How to install an up and over garage door opener

how to install an up and over garage door opener
Remove all ropes or cords attached to the garage door so you won't get tangled in them during installation. Your opener should have come with a list of detailed installation instructions, so follow those to begin assembly.

This should come in several pieces that fit easily together. Then you will need to slide the carriage also known as a trolley over the rail. This is the piece of the opener that will move along the rail, pulling the door open. Attach the rail to the motor compartment. This is the largest piece of the opener and it will be positioned furthest from the garage door.

how to install an up and over garage door opener

Install the pulley at end of rail, opposite the motor compartment. Then feed the belt or chain through the end of the rail, around the pulley, then around the other end at the motor.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Finally you will attach the end of the belt or chain to the carriage. The end of the chain or belt should have a screw attached to it, so that you can easily attach it to the carriage. This screw will also allow you to adjust the tension of the chain or belt. Install blocking on the ceiling, if there is none there already. This is how you will attach the garage door opener to the ceiling.

Fitting Instructions

The instructions your garage door opener came with should have detailed specifications for the blocking. No matter what the size and spacing of the blocking is, be sure that you are attaching it to joists solid wood in the ceiling, not just to sheetrock.

Find the point of connection to the garage door and attach the bracket that came with your opener to the door itself. The distance from the top of the garage door should be specified in the opener's direction and in most cases you will want it centered on the door.

If your garage door opener did not come with this bracket you will need to consult the instructions to determine what type of bracket you will need. Lean the end of the assembly opposite the motor compartment up above the garage door. Attach the bracket the opener came with to the wall above the door and then insert the end of the assembly into it. Connect the bracket and the end of the assembly as directed in the installation instructions.

Lift the other end of the assembly up and into place. Install the power unit high enough so that tall people won't run into it, at least 7' from the floor if possible.

Attach to the bracket on the garage door.

how to install an up and over garage door opener

In many cases there will be two pieces used to attach the door to the opener, giving some flexibility in the connection, as the distance between the door and the opener assembly may vary. Attach the safety rope to the emergency release on the carriage.

how to install an up and over garage door opener

Garage door openers must have a manual disconnect cord. It should be adjusted to approximately 6' from the floor so any adult can reach it. There are still many double width older garage doors with spring systems across the middle of the door or double width doors with springs above the door but for remote control electric operation apply the simple rule of only making canopy garage doors up to 8 feet mm wide electrically operated. Remember all canopy garage doors manufactured today are only available up to 8 feet wide mm and above that width they are all using retractable operating gear.

Also remember canopy garage doors always give you the full width drive through when open and have no obstructions at the side which is one of the main reasons for using a canopy door when the door size is only 7 feet mm wide. You will usually need all of the width at this size to be able to use the door opening for a normal modern car to drive through without catching wing mirrors or door panels.

Electric Up And Over Garage Doors

This short video shows a Hormann canopy garage door with a bow arm system working. The Hormann canopy doors are one of the easiest garage doors to automate with this bow arm system as the door panels are so strong and rigid avoiding any movement which may cause the operator to think it is detecting an obstacle and stop. Many garage doors do not have sufficient panel strength to successfully automate with a bow arm system. If in doubt, feel free to contact us via telephone or fill out our Contact Form.

Up and Over Garage Doors. Up and Over Garage Doors - Proposal for vertical or chevron infill on site. Double-leaf side door with frame made of aluminium profiles. Instructions for folding roller bracket for door ventilation. Garage overhead door RollMatic OD. Garage overhead door RollMatic OD fascia RollMatic - Operator Instructions.

Automating Up And Over Garage Doors

RollMatic - Secured Release Instructions. What needs to be carefully considered however is that you are making your garage door into a 'machine' that can be remotely controlled and therefore safety has to be a high priority.

how to install an up and over garage door opener

The common mistake is thinking you should have an electric motor fitted to your door because it is very heavy. Stop at this point and make sure your garage door is not heavy just because it is either too old or fitted incorrectly in the first place as a motor may well open and close the door but will not be a safe, long term solution.

how to install an up and over garage door opener

Of course many garage doors are genuinely heavy to operate, especially large double width doors and motorisation is a good idea to prevent possible shoulder and back injuries, epecially in older people. The first thing that needs to be established is the mechanism type of the up and over door that is fitted: Up and over one piece garage doors come in two forms known either as retractable or canopy, and the type of motorisation kit required will be dependent on which of these two options your door is.

There are some odd one piece up and over garage doors in the UK with a strange cantilever system which generally cannot be automated but these doors would be very old now so best replaced. Sometimes of course it may well be cheaper to replace the whole garage door, gear and frame with a new package, especially if the sizes are standard.

how to install an up and over garage door opener

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