How to get rid of dead rat smell under floor

how to get rid of dead rat smell under floor
Flying Bugs in my kitchen. Mice are a headache when they are alive, and they are an even bigger headache when they pass on. Please be sure to read the product label of any insecticide you choose to use to get information on the personal protective safety gear you will need.

I'm glad they died from the poison, even if in the roof because at least they never got in the home!! But if anyone can tell me how to get rid of this smell, I will forever be grateful!

I am hoping there is something I can buy locally instead of over the internet if possible Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make things as clear as possible I have this problem every year with my field stone foundation.

I no longer use poison because the mice die in the wall; the smell goes away in 4 weeks. Use the wooded traps that snap their little necks or a mouse cube that captures the mice alive; you let them go free in the woods. They are cute, and I feel awful killing them, but they can do costly damage to my home.

About 4 weeks ago we heard rats in our attic. We got the pest control out and they put down poison which was taken. A few days later we noticed a dreadful rancid smell in our bedroom which the pest control chap confirmed was dead vermin. We live in a bungalow which has water underneath in the winter which goes in the summer. We do not have any vermin in the house itself. The smell is coming from under the floorboards or in the wall cavity, which makes it impossible to access the dead rats. The smell was so bad that we had to move out.

how to get rid of dead rat smell under floor

We are now back at home but the smell is still coming and going. We are absolutely desperate! How much longer will it take for the smell to disappear and can anyone suggest a product which will get rid of the bacteria from the smell. I am concerned mostly by the health issues of sleeping in this room. Will the bacteria be gone when the smell disappears? Any advice or suggestions will be most appreciated. I can picture a bungalow, but that is as far as it goes!

What kind of foundation are you on? What do you mean about the water? A week and a half ago, my husband noticed a bad smell in our living room. The next day we noticed it was worse. We finally decided it was coming from the area of our sofa. I got on hands and knees and peered under, but could see nothing. There was a box under one end of the sofa. When I raised up a bit and reached under to remove the box, I instead got a handful of dead rat!

It was about 7 inches long not counting it's tail. It was intact, but thank goodness, dead. After letting out a couple of screams that brought my husband running, I grabbed a handful of paper towels, grabbed him up, stuck him in a Wal Mart bag and placed him in the outside trash bag. I used Resolve Carpet cleaner and Spot Shot cleaner to clean the area where he was.


Then, sprayed some very effective citrus fragrance directly on the spot and area. Tomorrow I'm going out to shop for the big guns. May have to treat the underside of the sofa as well. Very icky and interferring experience. I want my odorless life back!!! Debbie and anyone else who needs to get rid of smell with direct access to the location of the dead animal. Any advice on what I should do if I caught a mouse on a sticky trap but then the mouse ran off I heard the mouse stuck on the trap, so I checked it out and sure enough, I had a small mouse stuck to a sticky trap.

how to get rid of dead rat smell under floor

It was late and I had been in bed so I figured I would get rid of it in the morning. Morning came and the mouse and trap were gone. Could it have gone far? Will it be able to free itself from the trap when the trap gets hung up on something? I dont know what to expect but I am worried about that smell again. I had rats under floorboards a couple of years ago, luckily we caught it in a trap. Unfortunately we had another, this one has died somewhere, and boy does it stink, the stench lasted really bad for about 5 days, and I mean bad.

You nearly heaved, could not have anyone in house, the smell got better but it is now three weeks later and you can still smell it. It gets worse when wind blows through air bricks, so eventually it will go but it will take at least 6 weeks or so. You might also find flys as well,as the body decomposes and maggots develop, flys will hatch. Nice subject don't you think! Can anyone help me how to get rid of dead animal smell? I do not know what kind of animal is dead.

Do you guys have any suggesting which odor i can use to get rid of dead smell. When you know that you have rodents, raccoons, possums or other creatures living in your attic or basement, this is where you should start the search. Sniff the air and follow the scent to the area where it is strongest.

how to get rid of dead rat smell under floor

Most people can tell what room smells the strongest and where in the room the smell is coming from. If the scent trail leads you to an area that is inaccessible, such as a wall void or under floor boards, you may want to call in a professional. Failure to remove the dead animal can lead to secondary infestations of flies, maggots, carrion beetles, carpet beetles or roaches.

How to Get Rid of Dead Rat Smell

These products should be sprayed onto the area or as close to the area as possible where the odor originated from to be effective.

These bags are simply hung up in smelly rooms and as the air in the room passes through the bag, the odor is removed.

dead rat smell in house

If you are unsuccessful in removing the animal carcass there are steps that you can take to control the odor until the decomposition process is complete. These deodorizing wafers are sold in 6, 12, and 24 packs.

Simply place the wafer close to the source of the smell and it will start working right away. This is a safe and allergy-free solution to the problem of dealing with rodent carcass stank. This solution is very inexpensive and should keep your ride sweet smelling for several months. Grab a bottle of Febreze and spray it liberally on the stinky spot. Make sure you open the windows and use this product in a well-ventilated area. Let it dry completely before determining whether you need to repeat the process.

Ozium is an aerosol product developed to eliminate offensive airborne odors in cars and dead mouse smell would definitely make the list.

How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smell

Recommendations to use charcoal as an absorbent are found on many web sites, as apparently it will liquidate the nasty smell of a dead rat. One of the Amazon. Neverthelessother than having a positive effect on human body this is true for the activated carboncharcoal may truly help eliminate certain smells, such as cigarette, shoes, gym bags, cars and fridges odors, etc.

Air ionizers may be used as supplementary measure when eliminating the horrible smell of dead rodents. In most cases, the manufacturers assure that their ionizers are able to function properly in rooms up to 3, square feet. This is a huge space — and realistically speaking you have to understand that no single ionizer can cover such area, but it may be useful when trying to remove the dead rat smell. In addition, they purify the air in the room — removing not only such allergens as pet dander, pollen, mold and dust, but also various unpleasant odor.

These units also kill germs, viruses, bacteria and other microbes. Thus, if you use an air ionizers such as GermGuardian Air Cleaning Systema decomposing corpse of a mouse will cause much less harm that it could have potentially caused. But in order to collect some useful information for you, we have asked some specialists who deal with the putrid smells, chemistry and biology for advice.

Acetic acid and other products containing itchlorine and formalin are considered to be professional disinfectants.

how to get rid of dead rat smell under floor

These are the most effective products for getting rid of putrid smellas our pathologist pal has confirmed. It is acetic acid or formaldehyde which neutralize putrid smell, be it a smell of a human or an animal decay. We do not advise you to use such chemicals at home due to their toxicity and high risk of burning hazard. Acetic acid is available through on Amazon. If you have decided to try it anyway, be warned that you have to be extremely careful — as acetic acid is a concentrated chemical which leads to serious burns when in contact with the skin or mucous membranes, and its vapors can have an irritating effect.

This method is quite complicated, that is why we have found another proven product recommended by a biology professor. We have asked our neighbor who is a biology professor what the most effective way of getting rid of a putrid smell is.

She revealed that there are products which help fight against the smell of cat urine and remove not only the odor of cat, dog or mouse urine, but also any other organic smells.

And dead rat smell is just one of such organic smells. By the way, she even mentioned an interesting detail — that cat urine odor eliminators may even help against smelly feet. First, it is child and pet safe. The manufacturer claims that this spray will help remove organic stains from urine, feces, vomit and others, as well as organic smells.

Judging by the customer reviews, this products works well with dead birds and toads, and so it must be useful against rats.

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