How to change dimension scale in autocad 2014

how to change dimension scale in autocad 2014
Thus, one small dimension variable setting change can affect a large number of existing dimensions! You want to change the text height used in dimensions in a drawing. See the 4th bullet point below for more information.

Sizing Text in CAD Dimensions

The Dimension Style Manager dialog box opens. Every drawing comes with a default dimension style named Standard for imperial [feet-and-inches] drawings or ISO for metric drawings and a matching annotative style.

Although you can use and modify the Standard or ISO style, you are encouraged to leave them as is and create your own dimension style s for the settings that are appropriate to your work. This approach ensures that you can use the default style as a reference.

Changing dimension text height in AutoCAD

More important, it avoids a potential naming conflict that can change the way your dimensions look if the current drawing is inserted into another drawing. When you install AutoCAD, it checks with the operating system OS to see what country was selected when the OS was installed, and then sets its measurement system accordingly. If set to 0 zeroAutoCAD uses imperial units; if set to 1, metric units are used. Among other things, this setting also affects text styles, hatching, and noncontinuous line types.

how to change dimension scale in autocad 2014

Starting a new drawing from an ISO template for example, acadiso. Alternatively, if that just sounds like too much work, you can type D and press Enter. The Dimension Style Manager dialog box appears.

About Setting the Scale for Dimensions

In the Styles list, select the existing dimension style whose settings you want to use as the starting point for the settings of the new style.

The Text section of the Properties dialog box is shown below. Changes made here have no effect on other dimension objects, and no effect on the dimension style. The change will affect existing dimension objects in your drawing, as well as future dimension objects created using that style. Here is a sample of the Text tab in the Dimension Style Editor. If the text style height was set to a non-zero number, say 9 inches, the dimension text would maintain that exact height in model space regardless of the DIMSCALE setting.

how to change dimension scale in autocad 2014

This would not allow dimensions to automatically self-adjust for different drawing scales. This allows the text in multiple views having different scales to match perfectly in the final printed sheet.

How to Create a Dimension Style in AutoCAD 2014

Some designers or firms use a different approach to sizing text and tick marks or arrowheads in dimensions. They create a separate dimension style for each scale of drawing or view that might be used.

how to change dimension scale in autocad 2014

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AutoCAD Tutorial Change the Scale of Dimension Font

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how to change dimension scale in autocad 2014

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