What does a medical assistant do in a urology office

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office
Urology is a specialized area of medicine concerned with the health of the urinary bladder, genital structures and kidneys in men and women, as well as the testicles and prostate in men. What Does a Nephrology Doctor Do?

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office

Medical office administrative assistants are employed in organizations, such as Physician, podiatrist, or chiropractor offices and Healthcare facilities Medical businesses need employees to perform administrative and clinical tasks. Since medical assistants often work in the front office, they are the first impression patients make of the practice. Therefore, employers value employees with strong people skills.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do at a Cardiologist's Office?

As physicians need people to handle the front office so they can spend more time with patients, it is no surprise that the medical assistant field is growing faster than average. Was this answer useful?

Job Description of a Medical Assistant in Urology

This depends on the state scope-of-practice laws, but clinical duties could ordinarily include rooming patients, obtaining history, suture removal, staple removal, assisting w … ith lumbar puncture, set up of sterile field, phlebotomy, and patient discharge instruction. Assistants often collect urine samples for testing and might help with patient education, such as providing instruction related to diet or medication.

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office

They also prepare patients for x-rays or laboratory tests when appropriate, as well as remove stitches and change bandages. A medical assistant in a urology office should be very detail-oriented.

This is especially important for an assistant who takes blood pressure or heart rate readings, which require precision and accuracy.

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office

Another important skill is the ability to work with people. Skip to main content. Medical assistants work in various fields that deal with geriatrics, or caring for the elderly. Long-term care facilities, physician's offices and hospitals often seek medical assistants to work with geriatric patients. When working with the elderly, a MA's responsibilities go much deeper than the basic tasks, like giving injections, scheduling appointments and assisting with examinations.

When working with the elderly, reviewing the medication list provided by the patient or family member it is important.

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office

The medical assistant reviews the medication list for polypharmacy, or multiple prescriptions administered together, which is common among the elderly. She determines if any prescriptions are duplicates or different drugs that treat the same disease. The MA also looks for drug interactions based on the prescription and over-the-counter medication the patient is taking as well. A PA might conduct preoperative patient education classes to help patients understand recommended surgeries and common post-operative complications.

A physician assistant working for an academic medical center may be aiding several urologists who are also doing research.

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office

A PA in this environment may screen patients who wish to participate in studies of new medications or procedures. A physician assistant might carry out the initial patient interviews, trying to determine the most appropriate urologist to treat a patient's particular medical condition. Physician assistants might carry out long-term follow-ups of patients after they receive surgery.

What Do Medical Assistants Do for Geriatrics?

Future PAs first complete a four-year bachelor's degree in any major they wish, but they must include classes in biology and other scientific and math subjects. Students typically enter their physician assistant studies through enrolling in a two-year physician assistant master's degree program. After completing a master's degree, PAs must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam and obtain a license from the state where they will practice.

what does a medical assistant do in a urology office

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