2 year old and a 13 year job with a great company I just don't love what I do. I have wanted to get in the Sports Medicine or PT field since High School and always felt like there was too much going on in life to go back to school. I'll also be sacrificing 5 weeks of vacation, good benefits I'm coming to terms with all of that, but we still are working out whether we can actually take on MORE debt, instead of getting rid of it.

My husband told me that I picked a really crummy time to want to fulfill my dreams If I can somehow work it out financially, I think I can sacrifice for a couple of years in order to be a happier mom and wife I've visited 3 PT environments in the past week and have gotten great feedback about the salaries and demand in my area.

I am certain that I want to do this One is closer and has an accredited program, but another is a bit further away and is just in the "application" process for certification.

To be a PTA: how long will it take? which school to go to in CHicago?

Of course, that's the school with a less expensive program. I hate to make it about a few thousand dollars, but when you're looking at giving up an entire salary in the first place, it becomes very important! I am planning to do my pre-reqs in the next year while I am still working. During that time, we are planning to watch the economy, make sure my husband's job stays secure, and work on saving like crazy. Tracy in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I totally understand about not loving what you're doing.

The grind of coming up with something new and exciting everyday has lost it's spark and I'm longing to do something that makes a difference in this world. I work for GM, and if you haven't heard, they aren't doing so well.

Physical Therapist Assistant- is it a waste of time or a good career?

There's a good chance that I won't have a job in 6 months. I'm just trying to plan for my future. He isn't excited about me taking a pay cut to do something else if I don't lose my job. Making more money would be great but I'd rather do something that means something and that I enjoy. I need to visit some PT environments myself. I have a contact of a PTA that works with the local schools so I plan to go with her and then a few other places. I'm going to give myself a couple weeks to think and research and then if I decide to go for this, I'm going to start the pre-req classes too.

I'd love to stay in touch and see how you're doing since it seems like we're starting from the same point.

how long does it take to be a physical therapist yahoo

I feel like we're all making our decisions with similar life situations in play. My husband is a little like yours, but I've at least gotten him to understand that my potential for burnout is more detrimental long term than the few years we would have to sacrifice for this.

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