What are these little bumps on my knuckles

what are these little bumps on my knuckles
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I have assumed they were arthritic in nature. I get these same type of red bumps on the tops and sides of my fingersand on my elbows and kneecaps.

What are these little red bumps on my legs?

I have noticed a correlation bump the sun and when the bumps come. They sound the same as the bumps that are being described here- red, uncomfortable to the touch, dry. I had none of these over the winter. Now that there has been sun these last few beautiful days, some popped up again. I have one on one of my toe and one on each hand.

The one on my toe is the size of a dime and one on my hand is about half that size. There is one on my other hand that seems to just be starting. I'm not sure if they are contageous or not. Wondering what bacteria might be causing these and what treatment is usually recommended. I'm waiting to get in to see a dermatologist but I have just moved to a new town and currently I am unable to get a family doctor. Would hydrocortozone cream work? It has been about 4 days now and the rash has spread up my pointer fingersto the next knuckleslittle the side of my hands and to my elbows. I have had a slight history of eczema, however, it was on my neck area and i have not had a flare up in about 3 years.

I'm not sure if i should inform my dermatologist or if i should use over-the-counter medications to take care of it. If you have any advice for me, it would be greatly appreciated. They knuckle really bad when I scrape them or put pressure on them, which happens a lot since they are on the creases of my are or on my knuckles and what on my elbows.

Itchy, red, bumps on my elbows, and finger and toe knuckles?

I started paying attention and noticed that they only come around my period. I don't get them every cycle, but I've never had them when my period didn't soon follow. My period is very irregular but when I start getting these painful bumps, I know it's coming soon. Spots frequently appear in small clusters. Appears on outside of elbows, knuckles and tops of fingersalong the sides of fingers especially near the fingernails.

Similarly distributes itself across toes. I would like to point out specifically that there is NO signs of this on webbing between digits. It's all appearing on hard joints. There is likewise NO scaling, flaking, or texture changes to the skin beyond feeling warm and a bit swollen. I have tiny blister-like bumps on my pointer fingersmostly on my right hand, but some on my left as well. They are also on my pinky finger knuckles.

what are these little bumps on my knuckles

They do not itch, nor do they hurt, but they look wierd, and therefore are bothersome. I pop them and it almost looks like water comes out. My regular doctor didnt know what they were but wasnt concerned since they didnt hurt or itch. I have no history of eczema or any other skin condition.

what are these little bumps on my knuckles

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Strange Bumps on Knuckles

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Q. What are these red bumps on my knuckles?

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what are these little bumps on my knuckles

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what are these little bumps on my knuckles

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Bumps on fingers and joint pain

Can i be pretty with a scar on my arm? Lots of red itchy bumps on the back of my leg behind knee Save Answers Mark as irrelevant Marked as irrelevant Undo. I have a bump similar to what your talking about from falling on my knee.

I would go to a doctor im My legs have gotten a lot of bug bites these couple weeks, and I'm thinking thats what these little bumps are on the back of my knee. But I do have a problem with warts, and I'm wondering if that's the case. I banged my knee on a metal box weeks ago while snowboarding. It was bruised pretty badly at first and continued to hurt due to direct pressure only, walking was more or less unaffected for a few weeks.

I have bruised my knee before, the only Go get that checked out! I chipped out a corner of my kneecap from a BMX crash like 3 years ago and I wear knee pads for wrestling and this happens like most of the years.

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